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Nathaniel Dawson. Sweden. Current population: 9,475,469. Geography. Archeology. Rok Stone. Discovered in the 19 th C. Carved in Ostergotland sweden . Insription has myths and poetic vocabulary. History of Sweden.

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  1. Nathaniel Dawson Sweden Current population: 9,475,469.

  2. Geography

  3. Archeology Rok Stone Discovered in the 19th C. Carved in Ostergotlandsweden. Insription has myths and poetic vocabulary.

  4. History of Sweden Sweden's early history is wrapped up with the natural rhythms of season and climate. By 8,000 BC, there were settlements but it got cold and people moved to the coast. What most people know of Scandinavian history is limited to the Vikings, and what most people know of the Vikings is limited to a vague idea that they were plunderers. Gustav Vasa, whose leadership established the foundations of the Swedish nation state in the early sixteenth century, really affected Swedish history.

  5. Political science/sociology • Sweden is a democracy like canadapeaple vote in their government. • Swedens prime minister is the leader • education

  6. economics • *Sweden's economy is aided by timber, hydro power and iron ore. Trade Partners. *Japan. *Estonia. *Singapore. Money *Krona. (basic money) Banks. Avanza bank Forex bank ICA banken

  7. Taxitation Three different levels of government. Municipality, Country Council and Central government.

  8. work cited • Simishhamn • Soedertaelje • Stockholm • Google • Wikipedia

  9. Weird laws of sweden • It is illegal to repaint a house without a painting license and the government’s permission. • You may only own half a meter down in the ground of any land you own. • If you release pigs into a acornwood (or a beechnutwood) mutually owned by you and at least one more, and exceeded your quota of allowed pigs, you will have to pay a fine for each each pig to the other owners and to restore any damages caused by the extra pigs.

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