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  1. Fashion Influences Advertisements Beauty Music

  2. Collage influences Kristen Skurdal Facebook: Facebook is peer pressure. This system of talking online is just to lets people know that I have so many friends you can’t match me or even beat me for that matter, I can’t be touched. People get influenced by this because they think they can beat them, which leads to feuds and online bullying which is another form of peer pressure. Facebook contributes to the peer pressure role because it has so many people you can get involved with that you don’t even know, to pick a fight. And if one of these fights occurs it means that you’re not worthy enough to have any friends. Models (girl in white dress): Models are the people with perfect bodies and life style which they don’t have to try and keep, it’s just handed to them. This influences people that people should wait on them and treat them like a model. Models also influence people by being skinny and popular. And making people feel like they should all be like this so they shouldn’t be like anyone else. Celebrities (picture of Miley Cyrus):Miley Cyrus. Is a very good teenage role model in which she impresses herself loyalty in other people? This means that she doesn’t only make other people good by helping them but she influences the people around her to do it for other people. By doing this she is changing the behaviour that is going through their minds at a certain time and it will stick with them and make people see that you are who you are. You can change that if you want to. Ellen DeGeneres: she is a positive reinforcement to all the people in this world. She makes people think they are fine for who they are and how they look. She influences them into by making then think that you don’t have to make changes in your life to satisfy others, you make yourself happy and everyone around you will be happy as well. Anorexic Girl:Although eating disorders are not caused by the beauty industry, they influence society and media on women’s ideas of what they should look like. Women with eating disorders often suffer from low self esteem, control issues and lack of self acceptance. The beauty industry influences women with eating disorders by contributing to the idea that they are not okay the way they are. This ties into beauty because of how it affects the way we look and feel. On how people should look and feel in their lives. Barbie: Barbie plastic figurines in which small girls want to look like. With her unmistakable body she is the number one doll everyone wants to look alike. If you have gotten influenced by Barbie, your mission is to look exactly like her. Movies and T.V pictures: Many people say that they cannot live without TV, so, how TV and movie influence our life? First , people now use television and movie for relaxing after a day`s work instant of playing family games , taking a walk , talking about what happened and visiting a friend ,which makes our life more and more lonely . For one thing ,today more and more people just stay in their house watching TV after work or school that they don`t know their neighbor`s name. Secondly, TV and movie keep us updated and keep in touch with the world that we cannot touch, its tells us what is happening in the opposite side of our world. Today, we almost know all the famous people around the world, but we don`t know them in fact, we just see them in TV. Music Videos (MTV picture): For young children, this effect can be extremely damaging. Young children often have trouble distinguishing between reality and fantasy, right and wrong. They do not have enough personal experience to compare what they see on TV with real life. This means that young kids have undeveloped minds in which they can be influenced easily. Music videos feed their minds with the wrong thing they need to be taught. They get influenced by these things and they think that that’s the way to live and there mind cannot be changed after that. Photoshop picture: Photoshop is a bad influence on are beauties and are over all well being, and behavior to other people. Photoshop has a very bad influence on how people should look and the other ways some people are not. Photoshop make people feel bad and ugly for the way there are just by seeing other people look like that after they have been photo shopped.