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Plastic CNC Turning Services

Plastic CNC Turning Services

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Plastic CNC Turning Services

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  1. Plastic CNC Turning Services Plastic CNC Turning produces parts by turning rod material, all while feeding a cutting the tool into the turning material. Plastic CNC turning parts uses the latest CNC Lathes Technology. CNC turning is an intricate engineering method of creating precise custom plastic parts and components. In CNC turning the tools can be worked into variety of angles, with several options for tool shapes available The shapes can be made using CNC lathes including variety of plain, taper, contour, radius profiles plus threaded surfaces etc. Plastic CNC turning can be combined with the plastic CNC milling and other processes to make diverse shapes. Common Plastic CNC Turning Material types are • Nylon6, Cast Nylon, Nylatron MoS2, Glass filled Nylon etc. • HDPE, LDPE, PE1000, PE500 • PTFE • Teflon • Acetal • Tufnol • Arnite • Derlin • SRBP tube • Polypropylene • Epoxy Glass etc. By using these all plastic material these all parts are produced such as Brushes, Bearings, Cams, Washers, Bungs, Mallet Heads, Nylon Screws, Medical devices, Aerospace and Rail Components. Industry Application of CNC Turning From Aerospace to medical and everything in between plastic CNC turning product have been using. Plastic CNC turning can be manufacture according to industries requirements. For instance, aerospace and defense industries have extremely stringent guidelines for products and manufacturing. In addition to product quality and reliability, there must also be a focus on performance, design, and function. In Plastic CNC turning quality and production should go hand in hand. Plastic turning is one of the key stages of the CNC plastic machining process. Turning is a form of machining, used to produce rotational, asymmetric, parts such as holes, grooves and threads. The plastic turning process involves cutting away unwanted or excess material, prior to producing the final plastic part. This process requires a turning machine or lathe, and a cutting tool (typically single point that is also secured within the machine). Turning is also commonly used as a supplementary method to other process, to “finish it off”. Due to the high tolerances and surface finishes that plastic turning can offer, it is ideal for adding any precision related rotational features in a more conventional shape that may have already been manufactured and are not required for as unique a part shape.

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