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Demonstration of HKCAN database Outline PowerPoint Presentation
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Demonstration of HKCAN database Outline

Demonstration of HKCAN database Outline

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Demonstration of HKCAN database Outline

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Demonstration of HKCAN database Outline • Database system overview • Software characteristics • Database status

  2. Demonstration of HKCAN database Outline (continued) • Database modules • Search • Display • Export • Index browse • Maintenance and reports • Future development

  3. Database system overview In November 1999, memorandum signed between National Central Library (Taiwan) and HKCAN NCL agreed to share with HKCAN its authority control software and exchange authority records

  4. Database system overview (continued) • HKCAN contracted a software vendor in Taiwan, Transmission Information System Co. Ltd. (TIS) to upgrade the NCL’s software • In March 2000, the server and software were installed at the Chinese University of Hong Kong Library

  5. Database system overview (continued) 2000-2002 Software enhancement Training workshops organized for HKCAN member libraries Access to the database is controlled by IP address

  6. Software characteristics • Web interface Provide hypertext links • Multiple scripts capability Record has Chinese authorized headings in Chinese script and equivalent authorized headings from the Library of Congress in the Roman alphabet

  7. Software characteristics (continued) Full-text searching capability Provide access to individual word (eg. Variant forms) Choice of MARC exchange formats Record export format in MARC21 or CMARC Switch of main and linking headings Able to flip main heading and linking heading to accommodate users’ needs

  8. Database status

  9. Main menu of the Database Maintenance module Search module Reports module

  10. Search module

  11. Chinese version of OPAC

  12. English version of OPAC AND OR NOT Full Text Heading and Linking Romanised form Chinese form

  13. Search term in Roman alphabet Search term

  14. Search term in Chinese characters Chinese form

  15. Brief record display

  16. Full record display

  17. MARC record display

  18. Multi-script record HKCAN control no. and identifier LC number Romanised form Source citations in Romanized and Chinese forms Chinese form

  19. MARC record Display / Export Download alternatives: Selected records All searched records Type of code: BIG5 CCCII MARC format: US-MARC C-MARC To Download CJK in 1XX Instead? No Yes Download method: Browser Txt file MARC format

  20. Export record format Save as txt file or MARC format

  21. MARC record export Support by local library system

  22. Library system support • Innovative showed support of 7xx model • HKCAN Workgroup worked closely with Innovative to develop software that would index equivalent heading and display redirections

  23. Library system support (continued) • Beta test was installed in selected member libraries • Enhancements are needed to improve system performance

  24. Equivalent heading display

  25. Index browse

  26. Browse display

  27. Maintenance module • Data maintenance • Online update • Online record input • Record uploading in batch

  28. Report module Reports functions • Duplicate headings report • Duplication / statistical report on new records

  29. Future development • Multiple authority files Authority files from China (CNMARC) and Taiwan(CMARC) will be loaded as individual database • Unicode language support A single common coding scheme of Unicode will facilitate exchange of authority records

  30. Future development (continued) • Collaboration with library system vendor Streamline authority control work by developing gateway to export authority records from HKCAN database and load them to local library system

  31. Version 2

  32. Thank You HKCAN website