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PC 23.3.2005.2005

Harmonisering af datamodeller Per Christiansson Aalborg Universitet http://it.bt.aau.dk Det Digitale Byggeri Intern WS, BIPS 16.6.2005.

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PC 23.3.2005.2005

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  1. Harmonisering af datamodellerPer Christiansson Aalborg Universitet http://it.bt.aau.dkDet Digitale ByggeriIntern WS, BIPS16.6.2005

  2. Figure 2. The Virtual Building, VB, model is accessed through more or less detailed representations. The VB sub-models may be partly overlapping and also contain redundant information. (From CIB W78 paper) PC 23.3.2005.2005

  3. Figure 3 There might be a negative correlation between effectiveness and flexibility for different representations, from (Christiansson 1993). (From CIB W78 paper). (From CIB W78 paper)

  4. Definitions ONTOLOGY- the branch of metaphysics dealing with the nature of being- An explicit formal specification of how to represent the objects, concepts, and other entities that are assumed to exist in some area of interest and the relationships that hold among them.DICTIONARY- a book that lists the words of a langauge in alphabetic order and gives their meaning, or that gives equivalent words in different langauge.CLASSIFICATIONThe action or process of classyfying something according to shared qualities or characteristics

  5. The real world is modeled and accessed from a User Environment, UE, to facilitate experience capture, design, construction, use and re-design of buildings.

  6. From the world too data models implemented in software systems.

  7. Dokumentklasser Bygesags info Areal Økonomi Drift Data filtreres ved indsamling (design/byg) og udtræk (drift) PC 3.6.2005

  8. SLUT

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