a closer look at the n.
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A Closer Look At The…… PowerPoint Presentation
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A Closer Look At The……

A Closer Look At The……

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A Closer Look At The……

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  1. A Closer Look At The…… Beard & Hair By: Rene Garza

  2. The South • The South has been referred to as a rebellious region • The flag is a clear and very common symbol for the rebellion • However, those rebel T-shirts lose their color, and it gets time to find a new symbol for rebellion

  3. The Beard & Long Hair Long hair and facial hair are images of rebellion As well as draw from earlier years in their life, to maybe a teenage rebellious phase Lynyrd Skynyrd named their band after their gym teacher who was an inforcer and despised long hair I’m sure if she could, Janis Joplin would grow a beard too The audience is drawn in by the image of rebellion, allowing them to gain that desire to rebel as well The long hair and beard tells the audience, I have no time to shave, I’m too busy drinkin’ whiskey and playin’ rock ‘n’ roll

  4. The old building with the big columns give the sense that is some kind of old southern mansion Beard gives him a southern Identity Because a majority of the band has long hair and facial hair, and because they are all looking the same way, a sense of unity is created “Who cares what I wear, it’s only rock ‘n’ roll,” no fashion sense has the southern “I don’t care, I do what I want” attitude

  5. Just Long Hair The lack of beard tells me they are filled with lots of teen angst and will soon grow out of it, as many teens do It tells me that yes, they want to rebel, but rebellion takes up so much time that there is no time to shave. They are just kids in grown up bodies. No identity, nothing is present that will allow anyone to even guess where they are from So what’s the difference between having long hair and lots of facial hair to just having long hair?

  6. In an airport, giving nothing to relate to in terms of location, airports are everywhere Lack of Beard gives no identity Notice how only half the band is looking at the camera. Because of the lack of identity, if one didn’t know they were a band, one could make the assumption they just met because of the lack of unity, Sporting the latest fashion with the lack of the beard gives the feeling of them just being kids in grown up bodies

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