a guide regarding facebook native ads n.
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A Guide Regarding Facebook Native ads PowerPoint Presentation
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A Guide Regarding Facebook Native ads

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A Guide Regarding Facebook Native ads

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A Guide Regarding Facebook Native ads

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  1. A Guide Regarding Facebook Native ads

  2. About Facebook Native ads • A native ad is an ad that fits best with Facebook mobile ads. Native ads provide the best engagement and make the higher CPM because they blend best with your interface. • A native ad is made of descriptive text, images, a click through URL or action, and other metadata.

  3. Reasons to use Native ads for Facebook • Native ads can help you get higher CPMs • Native ads are less disruptive to the user experience than banners. • Native formats can positively affect user how much users want to engage with the ads and your app • Native ads can help improve user retention with your app. • Native is the future of advertising. Without native, your app is missing out on revenue opportunities

  4. Why are online marketers increasingly turning to Native Advertising? • Consumers look at native ads 53% more than display ads. • Native ads create an 18% increase in purchase intent, and visual engagement higher than any other ads. • Native advertising fights ad fatigue. Ad fatigue is what happens when the audience gets bored with seeing ads. • According to many marketer native ads still, have a significant effect on purchase behavior.

  5. For Better Marketing Strategy of Facebook Native Advertising You Can Use Tool Best Tool For Facebook Native Advertising

  6. Example of Facebook Native ads

  7. Reasons to use Poweradspy tool for Native Advertising • Helps you to provide the better result for your ad campaign. • By using this tool you can make the better targeting strategy. • You can able to get the data Of millions Of Ads From 15+ Countries. • It is cost effective tool for Facebook ads. • The Tool will help you to spy on your competitor. • According to many marketer Poweradspy is high recommended tool for Facebook Native Advertising.

  8. For More Information Visit: https://poweradspy.com/blog/how-to-captivate-and-transform-mobile-users-with-native-advertising/