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Intelligent Office Communication Solution PowerPoint Presentation
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Intelligent Office Communication Solution

Intelligent Office Communication Solution

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Intelligent Office Communication Solution

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  1. Intelligent Office Communication Solution KX-TDE100/200 IP Telecommunication Systems

  2. Agenda Introduction • KX-TDE100/200 Converged Solution • System Overview • KX-TDE – Converged Solutions • KX-TDE100/200 – Deployment • Product Proposition • Key Business Applications • System Capacity & Overview • Business DECT • Business Applications & Solutions

  3. KX-TDE100/200 Converged Solutions All-in-One Converged IP Platform • IP Platform, traditional telecom, SIP Trunks, and Applications, a true converged system for today and the future. Smooth Migration Path for TDA customers • Easy Migration is the key for converged systems today • Ideal for KX-TDA100/200 upgrades Easy Installation and Management • Easy to install system cards and enable features and applications • Unified programming tool allows for remote administration & maintenance. • Communications Assistant (built-in support)

  4. KX-TDE100/200 – Key Features TDE100/200 – Version 3.0* Key Features • Enhanced IP system capacity* • Increased System IP Terminal Capacity: • Support max 224 System IP Telephones • 128 SIP Phones (no need for separate server) • Support up to 256 users • New Terminals Supported • NT400 Executive IP Telephone • New DECT Models • Standard KX-TCA175 phone • Business compact KX-TCA275 phone • KX-NCP0158 : Advanced IP Cell Station • High Quality Music-on-Hold on built-in ESVM card • Benefits • Stronger Portfolio Solution • Able to better meet customer requirements • Unified Converged Solution with Applications KX-TDE100 KX-TDE200

  5. KX-TDE100/200 – Key Features TDE100/200 – Key Features continued • System Feature Enhancements • High quality Music-on-Hold sound file support • Built-in as standard* • Group Conference Mode with Meet me functionality for external parties connecting via DISA • Common Extension Numbering (Extension numbers can be shared between multiple networked sites) * Supported on new systems only

  6. KX-TDE100/200 – Key Features TDE100/200 – Key Features continued • Applications Support • Built-in support for Communication Assistant Unified Communications Application • DECT CTI support – enabling Communication Assistant software to work with DECT handsets • Integrate with Standard Business applications such as Microsoft Outlook® and popular Desktop CRM applications. * Supported on new systems only

  7. TDE100/200 Deployment TDE100/200 is ideal for: • Medium Size Single Site Businesses • Factory • Hotel • Hospital • Offices • Multi-Site Networks • Network to multiple offices • Solutions with wide choice • Mix of Digital & IP handsets • Good range of wireless handsets • Mobility & Application Integration

  8. Connect Multiple Offices • TDE100/200 Solutions • Provide Head Office Solution (KX-TDE200) • Network to other offices (KX-TDE100) • Connect to Branch/Home Officeover VPN/Broadband Connection Head Office Home Office Sales Office Regional Office

  9. TDE100/200 Office Network Solution Corporate Office KX-TDE200 PSTN World Wide Web VPN Router Managed IP Network VPN Router VPN Router Home/Remote Office Branch Office KX-TDE100 = VPN Routers

  10. KX-TDE100/200 – Modular and Scalable KX-TDE100 128 DT300 Series Phones 128 IP Phones on MPR 96 IP Phone via IP-EXT16 KX-TDE200 256 DT300 Series Phones 128 IP Phones on MPR 128 IP Phone via IP-EXT16 Ideal for small to medium size companies using a mix of IP and digital extensions Ideal for medium size companies using a large number of digital extensions 40 ~ 100 users 80 ~ 250 users Select the TDE system that allows you to grow – as your business grows

  11. New Terminal Models Wired & Wireless Terminals

  12. KX-NT400 Executive IP Phone The KX-NT400 is an application enabled IP network telephone designed for easy touch access to business productivity applications The KX-NT400 combines: • Fully featured executive IP telephone • Colourful touch screen interface • Built-in Communication Assistant Application • Unified communications solution • IP Camera Monitor Station • High quality audio (G.722) support • Bluetooth Headset support

  13. New DECT Handset Models Two New handset models: • KX-TCA175 – Standard Model • Good performance in a larger handset • KX-TCA275 – Compact Business Model • Smaller handset, same great features • KX-TCA364 – Tough DECT Model • Tough handset with dust & splash resistance* KX-TCA 175 KX-TCA 275 KX-TCA 364 *IP64 compliant

  14. DECT Wireless KX-TCA175 Handset KX-TCA175 – Standard Model The KX-TCA175 is a perfect choice for users who want good performance in a larger handset Key features include: • DECT Handset with Headset Support • Full range of PBX features • Large Colour Back-Lit LCD • 200 User Phonebook • CTI Functionality (connect to applications) Benefits Provide an ideal phone for general business use • Office staff, supervisor, meeting rooms

  15. DECT Wireless KX-TCA275 Handset KX-TCA275 – Compact Model KX-TCA275 DECT handset combines compact size, light weight and durability, with a host of powerful business telephony features. Key features include: • DECT Handset with Headset Support • Full range of PBX features • Vibration alert & Large Colour Back-Lit LCD • Message Mode & 200 User Phonebook • CTI Functionality (connect to applications) Benefits • Provide an ideal phone for all business use • Managers, security, meeting rooms

  16. DECT Wireless KX-TCA364 Handset TCA364 – Tough DECT Model The Panasonic KX-TCA364 is a rugged handset that meets the strict dust and splash resistant IP64 standards. This is combined with a vast array of business telephony features. Key features include: • Easy to use feature interface • Headset Support • Large range of PBX features • Vibration Alert • Large Back-lit blue LCD • 12 Programmable Menu Keys Benefits • Provide an ideal phone for Tough-type handset specially designed for rugged environments and any business demanding harsh work environments. • industrial, manufacturing, healthcare, retail and warehousing markets.

  17. KX-NCP0158 High Density IP Cell Station NCP0158 IP Cell Station 8 simultaneous voice channels via LAN No License required on TDE100/200 Air Synchronization bridge w/ Repeater (A272) Power supply with Power over Ethernet or AC adapter DHCP Client/Static Address NCP0158 IP CS & Traditional CS canCoexist in the same area

  18. KX-NCP0158 IP Cell Station Benefits NCP0158 IP Cell Station Cost effectiveness • Lower installation costs, with connection ports already installed (LAN port) • KX-NCP0158 provides unhindered access to wireless telephony for up to 8 simultaneous DECT mobility users per cell • Benefits • Lower installation costs, with no need for special wiring to cell stations • Better flexibility to move cell station as business needs change • 8 users per cell station, providing lower number of cell stations required* • Extend to additional buildings, multiple floors with same LAN connections. Compatibility • KX-NCP0158, compatible with KX-TDE and KX-NCP communication platforms * Compared to 2 or 4 channel solutions

  19. DECT Cell Station Connection KX-NCP0158 IP CS provides wireless solutions: • Long distance installation on larger premises • Branch offices* • Save costs with wiring for converged voice and data networks. Second Building Head Office LAN IP Network Campus Branch Office *Requires VPN Access

  20. Unified Communications Solution Communication Assistant

  21. What is Communication Assistant Communication Assistant A unified communication productivity software suite to provides office staff with business tools to improve user and team productivity. The application allows: Intuitive PC based Point-n-Click telephony Real-time visibility of Presence & Availability Microsoft Outlook® Integration Visual voice messaging, team collaboration And a whole lot more… With Communication Assistant, businesses can streamline their customer focused communications with easy and intuitive point-n-click operations.

  22. Unified Communications Solution Higher productivity Improve Customer Service Remote Workers Mobile Worker Decentralised and Distributed Organisations Communication Assistant provides Unified Communication solutions to customer needs Faster response capability

  23. Benefits of Communication Assistant • Easy to stay in contact • Fast and efficient way to connect with customers, suppliers, and colleagues – improving communication efficiency. • Increase User and Team Productivity • Quick, efficient lookup of customer information and speeds up person to person and team communications and collaboration. • Rapid Team Management • Quickly view team member's communication activities and view vital statistics. • Empower Mobile Work Force • Leverage IP and wireless technologies to provide anytime, anywhere access to corporate communications.

  24. Communication Assistant – User Modes Communication Assistant UC Clients can be installed in three different modes depending on the set of features required. • Mode: Basic Express • Point and click telephony – idea for application connectivity & dialing • Deployment type: [Server-less] or grow to [CA Server] • Mode: Pro • Intuitive point and click telephony – fully featured with real-time presence indication. • Deployment type: [Server-less] or grow to [CA Server] • Mode: Group Supervisor • For supervisors to easily monitor and manage telephony activities of group members. • Deployment type: [Server-less] only

  25. Supported Telephone Terminals  = Not Available

  26. Communication Assistant – Client UC Applications QUICK OVERVIEW

  27. Communication Assistant – Basic Express • Intuitive point and click telephony – with limited capacity • Users presence and availability is only shown when clicked (phone status and presence icons in main window appear only as grey) • User is limited in the number of contacts and call history entries • 10 contacts • 10 call history entries

  28. Communication Assistant – Pro • Intuitive point and click telephony – fully featured client software • User presence status is shown in real time – as any contact’s phone status or availability changes • Easily change your presence indication from default settings or define your own presence message - for fast and efficient collaboration. • Note: Presence is much more than just absent messages.

  29. CA Pro – Agent Features Key Benefits For informal call centre agent operations, CA Pro users can log-in/log-out of ICD Groups. In addition to all the CA Pro features, this enables the agent to access system features to: • View all ICD groups the user is a member of, with Login/Logout status • Log-in to selected ICD / or all ICD groups the user is member of. • Log-out from selected ICD / or all ICD groups the user is member of. • Start / End Wrap-Up to handle after call processing.

  30. Communication Assistant – Supervisor • For team supervisors to monitor real-time telephony activities of group members. • Access Group Call Reports for total incoming calls, average waiting time, overflow call or lost calls. • Supervisors can silently Listen-in, Barge-in or even take over any group call for further handling, if required. • Note: Supervisor mode is only available in server-less deployments

  31. Integrate with Business Applications Improve Business Efficiency Enable desktop applications to have point-n-click access to business telephony – e.g. Dial directly from Word, Web pages etc using the copy and call function. Users can also program a key – to automatically dial the selected phone number from any application. Integrate with Common TAPI based desktop CRM applications (CA Pro, Supervisor & Console only) Benefits • Simplifies communication for telephony contacts • Increases probability of real-time communications

  32. Communication Assistant – Server Software Quick Overview

  33. Communication Assistant Server Communication Assistant (CA) Server is an application that provides the following additional capabilities: • CA UC Client user capacity (up to 256 users) • Application users can use a central common contact list • Application users can select presence based contact method • Businesses can deploy CA in Thin Client IT environment Benefits • Provides office-wide solution for team workers on single system

  34. Intuitive Point n Click Unified Communications Solutions Enhance Business Productivity

  35. Business Benefits - Scenario Index

  36. Dial from any PC Application Dial any contact numbers from any PC application Scenario: • You are a busy office worker using office applications on your PC – such as Word, Email (e.g. Outlook), CRM applications, or web based application. • You have customer contact numbers in your PC application and you want to quickly and easily contact the customer – without having to manually dial the number from your phone. Solution: • Simply highlight the desired number you want to dial – and select “Copy & Dial” or press the pre-programmed key as defined in Communication Assistant UC Client. • Your phone goes off –hook and your desired number is automatically dialled. • You can now focus on the conversation rather then how to call the customer.

  37. Dial from any PC Application With Communication Assistant – Yes You can! Procedure: • Simply highlight the desired number you want to dial – from any application you are using – and select “Copy & Dial” using Communication Assistant UC Client – and you are done! • You can assign a special single key to expedite making the call – e.g. select “F8” to make phone calls. • Your phone goes off –hook and your desired number is automatically dialled.

  38. Point n Click Conference Call Point-Click Multi-Party Conferencing Scenario: • While talking with a customer – you want to conference in a project person who is working on the customer’s project to update her on new customer requirements. Solution: • While on the call, simply select the Conference Call option to initiate the conference call set up. You no longer have to remember any complicated key combinations, or special codes. • You can now focus on providing better customer service and handle your business. Customer

  39. Point n Click Conference Call With Communication Assistant – Yes You Can! Procedure • While on a customer call – simply click on the “Make a conference” option and then click on the available colleague’s contact icon from the main application window and you are done. • To add more people on the conference call – simply repeat the steps. You can add up to eight (8) people in one conference call.

  40. Easy Call Recording Point-Click Call management (Call Recording) Scenario: • While on a customer call, you may want to save a recording of the customer call – for business needs. • You may also wish to automatically record all calls without having to remember to manually press a button. Solution: • To record a call – while on the call – simply select the record to Voice Mail icon and the call is automatically recorded to the Voice Mail system. • The software also allows you to automatically record all calls – if enabled. • You can now focus on providing better customer service and concentrate on your business.

  41. Easy Call Recording With Communication Assistant – Yes You Can! Procedure: • While on a customer call – simply click on the “Record to VM” icon and your call gets recorded to the attached TVM50/TVM200* Voice Processing System. • If you prefer that all calls get automatically recorded – simply click to enable the “Record to VM automatically” feature under the Options menu. *optional

  42. Set and View Presence and Availability Check and Inform Availability with one click Presence Scenario: • leaving your desk for a meeting you want to make sure that any calls from your customers get forwarded to your onsite DECT mobile handset. • You want to inform all colleagues of your presence status to ensure that you never miss any business opportunity. Solution: • Select from either built-in presence settings, edit and customise the settings for your own needs, or create a new entry. Once modified – simply click to select the presence settings (e.g. In a Meeting) and with one click – all customer calls get forwarded to your DECT mobile extension while any calls from work colleagues receive the Do Not Disturb indication. • With CA - you never miss any business opportunity.

  43. Set and View Presence and Availability With Communication Assistant – Yes You Can! Procedure: • Simply select the presence and availability setting you want to select from the drop down menu, click it – and you are done. You may select from predefined presence settings such as “Available”, “Urgent Only”, “Will Return Soon”, “In a Meeting”, “Not At My Desk”, or “Gone Home”. • Should you need to modify a setting select the “Modify” option and if you need to create a new setting of your own – simply select the “New Setting” option, enter and update the data and press OK to submit.

  44. Visually Manage Voice Messages Visually Manage Your Voice Mail Messages Scenario: • As you are about to rush out to a meeting – you notice that you have multiple voice messages but only have time to listen to the important ones from your customer. • You want to share any important voice message by forwarding it as an email attachment to work colleagues. Solution: • With Voice Mail Assistant for CA, Unified Messaging is built-in. Simply click on the Voice Mail icon to connect to the TVM voice mail system, and you are presented with a visual list of all voice messages you have received. • Simply click on the message that you want to listen to – and if required, download the messages to your PC – for forwarding to colleagues via email. • Focus on what is important to you and never miss any business opportunity.

  45. Visually Manage Voice Messages With Communication Assistant – Yes You Can! Procedure: • To check for your voice messages, click on voice mail icon and then select the “Call Voice Mail” option. • The Voice Mail Assistant window will pop-up – allowing you to visually see all your voice mail messages and giving you the opportunity to select the ones you would like to play. • The software also allows you to: • Play and pause messages & Skip messages • Change message playback speed • Delete messages • Download the message to your PC • Send messages via E-mail • Call the person who left the message Benefits –Improve Productivity • Quickly and easily make contact with customer and colleagues, quicker and faster when out of the office

  46. Integrate with Microsoft Outlook® Use MS Outlook® to dial / answer calls Scenario: • You use MS Outlook® as your preferred PIM and want to dial all your customer contacts from within MS Outlook®. Solution: • Simply use the built-in Outlook Toolbar and it allows you to dial/answer calls from within MS Outlook®. • If a call comes in from a contact that is already registered in your MS Outlook® contacts, the application can even pop-up the relevant contact details allowing you to improve customer service. • Focus on providing better customer service and handle your business.

  47. Integrate with Microsoft Outlook With Communication Assistant – Yes You Can! Procedure: • To use Outlook to make and receive calls, simply use the Outlook toolbar that comes with Communication Assistant. • You can either enter a number in the dial field and press “Enter” to dial, or select a contact from your Outlook Contacts list and right click to “Call Contact”. • When you receive a call, you can also answer the call from within Outlook toolbar by pressing the “Answer” button.

  48. Easily Manage Teams Visually Manage Your Team with point-n-click Scenario: • You need to manage a team of agents and want to easily keep an eye on how they are handling customer calls. • You may wish to silently “Listen-In” to a call to make sure that a customer call is being properly handled by a new employee. Solution: • Focus on managing your team and easily handle your informal call centre to provide better customer service.

  49. Easily Manage Teams With Communication Assistant – Yes You Can! Procedure: • Simple run Communication Assistant Supervisor and use it to easily and visually manage your team. • The Current Member Status shows you status of all team members in real-time. • The Group Call Report section shows you total incoming calls, average waiting time, overflow call or lost calls. • Select a member – and you can log them in to the group, or log-out – if needed. • As a supervisor, you can silently Listen-in, or even – take over the call for further handling, if required.

  50. Communicate with Busy Colleagues Quickly communicate even when colleagues are busy Scenario: • As a secretary you want to inform your boss who is in a meeting that a guest has arrived and is waiting – without having to disturb your boss. • You may also need to contact a work colleague to ask a quick question – but they are on another call. Solution: • You can now chat with your boss or work colleagues from your computer – without having to disturbing them – if they are on a phone call. • The software also allows you to escalate from a chat to a phone call – with the click on a button. • Make office communications – quick and efficient, and focus on providing better customer service.