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Unified Communications

Unified Communications. Ali Rohani Technical Lead. Session Objectives And Agenda. What is Unified Communications. Key Technology Investment Areas. Feature Overview & Demo. Devices and VoIP. Product Architecture. Questions!. What is Unified Communications? . Presence Server.

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Unified Communications

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  1. Unified Communications Ali Rohani Technical Lead

  2. Session Objectives And Agenda What is Unified Communications Key Technology Investment Areas Feature Overview & Demo Devices and VoIP Product Architecture Questions!

  3. What is Unified Communications? Presence Server Unified Client Rich & Reach Telephony Web/Audio/Video Conferencing Email & Unified Messaging Instant Messaging

  4. Today’s Business Environment • What you tell us • Too much time wasted playing phone tag • Communications tools don’t work together • Users want to be able to work from anywhere Employee • Big investments in existing PBX systems • Deliver more than just cost savings • Make decisions that ensure flexibility IT Decision Makers • Consumer software everywhere • Multiple directories across many systems • There are already many different admin tools IT Professional

  5. Unified Communications ` Install, Maintain and Support PBX / VoIP Email / IM Audio Cf Video Cf Web Cf Voice Mail Unified Experience Overall Costs Down Conferencing Voice Common Mgmt Tools Email + UM IM Platform Vertically Integrated Mainframe / Thin Client Architecture, Closed, Proprietary, Premium Priced Solutions Horizontally Integrated Distributed Software Architecture, Best UX, Lowest TCO, PC Economics and Ecosystem

  6. Today’s Business Environment Communicate From Inside Applications Integrated Communications Tools Anywhere Access StreamlinedCommunications Integration with Existing Telephony Systems Software-powered VoIP Rich Development Platform Software-poweredVoIP Foundation Enterprise-grade Security and Compliance Centralized Provisioning Common Management Tools OperationalControl

  7. Identity-centric, Presence-centric Communications

  8. Contextual Presence - Outlook

  9. Contextual Presence – Outlook Calendar

  10. Contextual Presence - Sharepoint

  11. Contextual Presence - Office Converged modality Presence Available in personal productivity tools Office Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc

  12. Universal Availability - Rich & Reach Available Anytime, anywhere Multiple browsers Various devices Presence Consistent Experience Converged modality Identity-centric

  13. Communication without Borders Converged modality Identity-centric Presence Consistent Experience Unified Communications with anyone

  14. Audio Conferencing • Marc and Joe are on a P2P call and determine the Brent needs to join • Brent receives a notification including the subject, and Importance setting, and clicks join • By adding Brent to the call, OC automatically escalates the P2P call to a conference • Marc, Joe, and Brent are now in a call that was seamlessly transitioned from a peer to peer call to an MCU based conference.

  15. Streamlined conferencing experience Marc wants to start a conference call with several of his co-workers to go over the quarterly budget. He selects his workgroup and clicks call. Joe and Brent receive invitations and can join the conference call with a single click! Once in the conference Marc, Joe and Brent can add or remove other modes such as IM, Video and Data as needed.

  16. Audio Conferencing - Scheduled

  17. Subject, Importance and Privacy Marc wants to call Patrick and wants him to know that the call is important and regarding the widget project. Marc adds subject and importance before making the call Marc can tag the call as private if he doesn’t want Patrick’s team to pick up the call Separately, Patrick sees an incoming call with the subject and importance that Joe had entered can pick up the call, allow it to follow cover path or dynamically redirect

  18. Integrated Device Experience PCs Devices Phones Personal & Intuitive Flexible & Trustworthy Software-powered VoIP

  19. Video Conferencing Streamlined calling window Show/hide model that allows the user to only see the regions they care about More button for overflow options keeps the toolbar simple and uncluttered Removed extraneous headers Reduced footprint of video only conversation window New high quality Audio and Video Codec

  20. Web Conferencing

  21. Web Conferencing

  22. Web Conferencing – Scheduling

  23. Immersive virtual meetings • Active speaker and panorama views • Views synchronized with data • Revolutionary experience • Record and playback meetings • Suitable for every meeting room

  24. Full Screen Video

  25. Video Layouts

  26. Unified Communications Foundation E-mail and Calendaring Unified Messaging Software- powered VoIP IM &Presence On-premise and Hosted Conferencing Audio Video Conf.

  27. Architecture & Deployment

  28. Simplest Possible Deployment AD Standard Edition

  29. Consolidated

  30. Expanded

  31. Core Scenarios - Architecture Manage-ment Perimeter Network (DMZ) Information Worker (UC endpoints) Remote Workers Office Communicator Devices MOM / MMC Archiving and CDR Access Edge Server IM/Presence OCS 2007 Front End Server(s) Back End Server Federated Businesses Web Conferencing A / V / Web Conferencing Edge Server Audio/Video Conferencing Registrar, Proxy and Presence Server Active Directory SQL Database

  32. Option 1: Simultaneous Ringing Simultaneous Ringing • Simultaneous ringing on Office Communicator and legacy phone • Provide interoperability with PBX systems • Allow a single user to have both, Office Communicator and legacy phone • Make use of PBX legacy capabilities • Receptionist and boss-admin needs • Emergency call requirements • Analog lines (e.g. fax machines) Existing PBX Mediation Server OCS 2007 Inbound Routing Outbound Routing Voice Mail Routing SIP/PSTN Gateway IM, Presence, Audio, Video, Conferencing, IVR Native SIP

  33. The Communicator phone experience, with a large color touch screen and a scroll wheel, simplifies everyday calling features such as: • Scrolling through the status of people on users’ buddy lists • Initiating a call simply by touching a name • Setting up impromptu conference calls • Merging two calls into one • Forwarding calls • 10/100 Ethernet switch/POE • Hi Fidelity, Wideband, Low bit rate codec • Full Duplex speakerphone • USB and Blue-tooth devices

  34. Call Forwarding Marc can select to forwards all his calls directly to voicemail When a call comes in for Marc, he can also configure it to simultaneously ring the mobile phone.

  35. Option 2: Native Enterprise Voice • Migrate teams or departments to software-powered VoIP • Typically information or mobile workers • None VoIP users haveIM and presence • Supports standardPBX migrationprocedures • Common PBX network interfaces • PBX numbering plans • No PBX upgrade required Office Communicator Only Mediation Server OCS 2007 SIP/PSTN Gateway Inbound Routing Outbound Routing Voice Mail Routing IM, Presence, Audio, Video, Conferencing, IVR Native SIP

  36. Communications Server: A Hub for Unified Communications • Telephony: Desktop phone and PC Integration • No need to rip and replace your existing phone system • Initiate phone calls from desktop applications • Ad-hoc and automatic call forwarding • Missed call notification

  37. Software-powered VoIP Architecture Perimeter Network (DMZ) Information Worker (UC endpoints) Manage-ment Remote Workers Office Communicator Devices Access Edge Server Inbound Routing OCS 2007 Front End Server(s) Back End Server MOM / MMC Archiving and CDR Federated Businesses Outbound Routing A / V / Web Conferencing Edge Server Voice Mail Routing Registrar, Proxy and Presence Server SQL Database Existing PBX Network Mediation Server Conferencing Server Speech Server Exchange Server 2007 Active Directory PSTN and Mobile Phones SIP/PSTN Gateway Audio, Video and Data Unified Messaging SIP IVR

  38. Resources www.microsoft.com/uc

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