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Made by: Catherine

Marketing plan for tangled. Made by: Catherine. A suit of tableware. From the Tangled movie, I think we can produce a suit of tableware that with the pictures from the Tangled, just like the picture shows. It is made from pottery. A suit of tableware includes

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Made by: Catherine

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  1. Marketing plan for tangled Made by: Catherine

  2. A suit of tableware • From the Tangled movie, I think we can produce a suit of tableware that with the pictures from the Tangled, just like the picture shows. It is made from pottery. • A suit of tableware includes dishes, cups, spoons, forks and bowls.

  3. Consumer profile • For the consumer profile, we should think about: • Demographics • Psychographics • geographics

  4. Demographics--age • Age ( the most important factor ) The primary target market should be family formation that the age between 25-40. During this age, the people usually have young children. They have the job and stable income. They probably take their children to watch the Tangled movie. Their children will be interested in the movie, and when they see the product with the pictures from the movie, they will ask their parents to buy it. The tableware is used every day.It can decorate the dining table and improve children’s interesting about eating food. The secondary market should be postsecondary market. This group usually buys the personal care products. They may have part-time work or a stable job, and they have some personal time to do the things that they intersted in. Presumedly, they may go to the movie theatre with their friends boyfriend or girlfriend. If they are interested in the Tangled movie, they may buy something useful for their independent single life or buy it as the gift.

  5. Demographics—gender • I think everybody can buy the suit of the tableware. The gender doesn’t matter. But probably, women will buy more than men, because women are interested in products that are useful and cute. Men may just think about that wether is very necessary or not.

  6. Demographics--income • A suit of tableware is not very expensive, the price should about 200-500 RMB. Almost all the people can afford it.

  7. Demographics—family life cycle • The family life cycle for this target market should be married with small children and single person. For married with small children life cycle, the parents probably buy the tableware for their children. For single person, they may buy it for theirselves or buy it as a gift.

  8. Demographics—ethnicity and culture • The tableware is used everyday, the culture is not very important.

  9. Psychographics • The customers should have the childishness. They love the Disney and the life. They want to make their life more colourful.

  10. Geographics • The canimas are usually located in the urban for people to relax and enjoy the life. The suit of tableware should sell most in the urban. People in unban have more income and they have high quality life. In the rural, people not very often go to the movie theater, so the market in rural is much smaller than that in urban. The tableware also sell on the internet, so every part of people can buy it conviniently.

  11. Marketing mix—product mix • Research: before produce the suit of tableware about the Tangled, we should research some information, for example what is the most popular character in the movie, how much can they accept. • Product development: the suit of tableware should be pottery, people can also give the picture from the Tangled to paint on the tableware. • Packaging: the package should be a big paper box with the picture about Tangled. It should be very firm. • Branding: Tangled is producred by Disney, the Disney have the legal rights to make it. The branding should be Disney.

  12. Marketing mix—promotion mix( the most important mix ) • We can put the advertisement on the back of the movie ticket. • In the movie theatre, beside the poster of the Tangled, we can show the product that related to the movie. • We can also can put the advertisement on the internet, for example the moive official website, and put it on the magazines which is about the movies.

  13. Marketing mix--price • The price shouldn’t be very high. Depending on how many tablewares in it, the price will be varied. A normal suit of tableware inculd a dish, a bowl, a cup, a fork and a spoon should be about 200 RMB.

  14. Marketing mix—place mix • Physical distribution: the suit of tableware should be put into movie theatre store, the store that sell the pottery and Disney store. The obvious place is the best choice. We can also put it onto the Internet, for example the official site of Disney. • Storage: that place should be near to the store • Inventory management: because the tableware is easy to be broken, so we should save it very carefully and avoid the wet and hot. • channel selection: the transportation should be very smooth, but the profit is not very high, so the truck should be a good choice.

  15. Thanks for watching!!

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