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  3. SOME SUCCES CASESIN MEXICALICATTLE SLAUGTHER HOUSE BOILERS Installation of two SB 200’s in the discharge of the boiler make-up tank. Results were elimination of 100% of the chemical treatment, reduction in the temperature of the chimney fume, and 30% less bleed off. We also installed 1 SB 200 in the make up of the cooling tower and 2 SB 300’s in the recirculation line of the ammonia coil cooling tower. Results were elimination of 100% of the antifouling chemical and reduction of the bleed off of the towers by 30%. Return on investment for the project was 6 months for the boilers and 14 months for the cooling towers. Scale blaster keep the towers and boiler clean and free of fouling , the sb-200 clean the excess of calcium carbonate in 60 days through the bleed off and manual process as you can see in the pictures

  4. Inspection port of the boilers You can see in the pictures how the scale blaster started to clean the boiler tubes through the inspection ports.

  5. Here you can see the inspection ports with soft, easy to remove scale. After only 30 days, the boiler tubes are almost clean.

  6. CERRO PRIETO (CFE) GEOTHERMAL After almost five years testing in different geothermal steam wells, we obtained the approval of CFE to install several units including SB600, SB1400 and SB2000. Geothermal applications are not easy because of the chemistry of the wells, different temperatures, and different pressures. In every case it is necessary to have the well water chemistry in order to select the correct unit . We obtained very good results in the production orifice, the separator and the condensate lines.

  7. You can see in the picture the fouling factor of the well. Depending the pressure and temperature, one inch of thickness for every 15 days. Scale contains calcium carbonate, magnesium and three types of silica.

  8. Some of the lines contained hard brine with a high level of fouling. In every case, specific scale blaster equipment was installed in the geothermal wells with successful results. More than 50 units of different sizes were installed.

  9. PLAZA NUEVO MEXICALI Complete chilled water plant treatment included 3 Carrier screw chillers of 300 tons each, 3 BAC cooling towers, and an ITT pumping system. Installation of 1 SB200 in the make up of the tower, 3 SB600’s one per chiller, one silver copper unit and sand filters. Project cost $45,000 with pay back in 3 years. Chemical treatment was eliminated with a 30% water bleed off reduction.

  10. Keeping the tower fill clean, the combination of scale blaster, silver copper unit ( biological control), sand filter ( suspended solids), and an automatic bleed off system keeping 5000 micro siemens total dissolved solids in the water with a pH of 7.8 to 8.2, maintained the chemistry control of the water.

  11. PILKINGTON Installation of 2 SB200’s for boilers, 1 SB200 for reverse osmosis plant, and 6 SB125’s for evaporative coolers. Pilkington is a car windshield glass production plant. Project return on investment 14 months. Reduction of boiler chemicals by 50% due to the company policy they have to use chemicals in the boilers. No fouling in the tubes or sump of the evaporative coolers. Results in the reverse osmosis unit showed less membrane changes per period .

  12. CHILLERS TRANE CENTRIFUGAL Installation of 1 SB200 for tower make-up, 2 SB600’s 1 per chiller, no silver copper unit as they use chemical control for biological growth, and sand filters for suspended solids. Payback 12 months.

  13. BENQ The lay out shows the installation of scale blaster in the main row of the building taking advantage of the benefit of the scale blaster for bathrooms, landscaping and other uses. We also installed monitoring equipment for chemistry control.