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Welcome to Back to School Night PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Back to School Night

Welcome to Back to School Night

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Welcome to Back to School Night

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  1. Welcome toBack toSchool Night Third Grade 2017-2018

  2. We Believe: “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.”-Martin Luther King, Jr. • 3rd grade Teachers • Homeroom • Ms. Endo (Math & Literacy) • Mrs. Jones (Math & History) • Ms. Pozner (Math & Science) • Mr. Russo (Math & Literacy) • Ability Group • Ms. Izzi (Literacy) • Mr. Reisinger (Literacy)

  3. Specials Teachers • Teachers – Introduce Specials teachers and they will share their Curriculum, Grading, Extra Curricular opportunities, and Classroom resources/tools. • Art • Ms. Moore= • Music • Mr. Bridges= • P.E. • Mr. McGarva= • Tech • Ms. Birdno=

  4. 3rd Grade Daily Schedule 7:55-8:10 Homeroom 8:13-9:08 Math 9:11-9:33 Recess/Snack 9:36-10:31 Rotation 1 10:34-11:29 Rotation 2 11:32-12:17 Specials (P.E., Music, Art, Tech) 12:20-1:05 Lunch & Recess 1:08-2:03 Rotation 3 2:06-3:02 Rotation 4 3:05-3:35 Study Hall (in Homerooms)

  5. Classroom Management • 3rd Grade Expectations: • Respect yourself, Respect others, Respect your school • Positive Reinforcement • Shout Outs (Thursdays) • Leadership Awards-2 students per grade level per trimester • Whole Class- “Filling a Bucket” or working toward a common goal as a class or grade level • Logical Consequences-Behavior Contract coming home soon • Signing of “Cards of Awesomeness”-to earn Character Bracelets

  6. Planner & Homework Binder • Planner: All homework should be written in your child’s planner • Check planner daily and sign/initial • Add questions or notes for teachers • Write in open section if your child is going somewhere different after school • Homework Binder: Eight labeled pockets help with organization. • Graded work and school flyers will be in the “Keep at Home” pocket of the binder. Please check and empty this pocket daily to help with organization. • *Only remove items from the “Keep at Home” pocket of the folder.* • Please help your child remember their binder and planner daily!

  7. American Academy Character &Manners

  8. Ability Grouping • Literacy is ability grouped based on the current testing. We use multiple points of data and a percentage of each test to calculate a composite percentage. Examples: Writing Benchmark, MAP Reading, MAP Language Usage, Morrison McCall , Istation, etc. • Literacy Ability Group Classes: Intervention, Supported, Standard, Advanced Standard • Math is leveled by grade level (Saxon 3=3rd grade math) • A letter/email with your child’s data will be sent home, once your child is placed. • Ability Groups are FLEXIBLE-we meet with AG teachers and Principal to look over data each trimester and determine any movements needed. • Math Placement tests are being graded this week and will be used with MAPs math scores to have students placed in their math levels by late next week. • Literacy Placement will take longer (630 students). Literacy Groups will start end of Sept./beginning of Oct. depending on how fast our Data Specialist can get all the data in and formulas calculated once all testing is done. • We are already doing rotations and instruction based on the skills that every child needs to have when using our literacy and math curriculum. They are getting foundations now, so we can dive deeper once our ability groups start.

  9. Curriculum Overview • Literacy Block: Reading, Spelling, Writing, Grammar • Spalding Spelling, Reading, and Writing • Core Knowledge Literature • Shurley Grammar • Step Up to Writing • Daily Language Instruction • Math: Saxon Math • Science: Next Gen Science & STEAM • History: Core Knowledge

  10. Literacy Block Spalding (spelling, reading, and writing) -research based literacy program focusing on phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension -provides an interactive, multisensory approach to language instruction Step Up to Writing (Intermediate) -writing tools and mini lessons used to supplement Spalding writing curriculum -multisensory, consistent approach to writing instruction Shurley Grammar -grammar concepts and sentence diagramming lessons to supplement Spalding grammar/writing curriculum -multisensory instruction with jingles and sentence diagramming question and answer flow to support long term retention Daily Language Instruction (DLI) -weekly grammar concepts -editing for errors

  11. What our Literacy Block looks like A.M. Language Arts 9:36-11:29 P.M. Language Arts 1:08-3:02 Read Aloud (10-15 min) -demonstrate fluent and expressive reading; model new reading concepts/strategies Spelling (15-20 min) -phonogram practice (oral and written), spelling dictation, rule application, vocabulary Grammar/Writing (40-45 min) - language usage rules and application Reading (40-45 min) - reading strategies (Mental Actions), fluency, comprehension

  12. Spelling Homework & Tests Spelling Homework- Rather than assigning spelling soup or choose three each week, students will be required to “self study” for weekly spelling/vocabulary tests. We will put a list of ideas of how to effectively study spelling words on our website. Feel free to use these weekly to help your child study, but it will not be collected as a grade. Most weeks, however, we will be assigning at least 1 authentic spelling/vocab activity to be completed at home for a grade. These will always be posted in Infinite Campus. Spelling Tests- Most weeks your child will have a spelling test at the end of the week. The words for the week will be in IC under the Spelling Test entry (under description). These words will mostly come from our Spalding spelling curriculum; however, some weeks may include words from Science/History vocabulary. There may also be a phonogram quiz to accompany the spelling test. All phonograms will come directly from the spelling words.

  13. Once a Trimester Book Report • Your child will complete a book report each trimester. • Students will… • 1. Choose a good fit book based on their Lexile level. • 2. Read the book and choose a book report activity to complete. A list of book report options will be sent home. Feel free to choose one of these options or find your own. • 3. Trimester book reports are due: • Trimester1-Nov. 2nd • Trimester 2-Feb. 8th • Trimester 3-May 17th • 4. These book reports will be counted as a reading grade each trimester. Book Report Checklist/Rubric Name (1) ______ Title (1) _____ Author (1) _______ Good Fit Book/Lexile Level (1)______ Genre (1) ______ Neatness/Presentation (5) _____ Effort (5) ______ Plot (10) ______ Creativity (5) ______ Conventions (5) _____ Spelling (5) _____ Language Usage (5) ______ Total: _____/ 45

  14. How to find your child’s Lexile level • Two ways to find your child’s Lexile level: • MAP scores- This information will be sent home 2 times during the school year and will contain your child’s Lexile level from that test’s score. • Istation reports- This information will be accessible to you monthly on the Istation parent portal (parent handout report) so you can track your child’s • How to use this information: • to enter your child’s Lexile level and find a huge list of good fit books OR enter the title or author of a book to find its Lexile range.

  15. Saxon Math • Concepts spiral • Homework • Homework will be due daily • Worth 20% of math grade • Assessments • Every 5 lessons- cumulative test from all previous lessons • Facts Assessment-fact mastery is necessary so PRACTICE! • Assessments are worth 80% of math grade • Vocabulary study guides will be sent home periodically if your child is in Saxon 4. • Saxon Math book is available as an online version so students do not need to carry the heavy book back and forth. If there is a discrepancy between the printed textbook and the online version, we will grade accordingly. • **TAKE HANDOUT**

  16. Science- Next Gen & STEAM • Science units with Ms. Pozner • Weather and Climate • Force and Motion • Changing Matter • Rocks and Minerals • Adaptations and Traits of Plants and Animals • Hands-on activities, inquiry style, science notebooks • (Science Notebooks- used to keep track of investigations and vocabulary) • STEAM units with Ms. Wray • Nov./Dec.- WeDo Robotics • Feb./Mar.- Sphero

  17. History- Core Knowledge • History units • Core Knowledge • Canada • Geography • World Rivers • Ancient Rome • Vikings • Earliest Americans • European Explorers • Thirteen Colonies

  18. Communication • We are partnering together to help your child succeed and therefore we are one team. • If an issue comes up, or your child comes home and says something that concerns you, PLEASE reach out to the teacher first • (per our communication policy). • We always want to go to the source first, because 9/10 it is a misunderstanding that we can handle together if we just talk. • After that, if you still can’t resolve the issue with us, then you are welcome to bring Ms. Norton or Ms. Miller into the conversation. • Please remember that 3rd grade is when students start to self-advocate more. Have your child email their teacher with concerns.

  19. Communication (cont.) • INFINITE CAMPUS: (Check frequently) • Infinite Campus provides dates and details for upcoming assignments and assessments. • Grades will be updated frequently. • Please SAVE work in case of an error so you can send the work back in for adjustment to IC. • IC will reflect grades, turned (T) in work, and any missing (M) assignments. • WEBSITE: • PLEASE refer to the American Academy website, this power point along with the weekly updates on the Grade 3 Webpage before e-mailing your child’s teacher with questions. • Subscribe to Grade 3 Updates or check our Grade 3 Webpage frequently for updated news. • Reminder to log on to AA Lincoln Meadows: Username=lmusers Password=aalm4kids • EMAIL: • E-mail your child’s teacher with questions before going to someone else. Email your child’s teacher for that specific subject/question. (ie. Question about a math grade=email child’s math teacher, it may not be his homeroom teacher) • Please be patient with e-mails. Please allow up to 48 hours to respond. • If you email us over the weekend, we will respond on Monday/Tuesday when we return to school. • We may not respond to all e-mails. Some emails from parents are simply informative and do not require a response. However, if you feel your email required a response and we have not responded after the 48 hours, please just follow-up with us! 

  20. Parent/Teacher Conferences • There are 3 scheduled conferences for this school year • October 4 & 5 • January 24 & 25 • May 9 & 10 • These are the best times to meet with your child’s teachers. We will discuss goals, progress, and next steps for your child. • We will post a Sign-Up Genius link about one week before each conference. Please READ carefully, to know which of your child’s teachers to sign up with (reading, math, homeroom, etc.). • Conferences are NOT mandatory, but encouraged ** We will contact you if there is a concern on a child’s progress that requires an additional conference outside of these scheduled times**

  21. Homework • Establish a routine which includes studying at home • Help children take responsibility for their work • Have THEM put it back in their homework folder, and pack • their Binder & Planner into their bag • READ EVERY NIGHT

  22. Grading Timeline • PLEASE allow us time to thoroughly grade your child’s assignments • Some assignments will take longer to be graded • Homework & In-class work: 3 business days • Assessments: 5 business days • Large Projects: 10 business days • Writing Assignments: 10 business days • “T” in Infinite Campus grade means the assignment is Turned in but has not yet been graded • “M” in Infinite Campus grade means the assignment is Missing (please read the comment field to see the description. If it is missing due to an absence we will write that and your child has 2 days to make it up.)

  23. AA Absent Work & AA Grading Scale GRADING SCALE • MISSED SCHOOL/MAKE-UP WORK: • Students have 2 days for each EXCUSED absence to make up their work. • Ex: If they were absent on Monday, they will obtain their work on Tuesday, and all work will be due on Thursday at the start of class. • Missing Assignment notification will be sent even when excused absence, it is not late!

  24. Grading Policy • Students are responsible for their own work, including turning it in on time as well as making sure their name is on it. • Points will be deducted for late or no name work. • Late policy for homework/classwork- • 1 day late: 10% deduction • 2 days late: 20% deduction • 3-5 days late: 50% deduction • More than 5 days late = NO credit • Missing Assignment Notifications will be sent even if your child was absent. • No Name Work: 10% deduction STUDENTS MUST COMPLETE AND RETURN ASSIGNMENTS ON TIME TO RECEIVE FULL CREDIT!!

  25. School Uniform Policy • American Academy has a uniform, not a dress code. Make sure tops and bottoms are from Dennis. • Sweatshirts – send a sweatshirt or sweater everyday. Any sweatshirt can be worn outside for recess. American Academy sweatshirts only inside school. • Please LABEL your child’s clothing! It all looks so similar! • Any questions about AA Uniform Policy- Go to AA website, Resources, K-8 Parent Handbook, page 20

  26. Birthdays • You are welcome to drop off or send in small toys/goodie bags with your child (due to allergies-NO FOOD/CANDY) • Pencils, stickers, bracelets, etc. • Please make sure birthday goodies are at school before 1:00 pm. We celebrate birthdays in homeroom during our Study Hall at 3:15 pm • Summer birthdays can celebrate on their half birthdays

  27. Volunteering • Volunteer options will be available on each class’s Shutterfly website-managed by our Room Parents. • Room parents for each 3rd grade classroom will set up the volunteers needed for this school year. Be looking for more information from them at the end of Sept. • When volunteering at school, please refrain from bringing younger siblings with you. It is a distraction to the students in the class trying to learn.

  28. Third Grade Instructional Assistant • Holly Jackson is the IA for 3rd grade • We support our IA 100% • We communicate constantly and are all working towards the same goal • All students need to have respect for Ms. Jackson and follow her directions, just like they would the classroom teacher

  29. Reminders • Morning Carpool: begins at 7:30 am, students report to the cafeteria, are dismissed at 7:55 am to their class, school starts promptly at 8:05 am • Afternoon Carpool: begins at 3:35 pm (All call about 4pm) • (PLEASE make sure student know end of the day plan. If plan changes last minute, notify the front office. We don’t always see your emails before end of the day.) • Lunch with your child: If you join your child for lunch in the cafeteria, your child can invite up to 2 friends to sit at the table with them. (You and your child are responsible for cleaning up that table.) • Have your child bring a water bottle and nut-free snack everyday. • Send your child with a jacket/sweatshirt/sweater everyday. • LABEL EVERYTHING!

  30. THANK YOU so much for coming! • We will post this presentation on our 3rd grade LM website page. Please refer to it as needed. • Any questions • Please take a peak at your child’s classroom upstairs (5-10 mins.)