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  1. Beauty

  2. No arms No legs No Worries! No arms No legs No worries!

  3. NICK VUJICIC is a motivational speaker and the directorfounding President of a non-profit organization, Life Without Limbs. A longtime resident of Australia, he now lives in southern California. It was in recent years that Nick made the move from Australia to Southern California from where he now continues to passionately travel around the world, spreading a message of hope to all people

  4. Introduction About The Book • Life Without Limits is an inspiring book by an extraordinary man. Born without arms or legs, Nick Vujicic overcame his disability to live not just independently but a rich, fulfilling life, becoming a model for anyone seeking true happiness. Now an internationally successful motivational speaker, his central message is that the most important goal for anyone is to find their life’s purpose despite whatever difficulties or seemingly impossible odds stand in their way.Nick tells the story of his physical disabilities and the emotional battle he endured trying to deal with them as a child, a teen, and a young adult. “For the longest, loneliest time, I wondered if there was anyone on earth like me, and whether there was any purpose to my life other than pain and humiliation.” He shares how his faith in God has been his central source of strength and explains that once he found his own sense of purpose—inspiring others to make their lives and the world better—he found the confidence to build a rewarding and productive life without limits.

  5. Nick offers practical advice for realizing a life of fulfillment and happiness by building trust in others, developing supportive relationships and gaining strength for the journey. He encourages the reader by showing how he learned to accept what he could not control and focus instead on what he could.“I do believe my life has no limits! I want you to feel the same way about your life, no matter what your challenges may be. As we begin our journey together, please take a moment to think about any limitations you’ve placed on your life or that you’ve allowed others to place on it. Now think about what it would be like to be free of those limitations. What would your life be if anything were possible?”—Nick Vujicic, from Life Without Limits

  6. Nick’s Famous Lines • Motivation gets you through the day, but inspiration lasts a lifetime. • You keep on concentrating on the things you wish you had or things you wish you didn't have and you may forget what you do have. • It's a lie to think that you are not good enough. It's a lie to think that you are not worth anything.

  7. To be thankful, to dream big and never give up It is not the opportunities but our attitudes that really change our destiny When I'm seeing in life, there is just a couple key principle, and the first thing is to be thankful. It's time to be thankful You're gorgeous just the way you are.

  8. My Viewpoints • After reading the book and Nick’s videos, I was moved much deeply .Without arms and legs ,He still could do the challenge things and make the great achievements. However, what if we are no arms and no legs? Do we could still live a happy life ? Do we could not focus our much attention on other’s joking on us ? Maybe A lot of people would put us down. They may tell us that we can’ not do this and even we can’t do that. At last, we do start believing that I was not so good enough and I start believing that I was a failure.

  9. Yeah, that’s true. We always pay our much attention to others and even we may focus on the things we wish we had or things we wish we didn't have and we always forget what you do have. I learnt much from him and his attitudes towards his challenging span life: Please cherish what you do have and learn how to get along well with it. You are yourself. You're gorgeous just the way you are. We ought to accept whoever and whenever we are and even we need to be thankful for everything we do have and everyone we do love and be loved. Attitude is altitude. What really influences you much deeply is not the thing itself but your attitudes of your span life.

  10. That’s All Thank YOU Very Much !