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EMPLOYMENT TRAINING PANEL FUNDING. Presented by: Thomas D. Bright Bright Training Solutions. About Bright Training Solutions.

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  1. EMPLOYMENT TRAINING PANEL FUNDING Presented by: Thomas D. Bright Bright Training Solutions

  2. About Bright Training Solutions • For the past twenty-one years Bright Training Solutions (BTS) has designed and delivered cost effective Training, Funding, Safety, and Process Improvement Systems for organizations and industries of all sizes. BTS is made up of a select team of highly regarded professionals who meet specific organizational needs. • Thomas D. Bright is the President and Founder of BTS. He has extensive experience in both people and process improvement and often helps companies pay for these services with state and federal funding. Thomas has designed and delivered training for over 10,000 employees at all levels. He has enabled dozens of cross-functional and multi-organizational teams achieve measurable success. He is a Black Belt in Lean Six-Sigma and has certified over 100 yellow and green belts in his Lean Systems training program. • BTS has consulted for Fortune 500 companies as well as the US Navy, Coast Guard and many colleges/universities and is a past instructor for UCSD.

  3. Mission Attract and retain businesses that contribute to a healthy California economy Provide workers with secure jobs that pay good wages and have opportunities for advancement Assist employers to successfully compete in the global economy Promote the benefits and ongoing investment of training among employers. The Employment Training Panel

  4. History Created in 1983 Only California program designed to train existing workforce In 2009-2010 208 approved training projects 22,576 workers to be trained ($21.2 M) Is considered a model state-run training program Key Elements Businesses pay the tax that funds the program, which in turn serves the workforce needs of California employers “Employer-Driven Training” companies decide which workers need training, develop their own training plans, and select their own trainers Pay-For-Performance - A key feature of ETP is its 100 percent performance-based contracting requirement History/Key Program Elements

  5. The Employment Training Panel is a state agency Provides up to $100 (Typically $75) million yearly in job training funding Is funded by 1/10 of one percent of the unemployment dollars contributed by California companies Is known throughout the United States as a “model” training program Is “managed” by an eight member panel appointed by government officials Companies are funded based on size of company, type of training and number of training hours About the Employment Training Panel

  6. The Eight Member Panel • Barry Broad, Acting Chairperson • Janice Roberts, Vice Chairperson • Barton Florence, Member • Greg Campbell, Member • Edward J. Rendon, Member • Tracy Stevens, Member • Sonia Fernandez, Member • Janine Montoya, Governor Appointee

  7. Requirements Company pays into the unemployment insurance fund California Employer Account Number (CEAN) with a prefix of 699 or lower These companies have out-of-state competition SET waives these requirements with restrictions ($24.79 minimum trainee wage/front line workers only) Below Are 2011 Priority Industries Manufacturers Green/Clean Multimedia Allied Healthcare Construction Transportation/Logistics Information Technologies Biotechnologies Agriculture Types of Companies Funded

  8. Company Turnover rate of 20% or less (This can be waived) On-going commitment to training Training is supplementary Company will “match ETP” Employee wages Development Facility Etc. Re-trainees Employed full-time (32 hours) Re-trainee must make a minimum hourly wage equal to or exceeding $14.09-$15.37 At least 90 day employee retention after training Funding Requirements

  9. Types Funded ETP funds most types of training! Examples below (Not all-inclusive) Production Skills Computer Skills Lean Manufacturing Computer Skills or Programming Statistical Process Control Leadership & Management Customer Service/Sales Vocational English Methods Classroom Laboratory Computer Based Video Conferencing Training

  10. Fixed Funding Per Hour

  11. Delivery Minimum 24 hours of training (any funded method) per trainee over a 21 month period of time. Small business is 8 hours. Maximum 200 hours per trainee Conducted by in-house or training providers Follow basic, flexible curriculum format Training Requirements

  12. Broad Development Process Needs Assessment ETP Orientation Pre-Application Analyst On-Site Visit Application Justification Training Groups/Tracks Curriculum Scheduling Approval Funded Training Begins! Lessons Learned Keep management involved Conduct a Training Needs Assessment Do not “bite off” more than you can chew Train what you need Understand that this is not a mechanism to make money Have clear expectations regarding ETP’s role Identify an “expert” for support The Process

  13. The Payment Process • Payment 1 – Employee or employee group has completed some of their training, often 8 hours. Company can invoice ETP for 25% of the projected amount for that trainee or trainee group. This money is not earned. • Payment 2 – Employee or employee group has completed 100% of their training plan. Company can invoice ETP for 50% of the projected amount for that trainee or trainee group. This money is not earned. • Payment 3 – Employee or employee group has been retained for 90 days after the completion of their training plan. Company can invoice ETP for the final 25% for that trainee or trainee group. Monies received are now all earned. • You may skip Payment 1 and/or Payment 2 • Invoices are typically paid by ETP in 4-8 weeks.

  14. BTS & ETP • First Project Funded in 1984 • Funded Approximately 90 projects • Served as Project Developer, Manager, Administrator and Trainer • Supported Projects from $13,000 to $2 million • Partnered with companies in a variety of industries • High level of success as determined by customer reference letters and percentage of cash retained by client companies • Developed effective systems and processes adopted by ETP • Many repeat ETP projects with the same client company

  15. Development Determining funding category Identifying training needs Completing pre-application Establishing curriculum Developing schedule ETP liaison/minimize delays Completing Application Identifying Training Providers Maximizing Funding Potential Administration Project analysis and planning Monthly reports/success projections File set-up Paper flow process Tracking systems On-line data entry Enrollments, drops, invoicing, close-out ETP audit support Amendments/Modifications BTS Services

  16. In today’s ever-changing, technology-driven world, there is one constant that hasn’t changed. The most valuable asset a company has is its people. Investing in your employees is still the wisest investment your organization can make. Bright Training Solutions (BTS) has been helping companies maximize that investment for the past seven years. BTS can support your training efforts from needs assessment to measurement; and everything in between. Leadership and Management Empowering People Accountability Coaching and Counseling Team Skills Effective Delegation Leading Change Lean Systems Preventing Sexual Harassment Building Relationships Safety/Line Level and Supervisor Exceptional Customer Satisfaction Personal Organization Performance Alignment Effective Communication BTS Training Services

  17. Not All Inclusive ABX Diagnostics ($40,000) Avail Medical ($244,000/$175,000) Bay Ship & Yacht ($26,000) BAE Systems San Diego ($1million/$400,000/$224,500/$175,000/$350,000/$200,000) DAKO Corporation (207,000) GIECO-Direct ($2 million & $140,000) Knight and Carver ($75,000) Label Impressions ($30,000) REMEC ($335,000) SMS Technologies ($275,000/$150,000/ $224,000) BTS Valued Customers

  18. Questions? 951-501-9616!

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