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Introduction to PC Hardware PowerPoint Presentation
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Introduction to PC Hardware

Introduction to PC Hardware

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Introduction to PC Hardware

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  1. Introduction to PC Hardware Prepared for Computer Applications By Patrick Harrison To move to the next slide, click on a Black area!!

  2. External Hardware Components • Tower or Case • Monitor • Keyboard • Mouse

  3. External Hardware Components Tower or Case The tower is the case that holds all the internal hardware components. There are desktop cases and then there are towers. In this lab, we have desktop cases. In the Library Lab there are tower cases.

  4. External Hardware Components Monitor The monitor is the device that displays the computers output on a screen. The hardware component that contains the screen is known as the monitor.

  5. External Hardware Components Keyboard The keyboard is the device we use to input data into the computer. It contains the letters of the alphabet, numbers and other computer related keys. We use our fingers to manipulate the keyboard.

  6. External Hardware Components Mouse The mouse is the device we use to move the pointer that is displayed on the monitor. By clicking the left and right buttons on the mouse, we can manipulate items on the monitor’s screen.

  7. Internal Hardware Components • Central Processing Unit (CPU) • Hard Drive • Memory • Motherboard • Cards

  8. Internal Hardware Components Central Processing Unit The CPU is the hardware component that does the “thinking”. It processes the input from the user and creates the output. The CPU is the BRAIN of the computer.

  9. Internal Hardware Components Hard Drive The hard drive is the component that holds the input of the user in memory when the computer is NOT on. It is the long-term storage device for user data. The hard drive is to the computer what a cassette tape is to a tape player.

  10. Internal Hardware Components Memory The memory of a computer is called RAM - Random Access Memory. It only holds information during the time the computer is ON. When the computer is turned off, all information in RAM is lost.

  11. Internal Hardware Components Motherboard The motherboard is the device that holds the internal hardware components. All the internal hardware components are either directly plugged into the motherboard or are connected to the motherboard via cables and wires.

  12. Internal Hardware Components Cards There are many types of cards that plug into the motherboard. Video Cards, Sound Cards, SCSI Cards, USB Cards and Modem Cards are just a few. These cards add many features to the computer that are not necessarily a part of ALL computers.