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Current Events

Current Events

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Current Events

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  1. Current Events 1. Question How do current world events affect our lives? 123456789 Mrs. Cormany’s 4th grade class Grand Blanc Community Schools 2006

  2. 2. The Task ABC12 News has just fired their 6:00 evening news anchor and they’ve hired you!! Our world is constantly changing. New discoveries in science, wars breaking out and massive natural disasters are only a few topics in the daily news. You need to become a reporter and dig for an interesting story to communicate to our fourth grade class. Besides just reporting the facts on a news worthy story, your task is to tell us how your news affects our lives. . 123456789

  3. 3. The Student Activity Using the links below, research several current event articles. Choose the one that interests you most. Read the article twice. 123456789

  4. Here’s your assignment: First, plan your summary of your current events by thinking about the 5 W’s. Click here to go to 5 W’s handout Your next job is to write a summary of the article you read. Include the who, did what, where, when, and why. Keep in mind you will be telling the class your news story as an ABC12 reporter. Click here to go to Current Event Form

  5. 4. Assessment As you write your news report, include the 5 W’s and explain how your topic relates to one of the Core Democratic Values (upheld or broken). Your report must also include an explanation of how the current event affects you.        Core Democratic Values in pictures How will I be graded on my written Current Event Report? Core Democratic Value Definitions How will I be graded on my speaking skills? 123456789

  6. 5. Written Summary Rubric 123456789

  7. 6. Dig Deeper into Current Events After your current event report, ask 10 classmates an opinion question about your topic with answer choice of agree or disagree. Create a bar graph showing the results. Watch the world news at 6:30 on a weeknight. Write a paragraph telling about what’s happening in the world that day. Then write another paragraph describing your reaction to the events. Use the following links to learn more about current events. 123456789

  8. Language Arts Comprehension R.CM.04.01 Connect personal knowledge, experience, and understanding of the world to themes and perspectives in text through oral and written responses. R.CM.04.04 Retell and summarize grade level appropriate narrative and informational text. Writing Content Standard 2: All students will demonstrate the ability to write clear and grammatically correct sentences, paragraphs, and compositions. 1. Write fluently for multiple purposes to produce compositions, such as stories, reports, letters, plays, and explanations of processes. Content Standard 10: All students will apply knowledge, ideas, and issues drawn from texts to their lives and the lives of others. 1. Make connections between key ideas in literature and other texts and their own lives. Language Arts Speaking S.DS.04.04 Plan and deliver presentations or reports focusing on a key question using an informational organizational pattern. Listening L.CN.04.01 Respond to questions asked of them, providing appropriate elaboration and details. Social Studies Strand: Geographic Perspective Standard 5 All students will describe and explain the causes, consequences, and geographic context of major global issues and events. Benchmark SOC.II.5.LE.1Locate major world events and explain how they impact people and the environment. 7. Standards & Benchmarks 123456789

  9. 8. Teacher Tips • Explain Current Event Report to parents at Fall Open House (perhaps post on website) • Create a student schedule and post in classroom/website • Discuss with the students how to choose appropriate news topics (avoid homicide….) • Provide paper copy of 5 W’s handout • Provide paper copy of Current Event summary form 123456789

  10. Citations for URLs Core Democratic Values Current Event content Rubrics 9. Bibliography 123456789

  11. Who, What, Where, When, Why Organizer Go back to Assignment slide

  12. Current Event Form Name ________________________________ Date _________________________ Current Events Report Name of Website/Newspaper/Magazine:____________________________________ Date Issued:______________________ Summary: In 6-8 sentences, please summarize the current event. Include the 5 W’s and a Core Democratic Value connection (and definition). _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ How does this current event affect you, Grand Blanc, Michigan, USA, or the world? _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Go Back to Assignment Slide