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Careers in the landscape industry PowerPoint Presentation
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Careers in the landscape industry

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Careers in the landscape industry
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Careers in the landscape industry

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  1. Careers in the landscape industry Jaime Gosnell and Dr. Frank Flanders Georgia Agricultural Education Curriculum Office, to accompany lesson 01.463-1.1

  2. OBJECTIVES • Identify career choices in the landscape industry • Identify educational requirements for landscape careers • Outline job responsibilities of landscape personnel

  3. The professional landscape industry is one of the largest, most diverse, and most rapidly growing industries.

  4. The landscape industry is young. Many firms are entering the business. Most have been in business for less than 10 years.

  5. A young industry with a bright future is a perfect career opportunity. What careers are available in the landscape and turf grass industry?

  6. LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT • A landscape architect is a professional trained in engineering, graphic arts, and architectural design. • They are skilled in designing functional plans based on the interrelationship of people and their surroundings.

  7. LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT cont. • Most states require landscape architects to be licensed before they can practice. • A college degree in landscape architecture is required. • An apprenticeship and state licensing exam are required .

  8. LANDSCAPE DESIGNER • Professionals who are trained in the art of design and the science of growing horticultural plants. • They work primarily with home designs and small commercial sites.

  9. LANDSCAPE DESIGNER cont. • An associates or bachelors degree in ornamental horticulture is required. • They are often employed by landscape companies or garden centers.

  10. LANDSCAPE CONTRACTOR • Landscape contractors construct and install the landscape. • They work with designers and landscape architects to make sure the landscape is installed properly.

  11. LANDSCAPE CONTRACTOR cont. • They hire workers or sub-contractors to install various parts of the design. • This profession may be learned on the job.

  12. LANDSCAPE CONTRACTOR cont. • As a crew member, they gain practical experience. • landscape contractors usually receive formal education in high school or at a community college or university.

  13. LANDSCAPE SUPERVISOR • Landscape supervisors or crew chiefs are responsible for the workers which may be divided into crews. • They provide leadership, assign tasks, and work along side their crew.

  14. LANDSCAPE CREW MEMBER • Crew members perform such tasks as grading, installing landscapes, installing plants,mowing grass, fertilizing landscape plants, pruning, applying pest controls, planting and weeding flower beds, removing fallen leaves, cultivating soil, and applying mulch to landscape beds.

  15. CREW MEMER cont. • The goals of crew members is to properly install the landscape and to keep the landscape attractive and functional. • Members are trained, usually by their employer, to do specific types of work.

  16. There is a wide variety of careers in the landscape industry.Career opportunities are continuing to grow as the industry is becoming more diverse and popular.