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Unified Communications

Unifying & Simplifying Enterprise Communication. Unified Communications. e sna technologies inc. OEM Presentation. Esnatech History and Background. Established in 1989 in Toronto Canada as local messaging & IVR developer

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Unified Communications

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  1. Unifying & Simplifying Enterprise Communication Unified Communications esnatechnologies inc. OEM Presentation

  2. Esnatech History and Background • Established in 1989 in Toronto Canada as local messaging & IVR developer • Privately held software company with over 50 employees and 3 regional sales and development offices in the United states and Russia • 1995 Launch 1st Windows based CTI based voice mail platform..Telephony OfficeLinX • 1999 launch e-LinX, HTML based voice mail solution for the Microsoft Small Business Server • 2000 & 2001 esna ranked number 5 & 4 in the industry for enterprise UM sales and deployments • 2002 sign global OEM with Active voice for Seven Speech platform and European Voice mail • 2002/2003 Esna Signs Mitel networks, & EADS Telecom as international OEM partner for Unified messaging solution • 2006 Launch globally with AASTRA Telecom • 2007 Launch Voice Mobility (VMY:TSX) to global OEM agreement • Over 100,000 ports sold world wide of the Telephony OfficeLinX platform in over 28 different countries worldwide

  3. What we do…… VALUE Support center Professional Services Develop Custom OEM solutions Private label Messaging solutions Sell PC based messaging solutions to VARS worldwide 1992 1996 2001 2002 2007 2005

  4. Value Chain Software Development Unified Communication Solutions! Software & Turnkey platforms End Users Project Management Application Development Original Equipment Manufacturers Product Management Sales Engineering Resellers & Technology Partners Professional Services QC & Verification

  5. Core Competencies Project management Product management Professional Services Support System integration Innovation Engineering Development

  6. Solutions • Esnatech provides enterprise communications applications to address needs for productivity through: • Mobility / presence management solutions • Unified communications solutions (email, voice mail, telephony within Groupware and CRM solutions) • Voice Processing solutions • Unified Messaging solutions • Speech enabled Mobility servers • Fax solutions • CTI/Presence platforms • Secure messaging solutions • Emergency broadcasting platforms • Disaster Recovery and High availability solutions

  7. Canada & United States Mexico Latin America EMEA ASIA Pacific Markets

  8. Executive Team 5 decades of experience in the industry • CEO – Mohammad Nezarati • Founder, Acting CTO • VP Sales & Marketing • Davide Petramala • Joined Esna 1993 • VP Operations • Mehdi Nezarati • Joined Esna 1992 • Director Engineering Arno Ermarkaryan • Joined Esna 2002 • CFO • Anthony E. Burt, CA • Joined Esna 1999 CONFIDENTIAL

  9. Esna Tech’s UC Platform MS Exchange 2000/2003/2007 Lotus Dominos Novell GroupWise IMAP servers GroupWare Services POP3IMAPWIFISIPDTMFSpeech HTTP HTTPS WAP XML Esnatech UC Services SIP SOA IMAP BEA EIP MS Sharepoint IBM WebSphere Enterprise Portals Universal Access Gateway to Content Microsoft CRM, Oracle, Salesforce.com, Frontpage, ACT, SAP, Netsuite, Binnacle Business Applications

  10. UC Server Architecture Overview (continued) UC Services Windows Desktop LDAP Active Directory Database (Sybase) Outlook, Lotus Notes, GroupWise Mail Server:Exchange, Dominos, GroupWise, IMAP License Manager Database Access Component (EEAM) Mobile Device: J2ME, BlackBerry, Windows Client Gateway Services (UMST) SMTP Server/IMAP POP 3 Access Directory Gateway Services (LDAP) Mail Server Gateway Services (TSE) Web Gateway Services: HTML, WML, IMAP, POP Admin Tool Reporting Tool Utility Services SMS Connector CRM, Other DB: Salesforce, SQL Server, Custom Access Client DB, CRM Voice Server, FAX Server, IVR Engine WWW Telephony Gateway Component (EEVoice) Voice, Fax, CTI Services WAP Speech Services: Nuance ASR/TTS CTI Services:CSTA/MITAI/TAPI/SIP IMAP/POP IP Access:SIP/TAPI/MITAI/VTI TDM Access:Dialogic/Audiocodes Live Communication Server Desk Phone XML IP PBX:SIP/3Com/Avaya IP Access:SIP/TAPI/MITAI/VTI PBX CTI Stream: SIP-CSTA/ TAPI/CSTA/MITAI ClientApplications Back OfficeApplications Telephony Infrastructure

  11. Esna’s UC Clients and Gateways Desktop Client Mobile Client • Primary user interface to UC system • Access to all user preferences and communication workflows • Available for MS Windows 2000, XP, Vista • Standard plugins for MS Outlook, Lotus Dominos, Novell GroupWise, MS Office Communicator, MS Live Messenger • Secondary user interface to UC system • Level of access is comparable to the desktop client • Available for RIM, Palm, Symbian, Window Mobile & Pocket PC, and other J2ME mobile phones and devices • Integrated with Esna’s LanTalk IM client • Access to consolidated inbox, presence, contacts, etc. Web Access Speech Access • Access to core functionality of desktop client • Useful when away from primary computer • Accessible from any standard web browser using any operating systems: Windows, Apple, Linux, Unix, etc. • Ability to browse consolidated inbox • Ability to modify presence • Provides access from any telephone, any where • Provides easy access to communication systems while driving or when computer access or mobile connectivity is limited • Voice recognition provides seamless navigation • Ability to browse consolidate inbox using TTS technology • Ability to browse contacts and initiate new calls

  12. PBX Connectivity • Works with any TDM or IP telephony environment • Analog, Digital, T1/E1 Qsig, SIP, TAPI.Wave, CSTA Analog/T1/E1/Digital.SMDI SIP SIP SIP/ TAPI.WAV

  13. Centralized UM-NON networked PBX • Same PBX type • Talk SIP to each node SIP SIP SIP SIP node 1 SIP node 2 SIP node 3 Data center

  14. Centralized UM-NON networked PBX • Same PBX type • Talk SIP to each node TAPI.Wave TAPI.Wave TAPI.Wave Tapi.wave node 1 Tapi.wave node 2 Tapi.wave node 3 Data center

  15. Centralized UM-Non-networked PBX • Different PBX’s • Define PBX Nodes • Talk SIP to each node • Each node has dedicated Gateway or Native SIP SIP Analog T1/E1 SIP node 1 SIP node 2 SIP node 3 Data center

  16. Centralized UM-networked PBX • Centralized Messaging • Connected to Primary PBX • See other nodes and extensions through PBX networking SIP Data center

  17. EEAM – Sybase Database IMAP4 – Basic UM IMAP Pointers POP3 UMST – UC Client Manager VPIM – Networking Services Web Server – WebClient / Web Report IMAP TSE – Advanced UM ASR TTS CTI & SMDI Link Single Server Configuration E-mail Server End User CO LAN SMDI Link Voice Server

  18. EEAM – Mobilink Server IMAP4 – Basic UM IMAP Pointers POP3 UMST – UC Client Manager VPIM – Networking Services Web Server – WebClient / Web Report IMAP TSE – Advanced UM Multiple servers – Redundancy CO Voice Server 1 Voice Server 2 SMDI Link Sybase Mobilink Client 1 ASR TTS CTI Server / Client SMDI Service Sybase Mobilink Client 2 ASR TTS CTI Client SMDI Service LAN DB / File Server Web Server Optional IMAP TSE Optional E-mail Servers Network-Attached Storage - NAS

  19. Sybase Mobilink Client 1 Message Files 1 Redundancy – Synchronization Process CO Voice Server 2 Voice Server 1 Sybase Mobilink Client 2 Message Files 2 LAN Mobilink Server • Using Mobilink we will have an identical database in 3 different locations. • Mobilink is a separate component and it is license per connection • Non UM users will have their messages stored in 2 locations. (Voice Server X and File Server) • The architecture will guarantee 100% Uptime for Voice Services. (CO Dependent) • All messages are globally unique DB / File Server NAS Message Files 1&2

  20. Sybase Mobilink Client 1 Message Files 1 What if... scenarios CO Voice Server 2 Voice Server 1 • Incoming traffic has to be redirected to Voice Server 1 • Database info is still available from any of the Sybase points of access • Second point of storage for Messages become active • Voice access and other Services are still available Sybase Mobilink Client 2 Message Files 1 LAN Mobilink Server DB / File Server NAS

  21. Sybase Mobilink Client 1 Message Files 1 Recovering Synchonization CO Voice Server 2 Voice Server 1 • Mobilink will re-synchonize the dabatases • Message syncronization process starts LAN Mobilink Server DB / File Server NAS

  22. Redundancy & Scalability • Multiple Voice Server Administration • Allows for allocation of a single License over multiple servers

  23. Some specifications 30,000 users (business rules apply) 288 ports Minimum configuration involves 3 PCs Distribuited Licensing Break Points for Services Web > 10.000 users per server IMAPTSE > 5000 users per server Some Business Rules Private subnet for security and traffic control purposes High availability rather than fully redudant MWI only available for Voice and Fax messages. Scalability

  24. IMAPTSE is a gateway that is used to provide a single data store for both email and voice messages. Through unifying these stores, this allows the user to have a single access point for all their communication information. Delivers the following benefits: Message managementSingle message store, or integrated Message store Secure wireless messagingSecure UM client for Finance and secure environments GroupWare Interoperability MS exchange 2000/2003/2007/ Lotus Domino 6.5-8.0/GroupWise 6.5 and above Unified Messaging Services: Access to all messages in E-mail Secure Wireless Messaging UM Services

  25. LDAP Integration: Integrate Directories with LDAP Environment Directory integration The LDAP importer utility is installed automatically on the Telephony OfficeLinX enterprise UC system, and is used as a deployment tool that enables an existing LDAP directory (Active Directory) to be imported and selectively replicated to the voice server. This process allows the installers to quickly create voicemail users in large enterprise installs. Directories supported: IPlanet Active Directory Novell Lotus Dominos

  26. Set the user’s current or planned presence Integrated click-to-call capability using any phone Esna’s integrated messenger including broadcast functionality to IM entire group Access to Esna’s full UC client to change preferences and workflows Consolidated inbox showing emails, voicemail, faxes, IMs, etc. Outlook plugin pictured (right) Similar plugin available for Lotus Dominos and Novell GroupWise Desktop Client and Email Plugin 1 3 2 5 4 1

  27. The mobile client provides many of the features of the desktop client Menu provides access to functionality embodied in Esna’s directory application The mobile client includes LanTalk (Esna’s integrated IM client) Ability to change location and presence setting though mobile device Includes advanced features like the ability to be notified when a colleague is off the phone Provides live phone status of workgroups Can interoperate with any softphone or wireless softphone RIM client pictured (left) Similar clients available for Palm, Symbian, Window Mobile & Pocket PC, and other J2ME mobile phones and devices Mobile Client 1 2 3 4 5

  28. Shows current presence indicator Enables a simplified inbox view that allows the user to respond to new emails, VMs or faxes, turns Communicator into a voice mail client Message preview pane (Note: for voicemails, user can directly play the audio through the preview pane) plugin seamlessly integrate into the Office Communicator user interface through tabs Right-click enables easy click-to-call and IM functionality to respond to messages History tab shows a log of recent communications Greetings tab allows user to change current presence and message Office Communicator plugin pictured (left) Similar plugins available Skype, Window Live Messenger Plugins under development for Yahoo! Messenger and GoogleTalk Office Communicator Plugin 1 4 2 5 7 6 3 4 3

  29. Enable or disable bluetooth presence Establish device to be monitored (cell phone, PDA, etc.) Establish presence setting when in / out of range Set detailed presence and communication routing parameters Advanced Desktop Client Feature: Bluetooth Enabled-Presence 1 2 3 4 3

  30. WAP Gateway: Wireless access through any WAP Browser - Cell phones, PDA’s Thin client for wireless access The Telephony OfficeLinX™ Unified Communication platform offers aWireless Application Protocol (WAP)interface to their WebClient that is fully synchronized with the enterprise edition GroupWare solution. • The current WAP Client offers the following functionality: • Login/Logout • Check messages • Reply /Forward/ Delete / Create messages • Search/Create folders • Change status • Add/Set phone address • Add notification numbers and addresses • Schedule notification • Send a text message (SMS) to other user

  31. Text to Speech (TTS): Access Text & e-mail via any Phone with TTS Playback Text to Speech integration • The most powerful argument for using TTS technologyin the telecom world is the advantage of reducing costs and expediting development by supplanting human recordings. By using TTS prompts, an organization can reduce staffing requirements while improving the speed and quality of customer service. The RealSpeak engine delivers high quality audio for reading back text and e-mail over the phone. Messages can be read back as a voice message and users can reply to e-mails by simply recording a response. • Highly scalable • Excellent audio quality • Multilingual capabilities for text to voice playback

  32. Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) Speech-enabled Corporate Directories and Data Access with ASR Speech recognition Telephony Office-LinXASR module uses advanced Speech Recognition technology provided by Nuance®. An industry leader in Speech Recognition, Nuance deploys the largest number of speech-enabled systems around the world. Speech-enabled automated attendant and company directory, based on the Industry leading Nuance® 8.5 Speech Engine Speech access to both personal contacts and corporate directories Speech enabled IVR services

  33. Highly modular solution UC services can be enabled / disabled individually Easy to customize based on customer needs Deployable on a single server or on a cluster of servers Primary Server Components Communication system abstractions (wrappers) UC engines / services Relational databases Technical libraries Unparalleled Interoperability More than 100 different PBXs from all major vendors: Cisco, Nortel, Alcatel, Siemens, Avaya, NEC, 3com, etc. Integrated IP telephony support: SIP, TAPI, CSTA, SIP-CSTA Out of the box connectors to enterprise applications: Salesforce.com. MS CRM, MS Outlook, Goldmine, Act, etc. All major email platforms: Microsoft, IBM, Novell, any IMAP-compliant platform Databases: Sybase, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, any other SQL database 3rd party technology: ASR, TTS, Fax UC Server Architecture Overview

  34. Product Roadmap

  35. Unifying & Simplifying Enterprise Communication Unified Communications esnatechnologies inc. OEM Presentation

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