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Project Management and project manager PowerPoint Presentation
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Project Management and project manager

Project Management and project manager

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Project Management and project manager

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  1. Project Management

  2. What is Project Management? • Project management is the process how the plan will be designed and organized in order to create an end product that will make an impact on an organization growth. In this process multiple skills, knowledge, processes and experiences are used together to meet an organization’s goal.

  3. Projects they are time taking or time bound that requires risk control need efficient project management. Different projects come up in almost all businesses across industries, including IT, transport and infrastructure, finance, law, and construction.

  4. What is a Project Manager? • Project manager is a professional who is responsible for making sure that all tasks are going well seamlessly according to the organization’s goal. There are several roles and responsibilities of the manager discussed below:

  5. 1. Activity and Resources Planning • As it’s a well-known proverb, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Planning is most important in any project as it creates an overlook of entire project. Project managers defines the project and the available resources. They set the roles of each team member also creates a deadline for the project.

  6. 2. Time Management • The success of a project relies on if the project is delivered on time or not. Project manager creates deadlines and look if all the members are working properly as expected to them. He also look if they are able to setting the sequence of work to finish in the required time.

  7. 3. Budget Creation and Cost Estimation • It is very important to stick to the budget and good project managers can create the budget and lookover it every day to ensure that all are going according to that budget and workers are not going to create more cost then it. Even if the project will be delivered on time but with higher cost, it will be considered as a failure.

  8. 4. Risk Management • Issues can appear in all project even shorter or larger. Good project managers must know how to find potential risks in any project and then find their solutions before the project starts. They must know how to avoid the risks and manage their impact before they happen.

  9. 5. Reports Management and Documentation • Proper documentation of the project is important. The Good project managers document all the task, payments, issues and recommendations that are already met and the others that are left to be done.