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Riding the Breath

Riding the Breath

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Riding the Breath

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  1. Riding the Breath “What did the Dalai Lama say to the hot dog vendor? ‘Make me one with everything.’ It’s a joke—and a pretty good one—but there’s more to it than that. Becoming one with everything by seeing through separateness and rigidity is the heart of what I call inter-meditation. Inter-meditation means meditating with—the practice and art of intimacy and union with whatever is, just as it is. It is the yoga of convergence, connection, co-meditation, and spontaneous oneness. It’s a path we can take to overcome all our illusions of duality.” I call my new book Make Me One with Everything: Buddhist Meditations To Awaken From The Illusion Of Separation because the heart of this message, in essence, explains the power of inter-meditation and that we are not alone.

  2. This allows us to go beyond the habitual struggle to try to meditate and concentrate, or go inwards and cut off and get away from it all, and helps us open the cocoon of contracted egotism in order feel more permeable and connected, empathic and responsible, recognizing interconnectedness and interdependence. It takes two parts to make a whole, beyond us and them, inside and outside, as well as between the so-called sacred and the mundane parts of life, and it can become more like breathing in and out or dancing together, and dancing with life. "Everything can be meditated,” as the Dragon Master GyalwangDrukpaRinpoche says in his Mahamudra teachings. I hope you will join me in experiencing this inclusive “Riding the Breath” co-meditation method for closing the gaps between self and others, opening portals to oneness and harmony, wherever we may go. This is the path beyond selfish seeking and self-consciousness and on to Dharma Large, selfless Awareness, and shared spirituality, spirituality for couples, tantra and so on. -with love and blessings, Lama Surya Das