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Introduction to American Society

Introduction to American Society. Lesson 12. Food. Japan: Gohan and okazu US: the four food groups. Diets and Health. 60% of Americans are overweight.

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Introduction to American Society

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  1. Introduction to American Society Lesson 12

  2. Food

  3. Japan: Gohan and okazu US: the four food groups

  4. Diets and Health 60% of Americans are overweight. “The typical fast food meal -- hamburger, large fries, large soft drink and dessert -- includes as many calories as one person is supposed to eat in an entire day. “ (cnn) Popular diet methods: pills, drinks, low fat diets New: Atkins, South Beach diets (low-carb)

  5. Transportation Here are some interesting facts about transportation in the US: • Daily Travel Quick Facts • Long Distance Travel Quick Facts You see from these pages that: Most Americans use cars every day. Cars are used for long distance travel. Trains and buses are rarely used.

  6. Media Media includes newspapers, television, radio, books, magazines, and internet What kind of media do YOU use the most? In America, Team (2003) surveyed 2,618 people 13 to 24 Young Americans’ ActivityHours per week Internet surfing16.7 hours Watching TV13.6 hours Radio12 hours Talking on phone 7.7 hours Reading books/magazines 6 hours

  7. Hope you enjoyed the presentations! • This week is my last presentation (whew!) • If you have any questions feel free to ask me or leave them in the chat rooms (US1 – US5) • The next two weeks are YOUR presentations— • Remember they should be 3-6 minutes (depending on the people in your group) • Good luck!

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