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First Wall Street PowerPoint Presentation
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First Wall Street

First Wall Street

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First Wall Street

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  1. First Wall Street – A Renowned Investment Banking Firm First Wall Streetis a popular boutique investment banking firm, dedicated to render fine merchant and advisory banking solutions. With more than two decades of experience in this field, they are dedicated to render reliable and authentic solutions to clients. They offer debt and equity financing, valuations, divestitures, mergers and acquisitions, and a lot more. They are highly dedicated to cater amazing services to their distinct clients engaged in energy and natural resources, real estate, new media industries and many more. With their world-class investment services, they have placed a remarkable identity in the market. They conduct each task with unique business policies and this makes them different from other investment firms available in the market. They are dedicated to combine Investment Banking, Principal Investment, Syndication and Merchant Banking under one roof. The firm is majorly managed by its owner, named as Glenn Myles. He is Chief Executive (CEO) and President of this global investment firm. First Wall Street investment firm is located in the beautiful New York City. Glenn Myles has brilliant record of 30 years, as an investor, advisor and investor. He is counted as the top-most important attribute in the financial world. Moreover, he is dedicate to handle an array of companies, which keep him engaged in the transactions linked with popular sectors like energy sector and real estate sector. He has worked with some of the leading investors and companies in the world. He also leads US-based investment activities of Zhong Rong Group, which is the largest private & commercial real-estate development company. He is also served as a Managing Partner in Alto Private Investment Ltd. He is greatly accountable to work with other investors, bankers and clients and also to coordinate activities of various Managing Directors. He owns ownership at an array of business affiliated with distinct sectors like shopping centers, auto parts, music business, finance, movie production, music business, retail and much more. Glenn Myles has worked as an Executive Vice-President at Davis Corporation and contributed a major part in developing business acquisitions and strategies. At First Wall Street, he offered new dimensions

  2. to the business with his unique approach and constant effort to tackle each task. He owns a chain of women specialty store, named as Finders Keepers and also owns Royce Union Bicycles. He successfully catered merchandise from China and Hong Kong, as he owns Wilcox International. With his astonishing business strategies, he took this store to new heights. He is also a shareholder of Hulk Hogan Vitamins, the Solaris Marketing Group. He has laid great foundation of myriad at Fairchild Corporation, Planet Finance and others. He was born and settled in Brooklyn. He pursued his bachelor’s degree from Brooklyn College. He is a great man with sharp vision and zeal, which make him to professionally tackle each business task and responsibility. It has been his great effort and courage to do revolutionary that sets him apart from rest. Now, he is named as a leading business tycoon in the country.