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Water Conservation PowerPoint Presentation
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Water Conservation

Water Conservation

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Water Conservation

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  1. Water Conservation Samantha Rocap

  2. Proposal Sheet • Name : Samantha Rocap Science Period: 1 • Date: March 22, 2011 Talent 21 Proposal • My proposal is: My project will be on water conservation. When you save water you can save the planet many people take water for granted.

  3. The History • When people started sailing over to America they did not know the importance of fresh water. They drank salt water and many people died. They died because when they came from England to America there was not enough fresh water so they drank salt water not knowing how bad it is to drink salty water for an extended amount of time. People also got sick from the fresh water they drank and that is because it had bacteria. We are very lucky to have water purifiers' so that we don’t get sick. Now that we have great technology that takes more water and uses more we have to be wise with how we use it.

  4. Cause and Effect • Cause: People waste water everyday by not turning off their sink or taking 30 minute showers. • Effect: There becomes less and less water on the planet for people to drink and bath in.

  5. 5 w`s and h • Who: All people waste. • What: Water • Where: Everywhere. At there house, at friends ,in the park in there car ect. • When: All the time every minute of the day. • Why: They do not know the importance of water conservation and how badly they waste. • How: They don’t use common sense so they let the water run whenever they use it.

  6. Water Research 1st paragraph Water is very important to survive and that’s why we have to be wise with it. Only 6% of fresh water covers earth in ponds, lakes, rivers, or streams. Polar ice caps, water and glaciers cover 2.4% of earth`s surface. 0.001% is water vapor. Since there is so little fresh water compared to the ocean waters, witch hold 97% of earth`s water, we have to use as little as possible so there is enough for future generations.

  7. Water Research 2nd paragraph • Water can dissolve into many different substances giving it taste and odor. If we use up all of our fresh water some of our favorite foods and odors may not be the same or disappear all together. They human body contains anywhere from 55% to 78% of water depending on the size of the body. For the body to work normally the body needs to intake 1 to 7 liters of water a day. If you don’t drink enough water you could get dehydrated. You don’t have to drink all that water though, some foods also give your body water when you eat them. You can also drink some of your favorite beverages to get water.

  8. Water Research 3rd • Animals also need water. Your pets are a very important member of your family so you want to treat them like one. Providing them with water is the only way they can drink unless they find a puddle. Baptism uses water also; you get baptized when you join a religion such as Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Judaism. Water comes in three states solid, liquid, and water vapor . Glaciers are an example of a solid. Mist or fog forms when there is a lot of water vapor in the air.

  9. Water Research 4th paragraph • So you see water is important for everything you do. Weather you’re joining a church or keeping cool water is important. That’s why we need to be wise with it. So don’t go watering your grass everyday at noon when it will turn into water vapor, water it every other day in the morning when it will soak into the ground. Every living thing needs water so it is important to preserve it. If we can use water wisely there will be enough for the next generations. By everyone doing their part we can make a huge impact. So come on and turn off that foist while your brushing your teeth and fill up a jug of water while you are waiting for your sink to heat up, so you can water your plants with it later. Help earth get back to the way it used to be with lushes green forest and crystal clear waters, fertile soil and clean air. We can all make a difference.

  10. Experiment Samantha Rocap

  11. The Setup • State the problem: Can I save water in my home? • 2. Gather information: Bigger shower heads let out less water so you can save water. By turning water of when you shave and use a little bucket with a small amount of water in it you can save a lot of water. • 3. Form a hypothesis: I think…I can save water by turning the shower off when I shave. • 4. Perform experiments: • Materials: I gallon (milk carton) box (plastic) • Setup: I will put a big box under the shower head while I shave and let the water run. Then I will measure it to see how much water I wasted.

  12. The Setup • 5. Record and analyze data: I put the big plastic box in the shower while I shaved and let the water run. When I was done I had wasted 6 gallons of water. When I turned the shower off while I shaved I wasted 0 gallons and saved 6. • 6. State a conclusion: I saved a lot of water by doing little things to save water in that little acts I saved a total of 6 gallons • 7. Repeat your work: (compare your results with other groups) • I compared my work with Brenna risley and she had similar results

  13. 4 Ways to save • Taking shorter showers • Turing off the sink when you brush your teeth • Turning the water off when you shave • Turning the water off when you wash your body


  15. What I learned With my experiment I have concluded that the average American waste about 7 gallons of water a day, with a big shower head. I learned that by conserving water and really trying you can do anything.

  16. What I Learned • If we all do our part to save water we can save beautiful animals like these, and glorious scenery like this.

  17. What I Learned • We all can make a difference. We have to turn our world in a new direction because this one is going to send us straight to failure. What is going to happen when we run out of water? You sure are going to wish you were wise with it then. Even if you`re not around when it happens someone will be. They will be here to suffer for your mistakes and carelessness. Earth won`t make it without you. So help us change the world one gallon at a time.

  18. Cool Facts Harvesting Glaciers People recently started harvesting glaciers but the projects had to stop. Tug bouts would drag the large piece of ice down to their destination. But people soon found out that that the glacier would change the amount of salt in the water killing enormous amounts of sea life. The glacier would also change the temperature of the water that also killed many fish. When the ice was dragged through the water it would create a fog and many of the bouts could not see through it. Harvesting Glaciers was a good idea but we need better more advanced technology to bring the idea back in a safer environmentally friendly way.