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HOSPITALITY LIGHTING. Lighting For:. Image Atmosphere Tasks Safety/Security Satisfaction. Hospitality Industry Facts Energy Usage. Lodging Is the 4th most intensive user of energy in the U.S. Commercial sector

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  2. Lighting For: • Image • Atmosphere • Tasks • Safety/Security • Satisfaction

  3. Hospitality Industry Facts Energy Usage • Lodging Is the 4th most intensive user of energy in the U.S. Commercial sector • U.S. Hotels Spend - On Average - $889 Annually per available room for Electricity • - 58% Total Utility Costs • The Lodging Industry spends $1.41 / Sq. Foot (Average) on energy annually • There are approximately 2.4 Billion square feet of hotel facility space in the U.S. • Hotel Utility Costs average 3.9 percent of total revenue GE Hospitality Solutions Reduces Average Available Room Lighting Cost By 60%

  4. Trends in Lighting • Superior Color Quality • Increasing Role of Controls and Electronics • Increased Energy Efficiency • More Compact Shapes and Sizes • Integration with Daylighting • Cross Functional Fixture Designs • Lighting and the Aging Eye

  5. Cost of Light: Electricity 88% Labor 8% Lamps 4% Greatest potential for cost saving is in electricity reduction.

  6. Key Target Topics • Light & Color • COL • Guest Room Lighting • Restaurant Lighting (Kitchen and Dining) • Lobbies, Corridors, Other Public Spaces

  7. Lighting Design for Hospitality • Key Roles: • Establish and Maintain the Mood/Atmosphere • Enhance the Visual Experience • Maintain Overall Customer Satisfaction

  8. Establish and Maintain the Mood/Atmosphere • Identify the type of Experience Desired: • Private Spaces • Leisure • Public Spaces • Meeting Rooms

  9. Enhance the Visual Experience • Choose the appropriate lighting system: • High Color Rendering • Wide and Smooth Beam Patterns • Directional Lighting • Fixture Selection • Lighting Controls

  10. IESNA Recommendations

  11. Products • Compact Fluorescent (Cost of Light, Long Life, Comparable Color Temperature) • Guest Rooms • Corridors • Lobbies • Restaurants • Genura, 29 Watt Dimmable, 28 Watt QBX

  12. Products • Linear Fluorescent (T12 vs. T8/Energy Savings, Excellent CRI) • Restaurant • Corridor • Guest Room • Meeting • StarCoat Technology

  13. CovRGuard • A New GE Line of Shatter Containing • Lamps.....… • A-Line • Reflector • PAR • Linear Fluorescent

  14. Products • Incandescent/Halogen (Highest CRI, Aesthetic Value) • Guest Rooms • Restaurants (Dining Spaces/Kitchens) • Lobbies • Corridors • Ballrooms • Decorative

  15. Incandescent/Halogen • PAR Halogen/Halogen-IR/Silv-IR • Accent/Display, Down Lighting, Recessed Can • MR16 • Accent/Display, Aesthetics • Reveal • Enhances Colors, Creates Atmosphere (Aesthetics) • Decorative • Cov-R-Guard

  16. Products • High Intensity Discharge (Long Life, CRI, White Light with MH) • Outdoor Lighting • Floodlighting • Parking Lot Lighting • ChromaFit, Staybright, Pulse Arc

  17. Key Findings-energy use • One of the largest energy saving opportunities in hotel guestroom lighting is eliminating the unnecessary extended operation of the bathroom fixtures. • Over 75% of the energy used by these fixtures occurs during the infrequent occasions that they are left on for more than 2 hours at a time.

  18. Key Findings-technology • Occupancy sensors can be installed in these bathrooms with long set times (1 hour or more) and still achieve significant savings as the vast majority of energy use occurs with the fixture being left on longer than 2 hours.

  19. Specifications Heard Through Various Meetings • Instant Start - no delay is essential • Universal Locking Device - No Glued Parts • Good lumen maintenance • No interference with IR (television remote controls) • 8,000-10,000 lamp life/ 10-year ballast life • CCT: 2700-2850K • CRI: 80+ • Size: std incandescent size • 3-way • Interested in “system solutions”… lamp mfr partnering with fixture mfr

  20. Hospitality Lighting Solution Center * www.gelighting.com/Hospitality

  21. For a Copy of Today’s Presentation Send an e-Mail to GELuminations@lighting.ge.com

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