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Why Unified Communications?

Why Unified Communications?. January 2010. Business Challenges Facing Small and Medium Businesses . How Unified Communications Can Make a Difference. Cisco ® Unified Communications Success Stories. Agenda. *Prioritized goals that CEOs may ask IT organizations to help drive.

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Why Unified Communications?

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  1. Why Unified Communications? January 2010

  2. Business Challenges Facing Small and Medium Businesses How Unified Communications Can Make a Difference Cisco® Unified Communications Success Stories Agenda

  3. *Prioritized goals that CEOs may ask IT organizations to help drive SMB Business Priorities for IT Lowering operating costs Acquiring / retaining customers Improving workforce productivity Improving product / process quality Driving market offerings Enhancing practices Source: Mindwave EMEA and U.S. research 2008

  4. Different Users, Different Styles, Different Workspaces See Me, Contact Me, Meet Me Online Call My Phone Find Me, Follow Me

  5. Business Employee Businesses Struggle to Keep Pace Technology Advancements Lack of Integration Employee Preference Users Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands

  6. Business Technology UC UC Legal Competition Society The Way We Work Is Changing and Technology Can Help • Continuous connectivity • Real-time information • Operations across time zones • The evolving workspace • New and changing regulations • Policies • Security • Empowered employees • Customer intimacy • Larger businesses • Social networks and Web 2.0 • Mobile workforce • Green initiatives

  7. Using Unified Communications, You Can… Serve Customers Better Connect Everyone Collaborate Connect Be More Productive Secure My Business Work from Anywhere

  8. Unified Communications Can Make A Difference …and Help Your Business Evolve Deliver Network and Communications Solutions … … That Enable Connectivity and Collaboration … to Help You Differentiate Your Business

  9. What Is Unified Communications?

  10. It’s Just Skype. It’s Voicemail in Your Email. It’s Big, Complex, and Expensive. It’s Definitely Not for Small Businesses Like Mine. It’s Just a Fancy Word for Voice over IP. Whatever It Is, It’s More Than I Need. It’s Patching Things Together That Don’t Work Together. Unified Communications – The Myths

  11. “Cisco Unified Communications solutions bring together voice, messaging, video, and desktop applications to enable companies to quickly adapt to market changes, increase productivity, improve competitive advantage and deliver a rich-media experience across any workspace.” What Is Unified Communications? 11

  12. Unified Communications Is Not a Product or Set of Products… It is an Architecture… …that Integrates, Unites, or Connects … …Traditionally Diverse Modes of Communications… …Helping You Quickly Adapt to Market Changes, Increase Productivity, and Improve Your Competitive Advantage.

  13. Components of Unified Communications • Communications: Voice, data, and video • Messaging: Voice, email, video, and IM • Conferencing: Online, audio, and video • Application integration: Microsoft Office and CRM • Presence: IP phone, desktop clients, and call connectors • Common user experience: Desktop, phone, and mobility

  14. The Old Workplace ...

  15. Application Integration Video Web Portals Becomes the Unified Workspace Virtual Office Mobility

  16. Building the Unified Communications Experience for Small and Medium Businesses Only Cisco Can Deliver It All Reliable Network Infrastructure Robust Phone System Features Mobility Security Voice Data Collaboration Tight Integration with Desktop Applications Full Network Security Secure Wi-Fi Access from Anywhere Full Line of Phones Everything You Need to Unify Your Communications

  17. Basic Call Center Single Number Reach Screen Pop, Click to Dial Conference Bridge Voicemail in Outlook Teleworker Mobility The Phone Is Still a Phone, Cisco Just Makes It Easier and More Intuitive to Use • Four-digit extension-based dialing, even between different locations • Call forwarding and "find me, follow me" groups • Elimination of long-distance charges for calls made between different locations • Conferencing in real time or Conference Bridge number for scheduled calls • Basic call center with dynamic call routing and agent to group-level statistics • On-phone directory look at personal, client, and company contacts, plus missed, received, and placed call history • Automated Attendant for auto direction to different groups and a dial-by-name directory • Call detail records that integrate with billing software and department charge-back • Intuitive end-user use of basic features such as transfer, conference, hold, pick-up, and park

  18. Take Advantage of Unified Communications Securely from Anywhere You Work On the Road Branch Office With a Client Home Office

  19. Cisco Unified Communications: Real Stories from Businesses Like Yours

  20. Work from Anywhere Cisco® Unified Communications helped TBL Networks look like a big company and fulfill a big company promise by making its staff easy to reach… in the office, at customer sites, at home, or on the move. When customers or co-workers need to reach someone at TBL, they dial a single number that rings the staff member’s office phone, cell phone, and home-office phone. “We have just one phone number on our business cards, along with the line “How many phone numbers do you have?’” Customers appreciate the simplicity, and the TBL staff appreciates the time saved. “Work is no longer a place. Work is where you are.” Alan Sears, PresidentTBL Networks, Inc. Virginia, USA http://preview.tinyurl.com/5t7cn2

  21. Improve Productivity and Customer Service “This is my workspace. When you work on cars, you trade time for dollars.” Derek LathamSeyfer Automotive Colorado, USA With a Cisco® Unified Communications Solution, Seyfer technicians use wireless phones to talk to customers and access information from anywhere in the shop, so they do more and walk around less. The Cisco system also provides a single point of administration for Seyfer’s firewall, wireless network, VPN connections for email, and more… in addition to managing the company’s phone system. By saving the service manager 30 minutes a day, sales potential is increased by $200 to $400. http://tinyurl.com/637wzc

  22. Improve Productivity “Video changed the way we work with suppliers.” Claire EvansamaZulu, Inc. Florida, USA When you’re working with suppliers half-way around the world, selecting materials can be a real challenge. With Cisco® Unified Video Advantage, part of the complete Cisco Unified Communications Solution, a phone call becomes a video conference. amaZulu can compare samples, make decisions, and begin product shipments in a fraction of the time.To be more competitive, sometimes you have to change the way you work. www.cisco.com/smb

  23. Connect Your Phone and Desktop Cisco® Unified Communications Solutions do far more than integrate messaging by putting voicemail into your email.Cisco Unified CallConnectors embed unified communications functions into the PC-based applications you and your staff use every day… Microsoft Outlook, Internet Explorer, applications such as Salesforce.com, and more.You can place calls and answer calls without touching your phone… use presence capabilities to determine if a co-worker is available, send an instant message, transfer calls, and more. “I do everything through my PC. I never touch the phone.” Margaret ChaseEverything Tradeshows Florida, USA http://tinyurl.com/637wzc

  24. Integrate Business Applications “My staff spent 4 hours a day making appointment reminder calls. Now the system places the calls.” Dr. SunitaJayakarPractice Owner California, USA One of the most powerful productivity tools integrated into the Cisco® solution built for Dr. Jayakar and Associates is the company’s automated appointment reminder system. On-screen voicemail and separate mailboxes for patients, doctors, pharmacies, and insurance companies also increase productivity by reducing the time spent simply managing messages. http://tinyurl.com/5l3a7w

  25. Secure Your Business and Offer Customers Choice A place for business travelers to stop, Geek Terminal’s goal is to provide the best in communications technologies—to be the premier business lounge for the experienced traveler. Applications developed by a Cisco® partner display live information on Cisco IP Phone displays, including flight arrival and departure information, news, and weather. Geek Terminal also offers notebook PCs to customers with Cisco IP SoftPhone capabilities to enable them to make calls and receive calls from anywhere in the lounge. “With Cisco Unified Communications, we provide an exceptional business lounge experience.” Christopher Lee, CEOGeek Terminal Singapore http://tinyurl.com/67caxb

  26. Why Cisco?

  27. What to Look For in a Unified Communications Solution • Complete solution that fits your business • Specialized local partners to guide you • Flexible purchase and finance options • Available service and support • Solution backed by a brand you can trust

  28. Cisco Solves the Challenges Cisco® Brand Partners Experience Service Support Technology and Products Cisco CapitalSM

  29. Operations Affecting How We Operate as aBusiness Products Creating Efficiencies and Innovations in OurProducts Solutions Providing Solutions to OurCustomersto Address Global Environmental Concerns Employees and Advocacy Inspiring Our Employeesto Get Involved and Take Action Cisco’s Green Mission Forty-Three Percent of Small Businesses Have Been Asked by Large Customers About Their Environmental Practices.

  30. Resources • Cisco.com Small and Medium Business: • www.cisco.com/smb • Cisco® Unified Communications Business Advisor Tool for SMBs: • http://www.ciscowebtools.com/ucbusinessadvisor • Forrester Research White Paper: Unified Communications for Financial Services SMBs: • https://www.cisco.com/offer/14160/1/UCOffersValuetoSMBBusinesses-FS.pdf • Forrester Research White Paper: Unified Communications for Manufacturing SMBs: • https://www.cisco.com/offer/14160/1/UCOffersValuetoSMBBusinesses-Manuf.pdf • Forrester Research White Paper: Unified Communications for Professional Services SMBs: • https://www.cisco.com/offer/14160/1/UCOffersValuetoSMBBusinesses-PS.pdf

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