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  1. Communism Alanna Mendoza Jesus Orozco Juan Jimenez Adrian Salinas

  2. Symbol and Motto Radical Ideas. Real Politics.

  3. Contact Information 235 w. 23rdst. 8th floor New york, ny 10011 Tel:212-989-4994 Fax:212-229-1773

  4. Purpose of the Communist Party Advancement of the Marxist thought and improving situations of the poor and battling racism. Seek to build a socialist society which puts people and nature before profits.

  5. Political World They are for complete disarmament and for the destruction of all nuclear weapons. They are for a voice in the people through voting (use of democracy) They are liberal because they want equality for all people.

  6. Economic World The economic system of communism puts all planning of the economy in the hand of the government. The communist society distribute ownership of property evenly among every member. Small business is almost non existent in a communist society. They are conservative because they feel government should have complete control over economy.

  7. Social World They have strong views on the environment and have many unions fighting specific battles: resisting speed-up, picketing, contract negotiations, strikes, demonstrations, lobbying for pro-labor legislation, elections, and even general strikes. They want the government to keep the Bill of Rights and to include the freedom from poverty, illiteracy, education. They are liberal because they want equal opportunity for everybody.

  8. Cultural World Does not change any form of religion or cultural beliefs membership in the Communist Party is open to all who agree with their program, regardless of religious beliefs. They do not judge on ethnicity and are very open to diversity and diverse backgrounds of people. The Communist Party fights for full equality for people of all races, for women and men, straight people and LGBT, for speakers of all languages, for young people and older people, and for people of all religious beliefs or none They are liberal because they believe humans have natural rights and example of this would be freedom of abortion.

  9. Liberal vs. Conservative Liberal issues Conservative issues • Abortion rights • Working rights • Union rights • Enviromentalprotection • Restriction of private companies • Equal distribution

  10. Members of This Party  Writers/poets: Arthur Miller Upton Sinclair Actors:Kirk Douglas Charlie Chaplin Scientists: Neils Bohr