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Despite their importance, pre-employment screening is often subject to misconceptions and myths. For more details, visit<br><br>Follow us!<br><br>Facebook:<br>Wordpress:<br>Youtube:

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  2. . • No matter the significance of pre-employment screening, individuals still get confused and misunderstood the process. Potential employees as well as employees have various views and beliefs regarding the process which mostly turns out to be misconceptions.

  3. . • Employees and potential employees should have a better understanding about pre-employment screening. The only way for them to truly unravel their twisted views is to disprove all these various misconceptions about pre-employment screening.

  4. . • The most common misconception is that criminal records are signs of unemployment. Good thing though, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission regulates a restriction on employers that the nature of the conviction should be related or at least must have an impact on the essence of the job available.

  5. . • Job applicants would assume that the employers hold all the aces during pre-employment screening. Little did they know is that fair credit reporting act direct a policy that employers cannot just instantly conduct a pre-employment screeningwithout the applicant's written consent.

  6. . • How about social media accounts? Do you think employers check them out or they just leave your online life alone? Do you also suppose that all pre-employment screening are the same? Or maybe they vary distinctively. Here’s a podcast to give you some insight.

  7. . • To help you better with understanding pre-employment screening, visit • • (800) 409 -1819

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