the third screen is the first screen n.
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The third screen is the first screen PowerPoint Presentation
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The third screen is the first screen

The third screen is the first screen

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The third screen is the first screen

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  1. The third screen is the first screen

    Stephen Masiclat Director, Graduate Program in Media Management The S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications Syracuse University
  2. “The third screen is the first screen” John Kosner, VP ESPN, General Manager Mobile video functions to augment experiences
  3. Mobile screens are the growth area According to the latest Mobile Market View, a consumer study of U.S. mobile phone users conducted by The Kelsey Group with research partner ConStat, 18.9 percent of mobile consumers now use a smartphone. Among those surveyed, 49.2 percent plan to purchase an advanced mobile device within the next two years. 59% of adults now access the internet wirelessly using a laptop or cell phone—that is, they answered “yes” to at least one of these wireless access pathways. That adds up to an increase from the 51% who used a laptop or cell phone wirelessly in April 2009. (Pew Internet & American Life Project)
  4. Mobile phones are cameras Nokia anticipates continued success and expects to shift 25 million smartphones in 2005 – twice as many as the 12 million it sold in 2004 Phenomenal camera phone sales are also predicted by Nokia, which looks to ship 100 million camera phones and 40 million phones offering MP3 playback.This would make Nokia the biggest camera and MP3 player sellers in the world, toppling Canon and Apple respectively off their throne. Source:
  5. People use news as social currency 57% of internet users share links to news stories 30% of internet users get news on typical day through their SNS use 13% follow news organizations and journalists on SNS 6% get news via Twitter feeds
  6. Mobile phones are mobile computers. . . Look at the apps Browser Search (Google) YouTube app Games
  7. . . . mobile computers that do social media The mobile phone tends to be used for low-bandwidth communication first (SMS) and runs continuously in the background. Facebook & Twitter Our connections are ubiquitous and go to our network. Foursquare The platform layers additional information onto the social exchange; <lat> <long>
  8. The smart phone is the interface It’s always with us, always on and is the primary way more and more Americans are connected to data services.
  9. PEW data Six in ten Americans go online wirelessly using a laptop or cell phone; African-Americans and 18-29 year olds lead the way in the use of cell phone data applications, but older adults are gaining ground
  10. The consumer sits in a social web that connects to a vast media library
  11. Where are the photos?
  12. Where is the video?
  13. Where is the television?