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IP Communication Solution Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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IP Communication Solution Overview

IP Communication Solution Overview

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IP Communication Solution Overview

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  1. IP Communication Solution Overview

  2. IP Communication Strengthens the Business Value of IT and IS/Business Linkage Improve Customer Interaction IP Communication to drive business growth User Centric Communication No disruptions in access to people & information, regardless of time, place, or device No disruptions nor delays for customers Maximizing ROI No more isolated silos of information

  3. OmniPCX EnterpriseLogical Architecture Applications / services Com Server Media Gateway Network Infrastructure Media Gateway Media Gateway Media Gateway PSTN Public Network

  4. Alcatel Application Partner Program OmniPCX Enterprise Mix and Match Hardware Options CommunicationSW suite Communication Server OmniTouch Unified Communication Contact Center Alcatel OmniTouch/Genesys NMC OmniVista4760 Servers Other application servers Media Gateways IP network Infrastructure Terminals

  5. OmniPCX Enterprise IP Communications Platform • A scalable solution • OmniPCX Enterprise software runs on different hardware configurations tailored to site size • Supporting 10 to 50,000 users • At one site or networked enterprise-wide Large configuration Medium configuration & Medium size network site Branch Media gateway Branch IP sets 50 80 50 000 Ext. 10 250

  6. IP Communication, Strengthens the Business Value of IS/IT • Maximize ROI • Adaptable • High performance • Serviceable Improve Customer Interaction User Centric Communication IP Communication to drive business growth

  7. OmniPCX Enterprise OmniPCX Eterprise OmniPCX Enterprise for Better ROIFull IP Solution Adaptable • Communication server • Multi-subnet Communication server geographic redundancy • QoS: 802.1p/Q & TOS/Diffserv • Echo cancellation depth: 32, 64 ms • DHCP server embedded or external • Distributed sites • Compression G.711, G.729a & G.723.1 over IP Domains • IP Phones • Direct RTP IP communication • AVA : Automatic VLAN Assignment • DHCP et TFTP clients, • Full 802.3af compatibility on IP Touch Main Stand By IP LAN WAN IP LAN RNIS IP LAN Media Gateway

  8. OmniPCX Enterprise for Better ROI Full IP and TDM Where IP Is Not Optimal Adaptable • The communication server can be embedded in an IBM appliance server or in an Alcatel server (crystal or 19 inches racks) • Native integration with IP-VPN • Easy migration to IP • Reuse the investment already made for the media gateway • Connect IP and/or digital sets • Reuse the investment already made for the set : analog set, digital set, fax, modem Carrier network 4760 DSLAM Home IP-VPN UC/OXE Sites A&B Site C Leased lines Sites C&D Owned Outsourced Hosted CPE-based

  9. OmniPCX Enterprise for Better ROIStandard Based Communication SW Adaptable • Standards between Unified Communication and e-business apps. Deploy application with web services (XML, VXML, WSDL), the impacts are: • reduce integration costs • enhance end user desktop personalization • Standard based Communication SW between IPT and Unified communication (Linux, IP, SIP, RTP) • IP Telephony and Network Infrastructure are not intertwined Application & e-business layer Open Standards IP Communication Open Standards Network Infrastructure Layer

  10. SIP IP SIP OmniPCX Enterprise OmniPCX Enterprise for Better ROINative Embedded SIP Interface for Openness Adaptable • Third party SIP client support and SIP Proxy • SIP to applications • Ex: OmniTouch Unified Communication • SIP Gateway: • Inter-working with H323, Reflexes set, DECT/PWT, etc • High level of service (transfer, conference, access to voice mail, notification, accounting, call barring)

  11. HQ 1 Branch Branch Branch Branch • Distributed call processing: multi-system • 100 servers, 50.000 users • 99.9% Feature transparency • Centralized management • IP Network, or TDM • Supra Network • Unlimited number of users • Feature Rich Branch Branch Tele worker Tele worker HQ 2 OmniPCXEnterprise OmniPCX Enterprise for Better ROIIntelligent Networking, Virtual System Adaptable • Two options for distributed configurations • Centralized call processing: mono system • 90 media gateways per call server • 1000 IP domains (sites with call admission control) • Call admission control between sites (# of simultaneous calls, choice of compression algorithm) OmniPCXEnterprise MPLS

  12. OmniPCX Enterprise for Better ROICentralized Call Processing Adaptable • 100% features available • The branch can take the benefit of the applications installed in the HQ • The branch keeps their identity • Welcome messages, Music on hold, Night service • WAN bandwidth is optimized • music on hold, voice prompts, local conference circuits, DTMF • Communication cost optimization • Break-out • LCR/ACR RNIS IP WAN OmniPCX Enterprise Branch Office HQ

  13. Analog Tie lines E&M DPNSS OmniPCX Enterprise for Better ROIInteroperability with Legacy PBX Adaptable • Interoperability: H323, QSIG, DPNSS, etc • Protect investment OmniPCXEnterprise H323 Q-SIG Media Gateway PRI Master ExistingPABX

  14. OmniPCX Enterprise for Better ROIPerformance Metrics High performance “Best Performing IP-PBX Large Systems”“With all performance metrics considered— latency, call-load handling, call and connection quality in all scenarios, survivability and fail-over times, and so on—Alcatel did exceedingly well across the board. And only Alcatel scored a perfect 20 out of 20 in the Performance category.” • IP-PBX performance metrics • Powerful server, 300K BHCA tested • #1 large IP PBX call load handling • Multi-subnet Geographic redundancy • Full remote survivability options

  15. OmniPCX Enterprise for Better ROIVoice Quality Metrics High performance • Best IP telephony voice quality • Based on lowest latency • Based on best MOS – Mean Opinion Score

  16. PSTN OmniPCX Enterprise Réseau IP OmniPCX Enterprise for Better ROIModular & Feature Rich Branch Office Survivability High performance • First level: leverage data back-up services of router for all voice and data traffic • Need enough bandwidth for voice and data back-up • Feature transparency Media Gateway

  17. PSTN OmniPCX Enterprise Réseau IP OmniPCX Enterprise for Better ROIModular & Feature rich Branch Office Survivability High performance • Second level: signaling back-up through PSTN & automatic voice overflow • Conferencing, MOH, voice guide, local 911/112, same user interface, branch dial by name, local and outgoing calls, external incoming calls • Management services maintained (call accounting, performance, alarms, config) • No call disruption when the IP network comes back into operations • Automatic Voice overflow through PSTN • Overflow on Call Admission Control (e.g. No of calls > predefined threshold) Automatic Voice overflow Back-up Signaling Media Gateway

  18. ISDNPSTN OmniPCX Enterprise Réseau IP OmniPCX Enterprise for Better ROIDistributed Call Processing for Critical Sites High performance • Cost Optimized local servers (1U rack) • Automatic synchronization of databases for simplified management • Full feature transparency, application centralization (Voice mail, Unified messaging, directory…) • Multi-network (TDM leased, switched IP or combined) • Service continuity • Full local service • Overflow on Call Admission Control (e.g. No of calls > predefined threshold) • Overflow on IP link outage Private/Public voice overflow

  19. OmniPCX OmniPCX OmniPCX Enterprise for Better ROI Balance Availability & Operations Complexity Serviceable • Geographic redundancy over different IP subnet • Non stop operation: easy to remotely download a new SW release or prepare a modification without interrupting communications • Disaster recovery • Save/Restore mechanisms on OmniVista4760 which save the databases of the OmniPCX Enterprise Communication Server Active Communication ServerStandby Mirroring 10/100 10/100 LAN / WAN

  20. IT Manager OmniPCX IP OmniPCX Management Server OmniPCX Accounting OmniPCX Enterprise for Better ROICentralized & Evolutionary Management Platform Serviceable • OmniVista 4760, single web or client based interface for: • Centralized management • One platform to manage up to 1000 servers and 50000 users • Client/Server Architecture • Web based management platform • Directory based on LDAP protocol, with click to call integrated • Embedded web based access to configuration • OmniVista 4760Evolutionary Applications • Configuration • Alarms • Topology • Directory • Accounting • Monitoring • Performance • IP Performance

  21. LDAP Synchronisation OmniVista4760 Any LDAP server IP LDAP client LDAP clientex : OmniTouch Unified Communication OmniPCX Enterprise for Better ROIIntegration With Customer Environment Serviceable • LDAP based Directory • OmniVista4760 R2.1 is based on SunOne R5.2 directory compatible with LDAP V3 • Gives the ability to synchronize LDAP based directories (modify fields once instead of in each directory) • OmniPCX Enterprise is NTP client • DHCP server embedded or external

  22. OmniPCX Enterprise for Better ROI Optimize Operation Costs Serviceable • Simplify devices and services management • SW maintenance upgrade fees • Integrate service with solution quotation • Data collection with automatic file import • Plug & phone IP Touch: get # automatically • Electronic IP Phones add on modules • Automatic encryption & authentication mgt to support profitable outsourcing deals Simplify SW upgrade planning Simplify service quotation -25% on system installation time -40% on phone installation time -5% on phone installation time Security with costs under control

  23. OmniPCX Enterprise for Better ROIIntegration With Enterprise Management Platforms Serviceable • Integration for alarms and topology • OmniPCX Enterprise sends SNMP Traps • OmniVista 4760 send SNMP Traps • Integration with TNG Unicenter, Tivoli, HP Open View OmniVista4760 OmniPCX Enterprise Get SNMP IP SNMP Trap Enterprise Management Platform

  24. OmniPCX Enterprise for Better ROISecure Communication Server Serviceablesecurity • Proactive security • OS hardening • Robust operating system: Linux • Unnecessary open source applications removed • Tested against denial of service attacks • Media gateways • No intrusion possible to the network • Secure development process, ships from the factory in secure mode • Reactive: manage security alerts • Escalation processes with Alcatel security expertise • Leading computer emergency team Virus Email Server CD Internet LAN Propagation OmniPCX Enterprise

  25. OmniPCX Enterprise for Better ROISecure Element Management Serviceablesecurity • Authentication • No default password for OmniPCX Enterprise system accounts access • Management logging and authentication • Configuration events log • Log of rejected attempts • Use of secure protocols • SSH, SFTP, SCP • between com. servers • between com. servers and management platform • IPSec for exchanges between the OmniVista 4760 server and client • Role based management • Management access based on application and user rights No default aging PWDs role based Attacker SSH Client Management platform

  26. OmniPCX Enterprise for Better ROISecure Communications: Encryption Serviceablesecurity • Encryption of all IP Communication traffic • IP phones, media gateways, traffic to & from Alcatel Unified Communication • Encryption of media (SRTP/AES) • Call control signaling (IPSec/AES) • Wire speed encryption • No processing delay, no voice quality degradation • No degradation of the OmniPCX performance • Managing thousands of secured IP phones Encrypted signalling Encrypted voice

  27. OmniPCX Enterprise for Better ROISecure Communications: Authentication Serviceablesecurity • Authentication at the application level • Ensure that Communication server, media gateways and IP Phones are who they say they are • Symmetrical keys are negotiated between end points and the server security module (Internet Key Exchange) • Physical protection against deactivation • Security requires module removal.. • Best balance security and serviceability • A pre shared key is calculated in the IP phone • Signaling keys are established & carry encryption keys • Automatic initialization, easy Moves, Adds & Changes Encrypted signalling Encrypted voice

  28. OmniPCX Enterprise for Better ROISecure Communications: Integrity Serviceablesecurity • Secure the initialization of end points • Firmware for server and media gatewaysecurity modules are loaded and signed by Thales manufacture • IP Touch phone firmware is loaded andsigned at OmniPCX manufacture • Communication server, media gatewaysand IP Touch phones control the integrity of the binaries through the use of hashing SW integrity Check

  29. IP Communication Strengthens the IS/Business Linkage Maximize ROI User Centric Communication • Enhance user experience • Connect knowledge • Accelerate business processes Improve Customer Interaction IP Communication to drive business growth

  30. User Centric CommunicationFull Range of IP and Traditional Phones Enhance user experience at the office • 7 IP Phones in a range • High level services (Directory access thru alpha keyboard, mini-messages, …) • DHCP client • LDAP client • Automatic VLAN Assignment • IP Touch Phones: X8 series • Full compliant with 802.3af • Support of Third party SIP & H323 clients 4068 4038 4035 IP 4028 4020 IP 4018 4010 IP

  31. User Centric CommunicationFully Featured IP Phones Enhance user experience at the office • Additional features on IP Touch • Access to XML applications • Graphic objects publishing • Pop up windows • IP statistics display, multi redial lists • Bluetooth headset • Electronic add on module • Ready for upcoming message based communication (IM, SMS, e-mail…) OmniPCXEnterprise

  32. User Centric Communication XML Applications on IP Phones Enhance user experience at the office • Customized applications for vertical market, easy to deploy and to modify • Hospitality ex: FCS • Healthcare ex: NewVoice, Split • Personalization • Welcome message, show image of the company as first entry point on the IPTouch • Intelligent building • Show a map, navigate. • Surveillance, using LanCam • Access information from a database and click to call • Ease of deployment of applications and modifications always on

  33. User Centric Communication Enlarge Range of Digital Phones Enhance user experience at the office • 7 digital phones • Cost effective from 45 to 390€ • 3 new TDM phones in the range • Feature rich (name based dialing…) • From basic to high-end needs • X9 series: same new telephony features supported as IP Touch • Multi redial lists, call log • Cyrillic display • Chinese display 4039 4035 4029 4020 4019 4010 4004

  34. User Centric Communication Voice Mobility (DECT, PWT) Enhance user experience on the move • Full integration with OmniPCX Enterprise • Scalable and cost effective • Fault and Alarms, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, Security • On-site voice mobility • Hand-over, roaming • High level of voice quality • High level of PABX features • Adapted to industrial environment • Intrinsically sage base station & terminal • Water/shock/dust proof, man down, alarm button..

  35. User Centric Communication Mobility with WIFI & Cellular Client Enhance user experience on the move • Voice over WLAN • Runs on converged infrastructure • Feature rich telephony • Menu driven access • Cellular Client for off site mobility or small scale on site deployment • No mobile infrastructure CAPEX + leverages existing cell phones • Mobile phone access to the OmniPCX Enterprise features rich: transfer, conference, Directory number access, accounting, …

  36. Analysts Endorse Alcatel September 2004 Corporate Telephony Magic Quadrant

  37. J2EE User Centric Communication A Full Application Suite Enhance user experience with Unified Communications • One administration • Interactions between modules • Based on J2EE framework containing: • Native IP/RTP/SIP

  38. XML Phone Microsoft PIM Lotus PIM Business Apps PDA Web Voice User Interface User Centric Communication Integrate UC into Preferred User Desktop Enhance user experience with UC at the office • Integration with the user and corporate business application • Use the interface or application of your choice • Native integration into email applications (Lotus & Microsoft Exchange) • Drive any action from the mail client • Send voice message to several people • Control voice message before sending it • Call back sender from an email message • Easy integration into Portal • Integration with existing applications using Web Services • Increase end user acceptance

  39. PDA “To check your voice mail: press 1” “To check your Fax: press 2” “To check your e-mails: press 3” …./…. * VxML Microsoft Outlook, OWA Lotus Notes, iNotes, Web mail IBM Websphere, Microsoft Share Point Portals Alcatel Web Dashboard User Centric Communication Anywhere, Any Device Enhance user experience with UC on the move

  40. User Centric Communication My Phone • Key features • Web softphone, IP web softphone and Alcatel 4980 (option) • All telephony services of OmniPCX Enterprise • Full integration with Microsoft & Lotus applications • Multi Operating System • Any phone (IP, Digital, Analog, Mobile, WiFi...) • Unique telephony services • Home worker with VoIP on ADSL • Use of any phone set (Nomadic mode) • Universal Directory Access (any directory) • Voice access (VxML)

  41. User Centric Communication My Messaging • Key features • Unified Messaging application with unique services • Single point of message store, single message view on any device • Call back message sender • Text To Speech (TTS) to read e-mails with automatic language selection • By voice, print e-mail and fax on any remote fax machine • By voice, broadcast a voice message to any e-mail address • Advanced notifications filters • Unified Messaging at your own pace • Support any mail server: Exchange, Domino, any IMAP4 • Support traditional (Alcatel 46x5) or VxML voice mails • Support any Fax server

  42. User Centric Communication My Assistant • Key features • Call routing and screening • Based on caller ID and time of day • 5 VIP lists with labels (VIP Business, VIP Private,…) • 200 VIPs per list • Integration with Outlook & Notes • Voice access (VxML)

  43. User Centric Communication My Teamwork Connect the knowledge • SIP inside • All modules communicate with SIP • SIP presence for all contacts logged through the collaboration server, e.g. SIP connection to OXE • Feature rich • Web based IM, zero footprint • Audio conferencing, fully featured (reservation, instant conference, same web based interface than IM) • Document push with bandwidth optimization (doc uploaded and translated in jpeg) • Application sharing, web based from any place • Upcoming support of video • Scalable • 3000 users, 120 voice ports and 120 data ports

  44. XML Web Services User Centric Communication Integrate UC and Business Processes Accelerate business process Communication Web Services Application Phone Unified Communication Telephony OmniPCXEnterprise A global offer made of 3 different Web Services families For all type of business integration XML-T Integration of telephony services in business applications Integration of business applications Integration of UC services in business applications WS “Consumer” Device WS “Provider” Servers

  45. Alcatel Unified Communication Web Services Business Applications • Message management • Alert & Notification • Pop-up • Voice mail player …/... My Messaging WS • Telephony services • Call log • Pop-up • Nomadic • Universal Directory Access…/... My Phone WS • Routing rules • Route request • Screening rules • …/... My Assistant WS • Audio conferencing • Presence • Group telephony • …/... My Teamwork WS User Centric Communication UC: Provider of Web Services to Business Applications Accelerate business process

  46. Customer Partner Enterprise Supplier Schedule production & delivery Get customer profile Receive an order Deliver Invoice User Centric Communication Integrate UC Across Business Processes Accelerate business process Let’s take an example...

  47. In CRM applications • Notification of order received WS Real Time alert • Get customer profile & check credit limit. If NOK contact Finance dept or Sales director or Customer Check presence, Dial by name, Call routing, Conference WS User Centric Communication Integrate UC Across Business Processes Accelerate business process Get customer profile Receive an order

  48. In ERM applications Check presence Dial by name, Call routing, Conference • Contact suppliers, Product line manager, Factory & get lead times WS Make Call, Voice message, E-mail, Fax, SMS • Send order receipt to customer with delivery date WS User Centric Communication Integrate Unified Communication Across Business Processes Accelerate business process Schedule production & delivery

  49. IP Communication Strengthens the Business Value of IT and IS/Business Linkage IP Communication to drive business growth User Centric Communication • Improve Customer Interaction • Operational start • Agent efficiency • 360° customer services • Operational excellence Maximizing ROI

  50. Alcatel Contact Centre Solutions