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Personal Selling and Negotiation

Personal Selling and Negotiation. Group members: Germaine Lum Lim Wei Shi (Tiffany ) Nadhiratussolehah Ng Wei Jie Delwyn Tan Pin Er. Jurong Bird Park. Introduction: Idea of late Dr Goh Keng Swee , Minister of Finance, in 1967

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Personal Selling and Negotiation

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  1. Personal Selling and Negotiation Group members: Germaine LumLim Wei Shi (Tiffany) NadhiratussolehahNg Wei JieDelwyn Tan Pin Er

  2. Jurong Bird Park • Introduction: • Idea of late Dr Goh KengSwee, Minister of Finance, in 1967 • An escape where Singaporeans can relax with nature from the urban and hectic city • On 3rd January 1971, JBP was built at a cost of S$3.5 million • In 2006, JBP completed its makeover costing S$10 million • A new entrance plaza, a Bongo Burgers restaurant, a Ben & Jerry’s ice cream parlour, a gift shop and a bird hospital

  3. Jurong Bird Park Introduction: • Currently World’s largest bird park in terms of number of birds • 2nd largest for both number of bird species and land area which covers over 20.2 hectares • 5,000 birds of 380 species • 29 species are facing extinction

  4. Existing Customer Profile

  5. Tourists • International visitor arrivals in 2011: 13.2 million • 76% are from Asia • Widely spread across region • Top 5 international markets: Indonesia, P R China, Malaysia, Australia & India • Growth rate: 9.7 million in 2009 to 13.2 million in 2011 • Annual visitors to JBP: 900,000 • 65% are tourists

  6. Tourists • Main consumer needs: the interest to • See what Singapore has to offer at Asia’s largest bird paradise • Participate in activities with the birds such as bird-feeding and bird shows • Less sensitive to price: • Have the means to travel • Do not mind spending on attractions • Visitors of JBP are geographically spread: • Southeast Asia, North Asia, South Asia, Europe, Americas, Oceania and Africa • 59% travel with companions

  7. Families • Large customer segment of JBP • Awards: • “We Welcome Families Award – Excellence Award” by Business for Families Council in March 2011 • “Tourism Awards 2006” by STB for Top 10 Best Family Experiences: Feed the Lories at Jurong Bird Park • “Best Loved Pro-Family Businesses” by consumers in 2006 • Main consumer needs: • Bonding and quality time with loved ones • Seeking new engaging activities • Quite sensitive to price: • Consider the amount needed to access JBP • Depending on different income sizes

  8. Education Sector • Categories: preschool, primary or secondary level and above • JBP’s parent company, Wildlife Reserves Singapore • Aims to educate and work with schools to • Bring students to the park or vice versa • Instil the initiative to appreciate and love nature • However, the response has not been well enough due to existence of other appealing attractions in Singapore

  9. Education Sector • Segment needs: • In search for beneficial trips for their students • To inject fun in the learning process out of classrooms • Most sensitive to price • Tied to a budget

  10. Customers’ Needs • Jurong Bird Park is the world’s famous aviary, with a moderate number of visitors. • Declining popularity & attendance rate • Increasing competitions from newly opened attractions like Universal Studios Singapore (USS) & River Safari • It reflects how Jurong Bird Park has not been able to keep up to the trends and needs of the current market.

  11. Education Sector Families General Public

  12. Education Sector • Lesser variety compared to Zoo, Lesser Education Resources • Situated further than other Wildlife Park or Attractions • More travelling time needed especially for schools/students coming from the East • More travelling time, Lesser time for learning and engagement at JBP • Need to increase amount of education resources to attract students and to justify for that “extra” time needed in travelling

  13. Families • The families segment plays a major contributor to JBP’s visitors’ number • Top 10 Attractions visited in Singapore (2007 – 2011) • Sentosa • Integrated Resort • Singapore Flyer • Night Safari • Singapore Zoo • Orchard Road • Chinatown • Little India • Singapore River • Merlion Park • These places offer more activities and events for them to be entertained, experience with. • Family seeks to have quality bonding time. • Need for JBP to have more engaging & interesting activities for families to spend enjoyable time together • JBP no longer viewed as a site for sightseeing, but demands it as a site for entertainment as well.

  14. General Public • Fast-pace society in Singapore, means higher expectations • With newly opened attractions, it raised the bar even higher. • JBP has to keep up with what’s the current market trends and demands in order to attract and retain its customers • If JBP only provide its visitors the same experience year to year, people may get bored of it. • Need to improve on the park experience & offering so as to keep up with the market’s expectations to attract & retain customers

  15. Selected Facilities • Breeding and Research Centre (BRC) • Dinosaur Descendants • Lunch with Parrots • Lory Loft

  16. Breeding and Research Centre (BRC) Featured: • Observe the whole growing process; from eggs to birds that are ready to join their respective enclosures. • In the nursery, customer would see how chicks are being take care of. • Open kitchen is where food for chicks are prepared. Reason for selecting: • Allow customers to appreciate the avian wildlife • Better understand of Jurong Bird Park's conservation effort for endangered species • Better promote with wildlife campaign going on to educate student

  17. DinosaurDescendants • Featured: • Blue-headed double-wattledCassoward • Emu • Ostrich • Rhea • Reason for selecting: • Customer can be a palaeontologist by going on an archaeological dig to discover the fossils and relics hidden within the sand at Dino Dig • Able to learn which species of birds the bones belong too • Why the birds featured in the exhibits are related to dinosaur

  18. Lunch with Parrots • Featured: • Customer able to enjoy their buffet lunch or a-la carte meals during the bird performance • The bird performances are not performed at the other shows. • Customers able to book the songbird terrace for personal or corporate events • Reason for selecting: • Lunch with Parrots is one of Jurong Bird Park’s strong selling point to attract more customers as they are the only place offer such service • Memorable memories for the customers to be able to • Customers would be interested to purchase the hand-painted art piece drawn right in front of them by Sulphur-crested cockatoo

  19. Lory Loft • Featured: • LoryLoft is a 3,000 square-meter aviary with the Australian outback-themed • Friendly colorful birds fly freely and greet the customers • Customers able to have close interaction with the birds when they feed them • Reason for selecting: • The one of the aviary which allow close interaction with the birds • customers would want to purchase the feeding food to have a closer interaction with the friendly birds. • customers as they get to enjoy great company of the friendly birds at a magnificent 360-degrees elevated view of the landscape

  20. Excluded Facilities • Birds of Prey and Hornbills & Toucans • Mandarin Duck, Riverine and Wetlands

  21. Mandarin Duck, Riverine and Wetlands • Reason for not selecting: • Locations can be easily missed as it is not located near the tram stations. • Exhibits are generally made up of small pond with ducks paddling around and only a pair of giant birds in the wetland • Not properly maintain as unkempt soil and murky water can be see at the pathway and around the exhibits.

  22. Birds of Prey and Hornbills & Toucans • Reason for not selecting: • Cages are covered with moss, make it difficult for customer to spot the birds • Unable to take clear pictures of the bird due to the cages.

  23. Increasing Sales • School group • Family Package • General Public

  24. School group Breeding and Research Centre • Allow students to handle the birds under supervision • Creates a more personal touch • Teaches them the process of raising birds and not to release birds

  25. School group Dinosaur Descendants • Made into a game • Students to form groups and dig up the remains • Fix the bones and identify the correct species • Prizes to be given to the fastest group

  26. School group • Cost • Minimal costs • Do not require building new structures • Existing bird keepers as facilitators Feasibility • Likely to meet educational needs • Interactive and fun • More attractive for schools and students

  27. Families • One time use • Seasonal, introduce only for the dull season (eg, feb to april) • Inclusive of tickets and a few activities • Bird feeding • Tram ride • Discounted meals at cafés located near “Birdz of Play” • Free photo taking with birds • Lunch with the parrots (for buffet)

  28. Families • Cost • Discounted package will cost around $188. • Save minimum of $40 for customers. • Bird Park can include activities that do not incur actual costs. • Expected to sell fast. • Covers a wide range of payable facilities at a discount. • $37.60 per pax Feasibility

  29. General Public • Improve the atmosphere of the park Current atmosphere = lifeless • Input sound speakers in certain trails of the playing smoothing music. • Place speakers at the entrance of the African Waterfall Aviary, • All Lory Stations and Trams. • Improve exciting features to attract visitors. • Input sound effects at exhibitions

  30. General Public • Maintance • How to work on: • Certain areas are dilapidated, such as: • The Mandarin Duck Pond • Carry out maintenance work regularly. • Water in exhibits and cages should be cleaned at regular intervals. • Trimming of tree branches should be done regularly. • Trimming of tree branches at: • Flamingo Lake. • Certain watered areas have murky water, such as: • Birds of Prey

  31. General Public • JurongBird Park App • Promote Jurong Bird Park through mobile application. • Easy to communicate and update features of the park to public. • App includes: • Events and Promotions • Shows and feeding time, • Information of exhibits, and • Bird species.

  32. General Public • Cost • Maintenance cost will not be high as there is a signed contract between the park and a maintenance company. • Mobile application budget can be lowered by working together with polytechnics as part of student’s projects. Feasibility • Installation of speakers should be seen as an investment as it will bring great returns in sales. • By doing maintenance work, the park can avoid negative reviews and feedbacks. • Prevent riskiness in its goal in increasing sales. • For mobile app, the launching process will be less difficult. • This is because schools have the additional rights when it comes to educating the public.

  33. Area of Weakness • Enclosure for some animals may not be ideal for viewing the birds and taking photography. • This is because: • Enclosure is made of small metal grid lines which is difficult for photography. • Management can look into replacing or re-designing the enclosure of the birds exhibitions.

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