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Careers in the Hotel Industry 2017 | Dhillon Hotels

Today hotels are becoming more and more visible thus proving to be an important aspect of the overallcountry’s infrastructure. The hotel industry is part of the bigger industry called as the Hospitality Industry.

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Careers in the Hotel Industry 2017 | Dhillon Hotels

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  1. Careers in the Hotel Industry 2017 Today hotels are becoming more and more visible thus proving to be an important aspect of the overall country’s infrastructure. The hotel industry is part of the bigger industry called as the Hospitality Industry. The hotel industry is very much closely knit with the tourism sector. With increase in globalization there have been career paths opened up in the hotel industry. The career opportunities are not only limited to the home country but it is beyond the boundaries of the country. There are chains of hotels which operate both nationally as well as internationally thus giving a boost to the career growth. Also for those individuals who have a passion for travelling to places or love meeting new people, the tourism sector provides lot of room for the exploring this opportunity. If you are one of them who are very much adaptable, very hardworking and genuinely prefer helping others and providing service then you could be one of those charming lots to enter the hotel industry. All one would need is a charming personality to win over hearts and hospitality certificate in the field you prefer. The hospitality industry is always about providing the best class quality service to the customer with a smile always on the face. This field is very much diverse and includes a host of resort staff, management of tour, dining, cruise ships and resort staffs. There are various career opportunities in food and beverage, security, front office, housekeeping and maintenance. Below are few of the career paths which are available in the hotel industry: Food and Beverage: This F&B service is often determined as the key part in the customer’s experience. Here the aim is to provide excellent service along with meeting the expectations of the client. One can start as a certified restaurant server and as you move on gradually you can be promoted to a certified food and beverage executive. The F&B is very much responsible for the everything concerned with food and the beverages department wherein they have to look into ordering of the fresh foods as well as balancing the profit and loss sheet. An F&B executive would require to be good in analytical skills and social skills. The ideal candidate who fits in this role would be someone who is very calm, organized, service oriented, poise during stressful situations and business minded. The one who is in charge of the overall kitchen is considered as Chef de Cuisine and the one who is in charge of the section is called as Chef de Partis. The one who supervises as well as coordinates the work of Chef de partis is called as Sous chef. The person who looks after cooking food is called Cook and the person in charge of the overall dining area is called as Maître de hotel. The ones who serve drinks at the bar section are called as bartenders. Housekeeping: Housekeeping plays an important role in mostly all the hotels especially the big chain of hotels and resorts. Housekeeping today is not just limited to cleaning. There are a lot of expectations from a housekeeping staff member such as managing the timely cleaning supplies, proper planning, laundry part and scheduling as well as logistics. The housekeeping staff has to ensure that the vicinity of the hotel, the rooms, the bar area, dining area and any other area of the hotel should be maintained prim and proper. It should look presentable to the guests and also ensuring that the various facilities provided by the hotel should be of comfort to the guests. The ones who handle the housekeeping section are mostly chief executive housekeeper, room attendants, floor and linen supervisor.

  2. Front Desk: Today front desk is not only about confirming the ticket bookings or reservations. It has gone way beyond its mundane task. A front desk can start as a certified front desk representative and gradually move towards being a certified rooms division executive. A front desk executive has to ensure that a proper impression of the hotel is put forth in front of the guest. They are the first ones to whom the guests would interact when they first step in the hotel. The front desk acts as the face of the company and thus has to maintain a good standard of service. They should be very knowledgeable not only about the products and offers provided by the hotel but they should be very much polite and friendly towards the guests. They can also provide an insight of the hotel surroundings since guests always expect the front desk to have more knowledge about the hotel as well as the surrounding areas. Accounting Department: The accounting department is the one which deals with both cash as well as credit transactions. They are a part of any financial transactions carried out in the hotel such as purchase of the materials, any promotional offers to the guests and many more. The accounting department is also the one which compiles information which are required for budgeting sessions on an annual basis, pricing related to services and food offered to the clients. Chief cashier, cash clerk or billing clerk are few of the positions which are there in the accounting department. Security Department: The security department is the one which looks after the overall security work for the hotel. It is known to provide security to the guests as well as their belongings by ensuring proper technology such as CCTVs, and so on are used for the benefit of the hotel and the guests. There are security officers or guards who are hired for this purpose. In certain cases, few hotels also look to hire retired army personnel for the security department. Maintenance department: The maintenance department looks to hire well qualified engineers for the timely maintenance of the building as well as any other machines which are used in the hotel premises. These engineers are assisted by the required staff present in the mechanical or electrical department. The department looks to hire electrical engineer, plumbers, mechanical engineers and carpenters.

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