water conservation n.
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Water Conservation

Water Conservation

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Water Conservation

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  1. Water Conservation Elgeel Elmuslim Primary Girls

  2. water Water is known as a rare and precious resource, especially in regions such as the Middle East and North Africa, where water availability decreases dramatically for concern, and the fact that by the year 2025 is expected to be the water disappears from some areas completely disappeared. Here are some ideas that make water-saving way of life to secure a better future for the generations of tomorrow.

  3. In the garden - Preferably irrigate the garden early in the morning, or in the evening to reduce evaporation of water, especially during the hot summer months.- Rather than the use of Khartoum to wash your car, try to use one bucket of water.- A good idea to wash your car, or next to the herb garden so as not to excess water in vain.- Do not use sprays that cause waste of water, distillation system was used in watering the trees

  4. In the kitchen - When washing dishes by hand, the tub stopper closed to retain water.- Use the dishwasher they consume less water than washing by hand.- Put a full load when using the dishwasher, or washing machine.- Look for places leakage and leaky faucets water, and their maintenance.- Use devices provide water consumption such as kitchen taps water preservatives.

  5. In the bathroom - During showering, or shaving, or brushing, do not leave the water being only when it is used effectively.- Use shower sprayer effective water covers the largest possible area, and saves on water consumption to the greatest extent possible.- Wisest Close faucets, to prevent it from distillation.- Shower consumes a much smaller amount of water from the shower in the tub is full.

  6. The concept of water conservation Rationalizing water consumption means reducing the amount of water needed, but not at the expense of health and environmental needs of the people.He was seen to rationalize water consumption in the past as a measure taken only at the time of the drought. Today has turned into a well planned action economically feasible as it is in energy saving. The need for him when the country suffers from a lack of scarcity in the amount of water as is the case in most Arab countries.

  7. Ways to rationalize water consumption 1-Water leak detection and treatment immediately Comprehensive reform of the water bodies in the house and check metering and leak detection in external network and processed. The internal leakage of the network can be detected and close all faucets in the house for one day at least and monitor the level of the surface of the water in the tank.

  8. 2- The use of douches and not Bathtubs The use of douches when showering consumes almost (20 liters) while consuming the bathtub over (140 liters). If you know that the average citizen's share of water per day in some Arab countries does not exceed (L 50) for all uses, including home garden, it is incumbent on all citizens that does not use the bathtub at all, but he has to use the shower for a period of not more than two minutes at a time.

  9. 3- Bottle in Alnaajra tank Educate people who use tanks cleaning the toilet (Alnaajra), which consumes about (12 liters) in every keystroke to a bottle filled with water liter in the tank to reduce this amount to (11 liters) each time and get to use tanks models that consume (6 liters) only.

  10. 4- Use when brushing your teeth Cup If you use this method and get used to it, you will provide large quantities of water without feeling. You often leave the tap running while brushing your teeth and so you wasted small amounts of water.

  11. 5- Use (Aquarius) when washing the car Do not use a water hose when washing the car because Khartoum is wasting large amounts of water without the benefit of (consumes Khartoum about 300 liters at a time). The use of Aquarius for this purpose is the optimal way and lead often to the same result

  12. 6- Do not leave the tap running while doing something This letter is addressed primarily to housewives and the maid in the house (if any) not to leave the tap open and busy work last because that will lead to waste large amounts of water.

  13. 7- Re-use of water The fresh water that once used can be used again or they collect from the site or more and redistributed to another site and this process is called process water reuse. Although domestic sewage "sewer" seen as contaminated water, most of the components of these water supplies materials to the soil nutrients beneficial for crops and feed substitute for chemical fertilizers. As an example of these nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which resides in abundance domestic sewage if the purification process well

  14. 8- Do not use potable water for agriculture Reduce the use of potable water for agricultural purposes and improve the efficiency of water purification plants to the use of water for agriculture.

  15. 9- Soil cover to reduce evaporation The process of soil cover among plantings with plastic "PET" reduces the evaporation process and preserve soil moisture and increases in productivity. And reduces the consumption of water plants as a result prevent the evaporation of water it because of the presence of plastic. Well advised to irrigate plants home before sunrise and after sunset to reduce evaporation.

  16. 10 -Planting drought-tolerant plants Did you know that the production of one kilogram of bananas to need about (900 liters) of water. Therefore we must consider growing plants that consume water frequently. And we must carefully choose ornamental plants and plant them bear the drought, such as cacti and medicinal plants such as thyme, wormwood, sage and others.

  17. 11- A simple way to drip irrigation Can operate a simple drip irrigation in your garden put pottery jar filled with water next to the bushes. This works on the nomination of water in a natural way, resulting in drip irrigation, as shown in Figure next door. In summer you can drink cold water from the jar as well as drip irrigation process and the final result of this method provide good amounts of water.

  18. Water is lifesave water … save life

  19. Thank you