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Human Resource Management PowerPoint Presentation
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Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

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Human Resource Management

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  1. Introduction of Human Resource Management: • Human resource is of permanent importance for the success of any organisation. It is a source of strength and aid. Human resources are the wealth of an organisation which can help it in achieving its goals. In the present complex environment no business or organisation can exist and grow without appropriate human resource has become the focus of affection of every progressive organization.When individuals come to work place, they come with not only technical skills knowledge, experience etc., but also with their personal feelings, perception, desires, motives, attitude, values etc. so human resource management will mean management of various aspects of human resources.

  2. “Human resource management is the effective use of human resources in order to enhance organizational performance.” What is HRM ..?

  3. Definition of human resource management: • According to brech, “personal management is that part of the management process which is primarily concerned with the human constituents of an orgnisation”. • Michael J. Jucius has defined human resources as “ a whole consisting of inter-related inter-dependent & interacting physiological, psychological, sociological & ethical components”.

  4. Characteristics of Human resources management: • The part of genral management. • Development of human resources. • Uses of priniciples of general management. • It deals with labour Unions also. • Departmental responsibility.

  5. Nature of Human Resource Management: • Human Resource Management is a process of bringing people and organizations together so that the goals of each are met. The various features of HRM include:• It is pervasive in nature as it is present in all enterprises.• Its focus is on results rather than on rules.• It tries to help employees develop their potential fully.• It encourages employees to give their best to the organization.• It is all about people at work, both as individuals and groups.• It tries to put people on assigned jobs in order to produce good results etc.

  6. Scope of Human Resource Management: • 1.Personnel aspect- • 3.Industrial relations aspect- • 2. Welfare aspect-

  7. Importance of Human resources management: • It facilitates the rapid economic development of a country. • It encourages the tendency of socialism in the modern society. • It helps in the fulfillment of objectives of labour unions. • It develops the feeling of unity between labour and capital. • It establishes sweet human relations in the enterprise.

  8. New trends in HRM due to Globalization deregulation: • Trade and commerce is no more confined to the frontiers of the country and today global countries buy from cheapest markets and sell where they can get maximum prices and thereby profits they also install manufacturing units in the country where cost of productions of the particular item is minimum thus globalisation has bought reduction in costs, improvement in quality and expansion of marks beyond the geographical frontiers of the country. Expansion of frontiers beyond geographical limits of the country has given birth to multinationals, which have manufacturing units in one country and administrative units in other countries. Therefore a new breed of international manages is required and other fore human resource department of the organisation shall have type prepared to appoint right type of personnel to meet global challenges.

  9. New trends in HRM due to Advancement in technology: • New technological developments are taking place everyday and to keep pace with them is utmost necessary for every organization to achieve its corporate goals. To understand and utilize the technology, it is necessary to employ right type of persons resources department becomes important.