record keeping n.
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Record Keeping

Record Keeping

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Record Keeping

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  1. Record Keeping

  2. Keeping Records • EPA administers federal laws for commercial applicators • USDA enforces federal laws for private applicators • ADAI now doing inspections for record keeping for USDA • State and local governments may have more strict requirements

  3. Keeping Records is Required • Meet state and federal requirements • For Private Applicators, keeping records of a “restricted use” pesticide use is required by law • Federal regulations require you to keep a record of each application of a “restricted use” pesticide

  4. Keeping Records is Smart • Document professionalism, which can protect you in a lawsuit • Evaluate the effectiveness of treatments • Help time purchases efficiently to increase profits and avoid costly disposal problems. • Provide information in medical emergencies • Contribute to data that play a key role in documenting the benefits of pesticides

  5. Required Records for Private Applicators

  6. Keep accurate and detailed information Time of day Target pest (s) Equipment used Additional comments Location Weather Applicator Severity of infestation Pesticide Used: Common name Brand name Formulation and % AI EPA registration number Establishment and lot # Total formulation added to tank or hopper Amount of mixture used Acres treated **the job is never finished until the paper work is done What would I do?

  7. Available in the Back of the Room

  8. Professional Services Records • A permitteewho engages in professional work or services shall keep complete and accurate records of all work performed including copies of contracts, if issued. Records shall be maintained for a period of one (1) year, except for pesticide use records, which shall be kept for a period of one (1) year from last date of treatment or one (1) year following its expiration date, or as required by EPA, and shall include the following:

  9. Professional Services Records • Name and address of property owner, or authorized agent and the name and address of permittee. • Type of professional work or services performed. • Date on which the professional work was performed.

  10. Professional Services Records • If applicable, pesticide use records as follows: • Name of pesticide used, • Amount of pesticide used, and • Uses to which pesticide was put including: • Site on which used, • Common name(s) pest(s) being controlled, and • Date of pesticide application.

  11. Professional Services Records • Such records shall be available for examination by the commissioner or his authorized agent during reasonable business hours.

  12. Professional Services Records • • CHAPTER 80-10-9 PROFESSIONAL SERVICE

  13. Questions