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Discovering China

Discovering China

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Discovering China

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  1. Co-sponsored by: The Chinese Language Council International (Hanban) The State University of New York The Chinese Consulate in New York Administered by : The Office of International Education, University at Albany Discovering China 12/27/09 - 1/10/10

  2. Background Information • Sichuan Earthquake • SUNY - 150 SUNY Farmingdale, 19SUNY Potsdam, 5SUNY Cobleskill, 18Jamestown Community College, 5Buffalo State College, 17University at Buffalo, 4Herkimer Community College, 11SUNY Delhi, 4Clinton Community College, 10SUNY Maritime, 4Genesee Community College, 8SUNY Brockport, 4University at Albany, 6SUNY Oswego, 4Stony Brook University, 6Monroe Community College, 3SUNY Plattsburgh, 6Alfred State, 2College of Technology at Canton, 6Binghamton Universities, 2Alfred Ceramics, 5SUNY New Paltz, 1

  3. Background Information • The Chinese Language Council International (Hanban) • The Chinese Consulate in New York • SUNY • University at Albany

  4. Representing Campuses Herkimer CCC Hudson Valley CC IT Utica/Rome Jamestown CC Maritime Mohawk V Monroe CCC Morrisville Niagara CCC Old Westbury Onondaga CC OPT Oswego Plattsburgh Potsdam Purchase Stony Brook Suffolk CCC Albany Alfred Ceramic Alfred State Binghamton Brockport Buffalo Buffalo State Canton Clinton CCC Cobleskill Cortland Delhi ESF Farmingdale FIT Fredonia Fulton CCC Genesee CC

  5. SUNY Teaching and Administrative Team • Professor Harsh Bhasin, Stony Brook • Professor Anthony DeBlasi, Albany • Professor Zhongchun Jiang, Cobleskill • Professor Donna Kowal, Brockport • Mr. Thomas Kowal, Buffalo • Professor Christine Lai, Buffalo State • Mr. James Pasquill, Albany • Ms. Yang Pisani, Albany

  6. Program Itinerary* 12/27/09 Fly to China 12/28/09 Arrive in China 12/29/09 Opening Ceremony in the GREAT HALL OF PEOPLE 12/30/09 Site visits in Beijing 12/31/09 New Year’s celebration in Beijing 1/1/10  Site visits in Beijing 1/2/10  Fly to Chengdu 1/3-8/10 The group will be divided into 13 small groups, each with its own host. Activities may vary but all include lectures about China, Survival Chinese, Chinese cultural activities, site visits, etc. 1/9/10 Fly back to Beijing from Chengdu1/10/10 Fly back to the US from Beijing *Subject to Change

  7. About the Three Cities Beijing Chengdu, Sichuan Province Chongqing

  8. Discovering China: Academic Program • An interactive study tour consisting of guided excursions, site visits, ceremonies, and lectures. • -Survey China’s history, culture, and economic development • - Explore monuments of Chinese civilization, past and present

  9. Academic Work for the SUNY Course • 1-credit S/U grade • Pre-departure reading preparation • During the Program: • -Active participation in program activities • -Maintain journal of observations and critical reflections on your experiences in China • Upon return: • -Submit a 5-page reflective paper that integrates reading selection with themes from your journal • Syllabus with details to be provided

  10. Academic Work for Buffalo State Course • 3-credit course with Prof. Lai • Pre-departure: • -View and take notes on a set of documentaries • During the Program: • -Active participation in program activities • -Maintain journal of observations and critical reflections on your experience in China • Upon return: • -Submit a 20-page reflective journal, plus notes on review of documentaries • See separate syllabus

  11. Useful Words/Phrases in Chinese

  12. Before the End of the Fall Semester • Register for one credit at your home campus and send UAlbany your proof of registration. • If you have not sent in UAlbany’s required forms, please do so as soon as possible. • Please check with your home campus for any necessary steps that have to be completed before studying abroad. • Please sign your passport (if you haven’t already done so).

  13. Before You Go to China • Please pack lightly—you can only check in at most one piece of luggage, no heavier than 40 lbs, free of charge on domestic flights in China. • Please confirm your ticket 48 - 72 hours before the departure time with your airline. • Please bring some cash according to your own spending habits. • Please inform your bank or credit card company that you will be in China if you plan to use your debit or credit card in China. • Please call your cell phone carrier if you plan to use your cell phone in China (your cell phone has to be on a GSM system). • Using US cell phones (making or receiving calls) in China is very expensive and can cost up to $3 per minute! • Please understand that it may be difficult for your parents to reach you when you are in China unless you have your cell phone. The business centers at hotels will have a few computers with Internet access. You are responsible for the cost. • Please come prepared with a watch and personal alarm clock device—we need you to be on time for the daily scheduled activities in China.

  14. What to Pack? • A set of dressy clothes for the formal opening and closing ceremonies. • Casual clothes for everyday use—dark colors are preferable so you do not have to do laundry often. • A warm winter jacket, gloves, etc. (Be prepared to spend time walking outdoors in cold weather.) • A pair of comfortable walking shoes. • EpiPen if you have severe food allergies. • Prescription drugs that you need to take on a regular basis—please bring your doctors’ notes and please pack the medicine in your carry-on luggage. • Over-the-counter medications such as Advil, aspirin, Pepto Bismol, vitamins, laxatives, heartburn relief, anti-histamine, skin irritation, anti-diarrhea, athlete’s foot and motion sickness (if you think you might need them). • Toiletries such as cotton balls, deodorant, lip balm, tampons, and saline solution for sensitive eyes. (Keep in mind that the brands you are used to may not be available in China.) • Disinfectant wipes, travel-size first aid kit. • Small gifts for people that you may meet and become friends with.

  15. The Day of Your Travel • Make sure you have your passport. • Go to the right airport and allow yourself ample time at the airport for check-in. • Have your ticket confirmation number on hand. • Have your China Emergency Contact Card—UAlbany will send this to you. • Have your insurance information—UAlbany will send this to you. • Have your wallet with money in it. • Your luggage will be checked all the way to Beijing even if you are going to have a layover in Chicago or San Francisco. • Please find your group—at least one faculty/staff member will travel with each group from the US to Beijing.

  16. Chicago to Beijing – flies over North Pole. San Francisco to Beijing – flies over the Pacific Ocean. How We Get to China

  17. Room and Board • The group is going to live in double rooms at hotels and/or international guest houses for the duration in China. On-site laundry services are available and you are responsible for the cost. • Roommates are assigned by the host. Please refrain from switching rooms on your own. • Only same-sex students can stay in the same room unless you are married and your spouse is also a program participant. The Chinese will take this very seriously. • The cost of your hotel rooms are covered by the host but you are responsible for any additional costs during your stay. Please pay for these upon check-out. If you fail to do so, UAlbany will bill you upon request by our host, at which point other charges may be added. • Group meals are provided. Vegetarian food will be available. Please understand that other dietary needs will be very hard to accommodate by our host, so plan accordingly.

  18. Rules and Regulations while in China • Please obey Chinese laws and regulations. • Please be respectful of our host and the people you meet. • Please attend all the arranged program activities and be punctual. • SUNY rules and regulations travel with the group so please act accordingly. • Absolutely no underage drinking and no binge drinking. • Absolutely no drug use. • Please always keep in mind that you are representing your home campus, SUNY and the United States, so act accordingly.

  19. Health Issues • For immunization information, Please visit Http:// • The most common health issues experienced by foreign visitors to China are digestive and upper respiratory system problems. Please take note of this if you have allergies or asthma, and bring medication if necessary. • If you have food allergies, be extremely careful before you eat. When in doubt, do not eat any questionable foods. • If you have allergies to any medications, please make sure you write it on the China Emergency Contact Card. • Do not drink tap water and avoid using ice for drinks.

  20. Safety Issues • Stay with the group as much as possible. • If you decide to go out at night, please go with a group of friends. Let one of the SUNY staff members know where you plan to go, when you plan to go, and what you plan to do. • Be aware of your surroundings when you are not with the group. • Be careful when you cross streets. • Be careful with your belongings, especially when in a crowd. • Do not abuse alcohol. • Absolutely no drug use.

  21. Money Matters • Your bill will be sent by UAlbany in December. • Your domestic transportation in China, field trips arranged by the Program, and group meals are all covered. • Most ATM cards can be used to withdraw money in China—the exchange rate is better but your bank and/or the bank in China may charge fees. • Major credit cards can be used in China. • Please also bring some cash just in case your credit card or debit card does not work. Currency exchange is available at airports and hotels.

  22. A Few Suggestions • Be flexible and understanding. • Be respectful and appreciative. • Remember that you are not there to judge; you are there to experience and to learn. Use your curiosity, not your criticism. • Remember that even if things do not happen the way you want while in China, you will be back to the US in 14 days. • Try to speak Chinese whenever you can even if you only know a few words - the Chinese really appreciate the effort. • Prepare a list of things that you expect to learn. • Before departure, write down your thoughts about China and its people, and then compare it with your experiences upon your return.

  23. Start to read more about China. • Take Chinese language or China related courses at your home campus. • Consider returning to China for a longer period of time: Keep Your China Experience Alive

  24. When you are in China: 131-543-53466 — this phone number can only take calls originating from China, and it has to be a real emergency. When you are in the US: 518-591-8170 Please keep in mind and also remind your family that China is 13 hours ahead of the Eastern Standard Time. Emergency Contact Numbers

  25. China—Wikipedia BBC Country Profile: China The New York Times—China CIA—The World Factbook—China China Daily Website China’s getting ready for the Olympics China General Information Lonely Planet Travel Guide China Tourism Site Useful Websites about China

  26. Thanks for your time and have a great experience in China ! Office of International Education University at Albany