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CED 5501 Survey of Drugs and Alcohol

CED 5501 Survey of Drugs and Alcohol. Dr. Randie Fielder, LCADC, SAC. History of Drugs. Drugs are diverse Legal vs illegal Illicit vs licit Reasons for use Substantial part of our society. Part of our society. Problem becomes hard to define When does addiction start

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CED 5501 Survey of Drugs and Alcohol

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  1. CED 5501Survey of Drugs and Alcohol Dr. Randie Fielder, LCADC, SAC

  2. History of Drugs Drugs are diverse • Legal vs illegal • Illicit vs licit • Reasons for use • Substantial part of our society

  3. Part of our society • Problem becomes hard to define • When does addiction start • How do we end the cycle of abuse

  4. What is a drug? Definition: • Chemical substance that when taken into the body alters the structure of the functioning of the body in some way -excludes nutrients Intended to be used primary as a way of inducing a bodily or psychological change

  5. Back in the day • 1,000s of years ago Cave dwellings surrounded by fields of mushrooms, cacti, peyote, poppies, cocoa, cannabis Curiosity sparked use • Willow plant relieved pain • Seena plant was a laxative • Some were poisonous

  6. Nature harnessed • Shaminism-knowledge of substances were powerful • Goes back 40,000 years • Pass knowledge down • Egypt: Opium from Poppy

  7. 19th Century industry refined • Medicine grows an industry- studies conducted • Opuim- Morphine (3 thousand years ago) • Syringe: directly into the blood stream • Cocaine extracted first as an anti depressant • Bromides and chloral hydrate-sedatives • Anestetic for painless surgery • Vaccines for small pox

  8. 1890”s society has a problem • Drug use identified as a societal problem • Patent drugs-remedies • Opium cheap and widely used • Laudanum drinks were acceptable • Smoking it was immoral • 1875 laws against smoking opium

  9. 1890”s society has a problem • Until 1903 Coke a Cola contained Cocaine • As did many remedies 1880Parke, Davis and co (Pfizer) sold cocaine, cocoa in a dozen forms, cocoa cigarettes, inhalants, injections, cordails • 1884-DR. Sigmund Freud writes an article stating cocaine is a cure for heroin addiction

  10. 20th Century • 1898 Heroin derived from morphine was legal and safe • Best relief for a cough and chest pains (no antibiotics) 1920 Temperance movement passed the 18th amendment for 14 years • Establish a network of organized crime

  11. 1945-1960 • Antibiotics • 1928 penicillin but was perfected in 1940 • Chemotherapy • 1950 advances in Psychotherapy • Chlorpromazine (Therozine) reduce hallucinations and disorganized thinking Negative image of illegal drugs Criminals, urban poor and non whites used drugs

  12. The 60’s • Turbulent times • Kennedy, the war, cold war, nuclear arms race People starting using drugs they were taught to fear. anti authority-anti establishment DRUGS HIT MIDDLE AMERICA marijuana, LSD, uppers, downers, heroin

  13. 1971 war on drugs • 1970 Neuroscience studies of the brain and dependence • Biochemist, psychologist and psychiatrist study phenomena • Receptors in the brain support addiction

  14. 1980’s • Hippies become Yuppies (young upwardly mobile professional) • Conservative political climate • Fixation with cocaine glamour-expensive • Sign of success • 1985 crack cheap and brought to inner city a national nightmare • 1990’s crack diminiesged

  15. 21st century-age of awareness • 1980 designers drugs • Prescription misuse • 2/3 HS students reported illict use of substances during their lives RAISED BY HIPPIES

  16. ASSIGMENT Due next class • Where are we today? in APA format write an essay of 2-3 pages describing where you see society today with regards to their relationship with substances and what direction we need to move. Site at least two additional sources as well as including your reading.

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