the lost continent of atlantis n.
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The Lost Continent of Atlantis PowerPoint Presentation
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The Lost Continent of Atlantis

The Lost Continent of Atlantis

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The Lost Continent of Atlantis

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  1. The Lost Continent of Atlantis

  2. The story of Atlantis • Atlantis was the domain of Poseidon. • Cleito gave birth to five sets of twin boys who became the first rulers of Atlantis. • When Zeus saw the immorality of the Atlanteans he gathered the other gods to determine a suitable punishment. The island of Atlantis, its people, and its memory were swallowed by the sea. • "near the Pillars of Hercules," in a locality that spawns great earthquakes and tsunamis.

  3. Short summary • Ruler • After the divison of land on earth POSEIDON became the ruler over Atlantis. • There, he settled his offspring he had begotten with a mortal woman. • ATLAS, oldest son of Poseidon and Cleito and first king of Atlantis. After him, the kingdom was named. • GADEIROS (Greek: Eumulus), younger twin of Atlas, ruled over the furthest part of the island from Gibraltar to Gadeira. • AMPHERES, EVAEMON, MNESEUS, AUTOCHTHON, ELASIPPUS, MESTOR, AZAES, DIAPREPES are further children of Poseidon. Each child was a ruler over one of the 10 parts of Atlantis. • Economy • Ore mining, gold mining, forestry, farming, shipyards, irrigation systems, bridge-building, plantations, architecture, colonial economy in Europe and America • Military Forces • 10 000 war chariots, 1200 warships with crew, 120 000 horses, 60 000 units of carriage and pair with warriors and charioteers, 120 000 heavily armed fighters, 120 000 archers 180 000 stone and javelin throwers. • Form of Government • Each of the 10 kings ruled over his section and were above the laws. Every fifth year they met to talk about general rules and to make clear that no ruler had broken the laws. • Religion • The supreme god was the Greek sea god Poseidon.

  4. Where is Atlantis • Does it really exists? • An active research. • Where is it? • Underwater • Mediterranean Sea • along the shores of Africa and Europe, and America • On the ground • Antarctica or South America. • Some even claim that Atlantis has already been found in the Aegean Sea, on the Island of Santorini.

  5. Conclusion of the conference • The conference in Greece came to no firm conclusions about the city's existence. • Agree on 24 criteria that a geographical area must satisfy in order to qualify as a site where Atlantis could have existed. • The place must have accommodated such oddities as hot springs, northerly winds, elephants, enough people for an army of 10,000 chariots, and a ritual of bull sacrifice.

  6. The reason that Atlantis sunk • 10 kilometers wide and its impact must have been as powerful as thirty thousand tons of nitroglycerine or 3 000 medium level H-bombs. • comet or asteroid that hit the earth. • Provided that such an object came from the universe, these assumptions would also be able to explain the global appearance of Flood legends and legends concerning the end of the world at the very beginning of mankind.

  7. The mistake in the dialogue • According to Greek myths, the correct genealogy would be as follows: Gaia and Uranus produced Cronus and Iapetus. Cronus, with his sister Rhea, produced the sea god Poseidon, and Iapetus, with his niece Clymene, produced the giant Atlas.

  8. Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean • Atlantis in the Atlantic Ocean – that is the favorite theory among many scientists all over the world. • According to Plato’s report, Atlantis should be situated between Spain, North Africa and Central America. This is exactly where the Canary Islands are . • From time immemorial, the Atlantic Ridge from Iceland to South America has been an area of considerable seismic activity. Volcanic eruptions and earthquakes are nothing extraordinary. • To the best of present knowledge there is an underwater area with deep valleys and high mountains around the Azores and the Canary Islands.

  9. Atlantis on the island of Thera • Thera is situated north of the island of Crete and southeast of Greece in the Mediterranean Sea. • When the citizens of Athens made the goddess Athena their patron goddess, the sea god Poseidon got so upset that he instantly flooded Athens and all its surroundings.

  10. Spain and Tartessos • megalith culture • The origin of this culture (ca. 5000 BC) is to be found in the south of Spain where Gadeirus and the lost kingdom of Tartessos are supposed to have been located. • The megalith culture was strongly influenced by the northern part of Africa. • Were Atlantean refugees the conveyors of culture to that region? That could be possible since, according to the records of North African tribes, the western island kingdom was known as Atarantes or Atlantioi.

  11. Greek historian Diodorus Siculus (ca. 8th century AD) • When the militant Amazons had suppressed all neighbouring nations they went to war against the most civilized people of that area, the Atlantioi. In the City of Cerne, the Amazons defeated the Atlantioi with a force of 30 000 infantry and 3 000 cavalry. • The Atlantioi asked the Amazons to advance on the cruel Gorgons, for the Gorgons were a threat to the area’s stability. The Amazons dared to advance and took 3 000 prisoners but failed in their plan to kill the remaining Gorgons.

  12. The Mayan Atlantis • According to Plato, Atlantis had 10 kingdoms. In Mu, the 10 lands were torn to pieces by means of the catastrophe. • Atlantis disappeared during one horrible day and one horrible night. Mu vanished after several earthquakes during one night. • There had been terrible earthquakes at the time Mu sank. When Atlantis faced its doom there were tremendous earthquakes and inundations. • Both Mu and Atlantis had been “sacrificed“ to force people into a better way of living. • Atlantis sank 11 600 years ago while Mu sank 10 400 years ago.

  13. Atlantis myth in Asia or in the Pacific Ocean • In 9000 BC, farming in Indonesia was nothing out of the ordinary. However, farming in that area was not reestablished until 2000 BC. • Moreover, there is the assumption that once the Easter Island were much bigger. The sign script of the Easter Islands almost equals the ancient scripts of Indus Valley. Script signs of the Easter Islands (above) Indus Valley (below)