water conservation n.
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  2. There are only 1362 trillion litres (320 trillion gallons) of water on planet Earth. • 97% of that amount is salt water. • Only 3% is fresh water and • Nearly 80% of what is fresh, is frozen in the polar ice caps and glaciers around the world.

  3. Groundwater can be found nearly everywhere in earth's shallow subsurface, to some degree; although all groundwater supplies do not necessarily contain fresh water. The earth's crust can be divided into two regions: the saturated zone (e.g., aquifers, aquitards, etc.) and the unsaturated zone (also called the vadose zone).

  4. Because of steep world population growth, pollution and flippant wastage of water, the availability of clean drinking water per person is shrinking even in developed countries such as Spain, Italy and the United Kingdom.

  5. Water Pollution Aquifers are dangerous for human habitation and agricultural development. Deep aquifers in arid areas have long been water sources for irrigation but with increasing toxins and waste polluting these water supplies, our water resources and Healthy Water are being compromised.

  6. Man can avoid direct disposal of domestic, industrial & other wastes into the water bodies

  7. In any way our precious resource water should be saved.

  8. If you live in an area plagued by drought conditions, it’s critical to take steps to protect community water supplies. We must learn how to conserve water when performing routine household tasks.

  9. One should not wash cloths and clean utensils near the source of water. • In the name of religion people throw various kinds of things in water that can be stopped.

  10. Villagers should keep their wells covered to prevent the water from being polluted. • Mop the houses with the water left after rinsing of cloths. • Wash small cloths by hands. Use of washing machines wastes enormous amount of water.

  11. You know that deforestation by man causes insufficient rain. This disturbs our water cycle and decreases the water levels underground or in wells. Therefore to maintain balance in nature, we should not cut the forests.

  12. We should repair leaking pipes, taps, to stop wastage of water.

  13. Close taps whenever not required.

  14. Avoid taking bath under the shower. Instead use a bucket.

  15. Do not over water fields or gardens.

  16. Don’t let water flow during brushing, shaving, etc.

  17. Dams and canals should be built to save water.

  18. We can conserve water by Rain Water Harvesting.