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Water Conservation

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Water Conservation
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Water Conservation

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  1. Water Conservation By Charlotte Garland and Kristen Kinchla

  2. Facts • Ocean water covers more than 70% of the Earth’s Surface, but humans can only survive on Freshwater • In poorer countries especially the limited supplies of freshwater are used up quickly by the growing human population, and often become tainted with disease. • 2 billions people do not have sources of freshwater that are not full of diseases • 1 billion people do not have access to water at all • 80% of diseases in developing countries are due to unsanitary water • About 10 gallons of water are lost every day due to leaks • 60% of a persons household water usage goes to garden and lawn maintenance on average

  3. Issue • Due to the human population increase the water scarcity issue is likely to increase • There is only a limited supply of freshwater available for use by humans • Many scientist are working on ways to easily sanitize and desalinate water so that it is safe for human use. • Many people waste gallons of water a day, and they don’t even realize We want to promote the knowledge of water and how much of it is wasted or polluted, and promote ways to help conserve water.

  4. What will we do • For out project we want to go to our local Elementary schools to teach students about water conservation • We feel that if we teach kids at a young age it will become habit for them to conserve water throughout the rest ot their lives. • If children grow up know the water conservation issues we have today they can start, at an early age, being part of the solution to the Water Conservation issue. • As the children grow older they can spread the ideas of helping to conserve water throughout the community.

  5. What will we teach? • First we will share with the elementary school students many facts about how much water used by citizens, how much is wasted, and many other facts and statistics about the use of water. • Then we will make sure the students understand the issues that are occurring in the world because of the way water is used and wasted. • We will then show the students many ways that at their own homes they can conserve water. • We also plan to set up a water barrel to conserve water for each elementary school. • We hope that what we teach these students they will share with their families and as they grow up, ultimately we hope that they support our ideas and continue to help conserve the worlds water.

  6. Ways to Conserve Water • Don’t leave the water running when brushing your teeth • Make sure you never leave faucets dripping • Take showers(use about 20 gallons of water) instead of baths(use about 37 gallons), but if you are taking a shower make it a short shower • Use any collected rain water or old bottled water to water indoor plants • Put a rain barrel outside to collect rain water and use it to water plants or flush toilets • Install convers over pools to prevent evaporation of the water • Only use the dishwasher and washing machine when you have full loads to make the most of the water usage

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