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  1. Beauty Salon Software – A Blessing To The Business! Running a triumphant operation of a beauty salon in Singapore is not only a challenging task, but quite tedious too. With so many requirements of managing and supervising the daily operations, the system gets quite chaotic and unruly. Thereby, in order to conduct the smooth and hassle free business of a beauty salon in Singapore, getting access to the right Beauty salon software becomes quite essential. Some Key Types Of Beauty Salon Software: Let’s have a look at some the highly competent and excellent types of beauty salon software: Salon Assistant by Salon Tec SalonPro Software for Windows Beauty Salon Software Salon Tec SalonPro Software for Windows and many others. Some Key Functions Done By Such Software 'Inventory systems'; 'client history'; 'service support'; 'multiple users'; 'point of sale'; 'bar code support'; 'sales tax report'; 'appointment booking'; 'employee information' and many more are some of key functions that are offered by the different types of beauty salon software. Some Key Features Of Beauty Salon Software: Extremely user-friendly and needs very little instructions. Easy to download and easy to run. Usually supports all higher versions of Windows.

  2. Can run on nearly all types of computers. The Best Source To Get Access To Beauty Salon Software: You can simply get access to Beauty salon software by getting in touch with FingerBooth, which in one of the most reputed name of Singapore in regards to provide high quality software to help run your beauty salon business smoothly and successfully. The core philosophy and belief of this renowned site can be better described in 4 categories; mentioned bellow: Lightweight & user-friendly interface. Constant research on the modern technologies to upgrade its functionalities. System stability with minimal downtime (99% uptime) Daily data backup to minimize the risk of data loss. Going overseas but bothered about your beauty salon business? No more worries now! Use an internet connected device like Beauty salon software to monitor and manage your business anytime, anywhere and feel free from any type of stress and strain of business wherever you are!