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  1. Hospitality Hospitality is friendly, welcoming  behavior towards guests or people  you have just met

  2. Contents • Different way to greeting in different cultures. • Different treatment across the culture. • Cautions for behaving someone who has other cultural background.

  3. Important of greeting In last chapter, we went over “making initial contacts across cultures”. But I still think that greeting is the most important factor in hospitality, too. For this reason, I would like to go over this material again. In the business, first impression is the most important and impact thing that people may remember for long-time. Therefore, greeting is the most important factor to make people memorable and treat people.

  4. Different way to greeting in different cultures. North America (the United States, Canada) • People in north America usually shake their hands and give a hug each other. Also, they normally call people’s first name, not second name. However, in business, they call people’s last name after Mr., Mrs., or Ms. • Their ancestors are from UK. Therefore, they have similar way to greeting people.

  5. Europe Russia Здравствуйте(즈드랏스부이쪠) = Hello (formal, at any time) - The first Russian custom in a business environment is an exchange of business cards. "the business card is regarded as an indicator of status." Handshakes are also the most frequently accepted greeting. Additionally, in Russia it is considered gallant to kiss women three times while alternating cheeks, and to kiss hands.

  6. England- A handshake is the most common things in England customary when you are introduced to somebody else. When you meet close friends it is common that kiss the cheek of the opposite sex.SpainHola = Hello- When Spanish people meet each other, they kiss each others cheek for two times.- Spanish people are popular for activity greetings.

  7. the Middle East(Arab) • Arab men shake hands very gently and may pull those he greets toward him and kiss them on either cheek in greeting. • After shaking hands, the gesture of placing the right hand to the heart is a greeting with respect or sincerity. • To kiss the forehead, nose, or right hand of a person denotes extreme respect. • Shake hands with the right hand only. the left hand is considered unclean. • Failure to shake hands when meeting someone or saying good-bye is considered rude.

  8. When a Western man is introduced to an Arab woman it is the woman's choice whether to shake hands or not; she must initiate the handshake. Women shake hands only using their fingertips. Do not touch their palm and do not kiss her hand. Women do not kiss a man’s cheek in greeting, it is considered immodest. • Arabs may also hold hands to walk to other locations.

  9. Asia Korea • Korean usually bow down to elder people or respectable people. • When Korean people shake hands, elder people give a hand first . Younger people hold hand later and shake hands up and down 2 to 3 times. Thailand • Thailand people overlap both hands and bow down. Put the elbow right next to the body. • The country believes in Buddhism, so this type of greeting comes from Buddhism.

  10. Africa Tanzania Maasai • Maasailives in a desert, so they are waterless. The meaning of good luck to found a water, they spit each other. Morocco • Touch your chest, lip and head by your right hand. Republic of the Congo • Rub their nose and nose, head and head. Liberia • High five with right hand and then make a sound with right fingers or your mouth. But if you do this to elderly, they'll be angry.

  11. South America(Brazil, Argentina, etc) • kiss women three times while alternating cheeks, and to kiss hands. • usually shake their hands and give a hug each other. • Most of south America countries were colony by European. Because of this, south America was influenced by European culture.

  12. Different treatment across the culture Even thought culture has been influenced other cultures nearby, all cultures have their own unique treatment to welcome guests. For this reason, it is better to know what culture has what kind of treatment to do successful business.

  13. North America(the United States, Canada) • Entertaining way of the United States to enjoy good food and wine together, is the most common • First opponent like to choose a wine and food, and then introduce about the wine and food.

  14. Europe Russia • There is a big difference between the Russian tradition of hospitality and a friendly attitude towards guests in other countries of the world. The legends about the breadth of the Russian soul have a very good reason to exist. Russians love to accept guests and make great hosts. When in Russia, you don't need to wait for a special occasion like a birthday or a holiday to visit a friend or a neighbor. Russians like visiting each other, meeting in friendly companies for dinner, or just stopping by to catch up on what's going on. The latter is called "to drop in for a cup of coffee"

  15. the Middle East(Arab) • Arabs are generous and value generosity in others. Hospitality toward guests is essential for a good reputation. Arab hospitality requires that refreshments must always be offered to guests. • When anything is offered, it is considered polite for the guest to decline at least twice before accepting, and for the host to offer at least three times before finally accepting a guest’s negative response.

  16. Africa Egypt • They love to treat guests, so they want to pay all the cost. Also they like to give amount of food to eat. Traditionally, the most important male guest seats right side of the host. Morocco • They offer hurb tea to guest. It means have a nice day. Republic of the Congo • People in Congo think giving a bottle of soda for person is the best hospitality. Female host and guest hardly eat together, also guest starts eat first.

  17. Cautions for behaving someone who has other cultural background This is something that must avoid when people are doing business with other culture. Because, some gestures and actions may be rude for other culture. In a business, we should be more careful with this kind of cautions.

  18. North America • To stay up a knife and fork on the plate during meals. • Put your elbows on the dining room table and do not let go up.

  19. Europe Russia • Russian usually cut the others talking and soon apology about that. So do not misunderstand about that. • Russian do not prefer breakfast meetings. They usually prefer dinner meetings, they prefer to talk about business when they are get drunk. • It is common that Russian late 2 hours. • The principle of greeting with Russian you have to take out your gloves.

  20. England • It is very common that if there is no waiter, man pick out chairs for woman. Spain • It is important that Spanish do not make a sound when eating. • It is very rude activity that pass wine cup to next person. • You have to fill others wine cup before it is empty.

  21. the Middle East(Arab) • Always use your right hand in eating, drinking, offering, passing or receiving anything. • Take your leave promptly after the second or third round of coffee or tea after a meal. Arabs usually socialize and converse before the meal, not after. • Do not feel obligated to bring a gift. If you do bring a gift, make it a gift for the children, which is always appreciated. • Do not ask or expect an Arab to uncover his head.

  22. Africa Egypt • Don't do the Islam said don't do that. For example, drink alcohol and eat pork. • Don't leave your food or add more salt. They might think you don't like the food. Tanzania • Don't smell the food. They think that you have dissatisfaction to their food. • Don't call people with your index finger. This people use index finger only to call the dog.

  23. Morocco • This people believe in Islam so, you'd better to wear long clothes.

  24. Asia Korea • Do not start to eat before elder people begin to eat. • Do not talk while you are chowing. • Do not cross your legs when elders are in front of you. Philippines • It is ok to do burp after eating. It means “thanks to god.” • Ok gesture means money in Philippines. So, if you want to say ok, bring your thumbs up. • “Stupid” means the worst slang word in Philippines. Because Spanish called “stupido” to them while they were colonized.

  25. South America(Brazil, Argentina, etc) • Ok gesture means swear word in South America. • Do not stroke children’s head. It means that “I curse you.” • Violet color flower means death. Do not give it as a gift.

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  27. Thank you for listening.