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Discovering Storms PowerPoint Presentation
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Discovering Storms

Discovering Storms

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Discovering Storms

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  1. By Caitlin Brennan Discovering Storms Next

  2. Click on the button that describes you! Teacher Student

  3. Target Audience • 3rd Grade • They know basics about precipitation and basic weather terms • The class is gifted and works at a slightly faster pace than other children their age. Next

  4. Learning Environment • The students are going through instruction in a computer lab at school during class time. • They may complete this computer activity either by themselves or in small groups. Next

  5. Objectives/Purpose • At the end of this exercise, the students will be able to identify the different types of storms and the different aspects of each storm. • The students will take a quiz and complete 85% of the questions correct. • The students will also do a project over a specific type of storm. Next

  6. Indiana State Standards • Grade 3 • Science • Standard 3 – The Physical Setting • Earth and the Processes That Shape It • 3.3.5 • 3.3.6 • 3.3.7 Next

  7. Discovering STORMS! START

  8. Control Buttons • Go to next slide • Go to main menu • Go straight to the quiz • Go back to the main menu or review slide

  9. Hi! My name is Thunder Cloud or TC for short! My name’s Bolt. We’re here to help you learn about different types of storms!

  10. We’ll give you helpful hints throughout the program. Let’s get started and learn about different types of storms!

  11. Let’s review some basic weather information that you should have already learned.

  12. Do you remember how rain forms? -Rain forms because of the WATER CYCLE! -The water cycle is made up of three parts. Do you remember them? -The three parts of the water cycle are: • Evaporation • Condensation • Precipitation

  13. Good job reviewing!!! Now that we remember where precipitation comes from, let’s learn about different storms that occur because of that precipitation! Ready to get started?

  14. Thunderstorm Hurricane Tornado Snowstorm Storms Hailstorm Blizzard Ice Storm

  15. Snowstorm • Heavy snowfall (more than 2 in per hour) • Can damage tree limbs, cars, and houses • Considered less dangerous than ice storms I love snowstorms! 

  16. Snowstorm Pictures

  17. Thunderstorm • Lightning & Thunder • Heavy precipitation • Occur throughout the world Hey, Bolt! This is OUR storm!!! 

  18. Thunderstorm • Lightning • What causes lightning? • Lightning is a discharge of electricity in the atmosphere That’s ME!

  19. Thunderstorm • Thunder • What is thunder? • Thunder is the sound made by lightning • It may sound like a “crack”, a “rumble”, or somewhere in between

  20. Thunderstorm Pictures

  21. Blizzard • Gale-force winds • Heavy snow – 2 in/hr • Very cold conditions – (-10 degrees Celsius or 14 degrees Farenheit) I love snow!! 

  22. Blizzard • What is gale-force wind? • A VERY strong wind • 39 mph to 54 mph That’s some strong wind!

  23. What are the differences between a blizzard and a snowstorm? Blizzard Snowstorm • Snow falling at least 2 in/hr • Gale-force winds • Very cold • Snow falling at least 2 in/hr • Not necessarily having high winds • Not necessarily being very cold

  24. Ice Storm • One of the most dangerous types of storms • Rain turns into ice before it hits the ground • Very damaging to trees and power lines • Makes roads extremely slick

  25. Ice Storm Pictures

  26. Hailstorm • Precipitates chunks of ice • Usually occurs during thunderstorms • Hail can range in size from tiny to very large (sometimes more than 2 in in diameter!) WOW!

  27. Hailstorm Pictures

  28. Tornado • A violent, destructive windstorm occuring on land • Dark, funnel-shaped cyclone • Usually occurs during a thunderstorm • The most destructive type of storm • Tornado Alley

  29. Tornado • Tornado Alley • The area of the United States where tornadoes are most frequent

  30. Tornado Alley

  31. Tornado Pictures

  32. Hurricane (Tropical Cyclone) • Strong winds & flooding rain • Forms over oceans with warm water • Also can produce high waves and damaging storm surges And if a hurricane is very destructive, it’s name is retired and can’t be used again! Did you know that hurricanes are given people names?

  33. Hurricane Pictures

  34. What Do You Want To Do Now? Quiz Review

  35. REVIEW: Click on the storm you want to know more about! Hurricane Thunderstorm Tornado Snowstorm Storms Hailstorm Blizzard Ice Storm Start the Quiz!

  36. STORMS QUIZ! Click To Start!

  37. 1. Which storm precipitates chunks of ice? Blizzard Hurricane Hailstorm Tornado A B C D

  38. CORRECT! A hailstorm precipitates chunks of ice. Bravo!

  39. Not quite! Remember: chunks of ice are called hail. Try Again! 

  40. 2. Look at the picture below. What type of storm is this? Tornado Hurricane Thunderstorm Snowstorm A B C D

  41. CORRECT! Yay! This is a picture of a tornado! Woohoo!

  42. Not quite! Remember: this type of a storm is often part of a thunderstorm. Try Again! 

  43. 3. What type of storm includes heavy snowfall and very cold temperatures? Snowstorm Ice storm Tornado Blizzard A Be careful! This one is a little tricky! B C D

  44. CORRECT! Great! A blizzard includes heavy snowfall and very cold temperatures! Woohoo!

  45. Not quite! Remember: a snowstorm just contains heavy snowfall, but this type of storm also has very cold temperatures. Try Again! 

  46. 4. Where do most tornadoes occur in the United States? A cornfield Tornado Lane Tornado Alley Tornado Row A B C D

  47. CORRECT! Most tornadoes occur in Tornado Alley! Horray!! Yippee!

  48. Not quite! Do you remember what this area is called? Try Again! 

  49. 5. Where do hurricanes form? Over open land Over warm ocean water Over lakes Over cold ocean water A B C D

  50. CORRECT! Hurricanes form over warm ocean waters! Good job! Horray!!