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Wall Street

Every Dream has a Price. Wall Street. Julian Adkins, Andrea Eastwood, Brad Faig, Jennifer Hernandez, Holly Silvey. Wall Street. Greed is Good. Gordon Gekko. Wall Street Street. New York City. Manhattan, NY 1987. Wall Street. Wall Street. Wall Street Cast.

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Wall Street

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  1. Every Dream has a Price WallStreet Julian Adkins, Andrea Eastwood, Brad Faig, Jennifer Hernandez, Holly Silvey

  2. WallStreet Greed is Good Gordon Gekko

  3. WallStreetStreet New York City Manhattan, NY 1987

  4. WallStreet

  5. WallStreet Wall Street Cast Daryl Hanna-Beautiful live in companion of Bud Fox named Darian Michael Douglas-corporate raider Gordon Gekko Charlie Sheen-Middle class stock broker Bud Fox

  6. WallStreet Wall Street Cast (Cont) Martin Sheen-Aircraft mechanic union leader-Carl Fox (Bud’s Father) James Karen-Merrill Lynch Terence Stamp- British corporate raider Sir Lawrence Wildman John C. McGinley- Bud Fox’s broker friend Marvin

  7. WallStreet Real Life Characters • The character of Gekko is said to be a composite of several people, including : • Dennis Levine • Owen Morrisey, • Ivan Boesky • Carl Icahn • Asher Edelman • Michael Ovits • Michael Milken

  8. WallStreet Real Life Characters • The character of Sir Lawrence Wildman played by Terence Stamp , was modeled on the prominent British financier and corporate raider Sir James Goldsmith. • Warren Beaty-The studio wanted to Beaty play Gekko • Richard Gere-Gere passed on the role • Stone was advised not to cast Douglas as Gekko

  9. WallStreet Not Satisfied with Rate of Progress • Bud Fox comes from a modest middle class family • He believes that success is achieved through hard work • Bud’s father, Carl Fox ,is the President of the Union at Bluestar Airlines • Bud’s friend Marvin works with him at the broker firm • Bud is not satisfied with the rate of his success

  10. WallStreet What others say about Bud Fox

  11. WallStreet Crossing Ethical Boundaries • Mr. Gordon Gekko multimillionaire preys on broken companies • Fox’s-Success is hard work and getting in with Gekko will jump start his career • Fox uses Blue Star proprietary information to bate Gekko • With Gekko’s attention now focused on BlueStar, he purchases BlueStar stock • Fox is the fish on the hook, fooled by Gekko, as he reels him into a sea of deceit by promising him many “perks” for his loyalty

  12. WallStreet Uses Friends and Others • Fox’s relationship with Gekko is dependent on Fox seeking inside information, manipulating stock values and making a profit no matter what the cost. • Bud mismanages information and betrays his loyalties in order to get to the top by failing to assume his responsibilities as a stock broker. • Through spying, Bud deduced that Sir Larry is interested in acquiring Anacott Steele. Gekko orders Fox to start buying the stock, passing the word around and falsely inflating the price to 51 1/8. This later results in Sir Larry purchasing Gekko’s shares at a premium.

  13. WallStreet Comfortable on the Darkside • The sex, drugs, and lies lifestyle is hard for Fox to resist • Fox’s character transforms to resemble his loyalties to Gekko • Fox’s relationship with Gekko is dependent on Fox seeking inside information, manipulating stock values and making a profit no matter what the cost • As reward, Bud enjoys perks such as a luxury penthouse, trophy girlfriend, and even a promotion at work.

  14. WallStreet What others say about Gordon Gekko

  15. WallStreet Proverbs 16:18 Pride goes before Destruction • Turn of events leaves Fox in the hot seat. SEC is investigating him for insider trading. • To keep the SEC off of his back, he opens accounts in friends’ names, placing Gekko’s money in their accounts for purchase and sale of stock. • When tips from friends and colleagues run out, Fox begins to work for a maintenance company, posing as a manager cleaning office buildings. He steals and copies privileged information, turning it over to Gekko to use as fodder for profit.

  16. WallStreet • Abuse of Power • Hoarding Privileges • Mismanaged Information • Acting Inconsistently • Misplaced or Betrayed Loyalties • Fail to Assume Responsibilities MORAL DILEMMAS & ETHICAL PRINCIPLES PORTRAYED

  17. WallStreet MORAL DILEMMAS & ETHICAL PRINCIPLES PORTRAYED • Abuse of Power • Gekko & Fox abuse power by coercing others to act as they want. • They do this throughout the entire movie to women, co-workers, family members and acquaintance. • Extreme wealth is how Gekko has become so powerful and Fox desperately tries to follow in his shadow.

  18. WallStreet

  19. WallStreet

  20. WallStreet

  21. WallStreet What others say about Darian (Buds Girlfriend)

  22. WallStreet MORAL DILEMMAS & ETHICAL PRINCIPLES PORTRAYED • Hoarding Privileges: Exclusive Country Clubs, Bribery, "PERKS“ - Gekko mentions to Fox in the restaurant during his initial investment how much he hated loses however, if Fox does well there will be perks, lots, and lots or perks.

  23. WallStreet

  24. WallStreet MORAL DILEMMAS & ETHICAL PRINCIPLES PORTRAYED • Mismanaged Information: • Fox begins to rely much on insider trading for Gekko. • He has a lawyer friend who he uses by taking confidential trading information and manipulating the information for profit return. • This kind of trading is illegal and the SEC ends up arresting him for it.

  25. WallStreet

  26. WallStreet MORAL DILEMMAS & ETHICAL PRINCIPLES PORTRAYED • Act Inconsistently: Fox begins to present himself in a new light around his co-workers. He snubs his old work buddy Marv. Fox's newfound luck has given him a sense of arrogance and entitlement fanned by Gekko.

  27. WallStreet

  28. WallStreet MORAL DILEMMAS & ETHICAL PRINCIPLES PORTRAYED • Misplaced or Betrayed Loyalties: Fox's father is a Union Executive and also on the Board of Directors for Blue Star Airlines. He told his son confidential information out of trust and Bud took advantage of the situation to impress Gekko.

  29. WallStreet

  30. WallStreet

  31. WallStreet What others say about Carl Fox (Buds Father)

  32. WallStreet MORAL DILEMMAS & ETHICAL PRINCIPLES PORTRAYED • Fail to Assume Responsibilities: • Fox failed to assume his responsibilities as a stock broker by illegal inside trading.

  33. WallStreet

  34. WallStreet Ethical Leaders • “Toxic” or “bad” leaders engage in destructive behaviors. • They may be ineffective, unethical, or both. • Ethical Implications practiced by bad leaders include incompetence, rigid, intemperate, callus, corrupt, insular, and evil. • Gekko engages in various destructive behaviors. • He corrupts Fox into his world driven by callus greed where the means of achieving such wealth are immoral and illegal. • Gekko is a “Toxic” leader who must be stopped or his evil will continue to hurt many others while he continues to benefit.

  35. WallStreet Ethical Leaders • Leaders have access to more information than followers. • In addition to deciding whether or not to tell the truth, one must determine when to reveal what they know and to whom. • They must also decide how to gather information and use it in an ethical way. • Wall Street illustrates a certain degree of inconsistency throughout the film. • Leaders will inevitably experience inconsistency in a business setting. • However, it is important not to cast shadows if you are seen as acting arbitrarily and unfair.

  36. WallStreet Fox gets Revenge • Bud continues to do everything that is asked of him until the day comes when Gekko goes back on his promise and threatens to harm the company that his father works for. • “Blue Horse Shoe” loves BlueStar is the code word at the firm • Fox tricks Gekko into purchasing Blue Star stock at inflated price of $24 per share • Fox orchestrates his clients to sell which causes stock prices to plummet below $18 per share • Sir Wildman is convinced by Fox to buy Bluestar at $18 per share and Gekko ends up losing millions in the deal

  37. WallStreet What others say about Sir Lawrence Wildman

  38. WallStreet

  39. WallStreet

  40. WallStreet The End is Near for Fox • Turn of events leaves Fox in the hot seat. He is brought in for criminal charges by the SEC, essentially taking the fall for Gekko. • The sudden dose of reality is just what Fox needed to see the error of his ways and cooperate with federal officials to bring Gekko the justice he deserves • The film ends as Bud approaches the courthouse ready to face the consequences of his actions

  41. WallStreet Conclusions of Wall Street • Portrayed Leaders light or shadow (Dark Shadows) • Leaders Character (What was missing) • Faces of Evil (Choice, Deception, Destruction) • General Ethical Perspectives (The opposites) • Normative Leadership (The twisted version) • Ethical Decisions & Behavior (Unethical formats)

  42. WallStreet

  43. WallStreet Critic ratings from the Wall Street team Julian Adkins Andrea Eastwood Brad Faig Jennifer Hernandez Holly Silvey

  44. WallStreet TheEnd Questions?

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