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Chapter 15

Group will increase as Baby Booms age. Baby Boomers - born between 1946 - 1964. Largest ... Baby Boomers - Stay young product/service. Popular target because of ...

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Chapter 15

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    Age People at the same age are all at the same stage in life and therefore share many common symbols and memories, which in turn may lead to similar consumption patterns. Ch. 15 Current Age Groups 50 and Older - a large % of the present population Better medical care and healthier lives Group will increase as Baby Booms age Baby Boomers - born between 1946 - 1964 Largest demographic group in the U.S. Gave rise to Baby Boomlet Generation X - generation in mid 20 to mid 30s Small population group between booms Teens - Independent and often rebellious Children - 12 and under, currently shrinking Current Considerations 50 and Older - Health care, Entertainment Price sensitive, resistant to change Low info. searchers, difficulty deciding Baby Boomers - Stay young product/service Popular target because of large numbers In their peak earning years Generation X - Electronics, Entertainment Smart marketers, delay marriage Teens - first fully computer literate generation Children - targets for usual childhood products Gender Traditional gender roles - not relevant in U.S. Both work and care for household/family Products are becoming less sex-typed Some products/services remain sex-typed Media/exposure decisions are sex-typed Other countries have differently defined roles Going abroad may require adjustments Research required before entering foreign markets Household Types Household - any group of individuals (or just one) living together in a common dwelling Family - group of individuals living together who are related by blood, marriage, or adoption Nuclear Family - father, mother, children Extended Family nuclear plus other relatives Family Life Cycle - helps marketers see how family structure changes over time (track it) Household Trends Delayed Marriage - Marrying at an older age Single/ new parent trends focus on older Cohabitation - Living together outside marriage More individual-oriented in behavior Dual-Career Families - Both heads working More discretionary $, less time available Divorce/Single Parent Households - growing Adopt single habits, single parent concerns Fewer Children - trend to avoid large families creating larger discretionary incomes Roles Within Household Information gatherer: Influencer: Decider: Purchaser: User: Autonomic: Syncratic: The one who finds out. The one who can affect the decider. The one who makes the decision. The one who has to go get. The one who CONSUMES! Either equally likely, but not both Jointly made decisions
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