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Sweden. By: Qiana LeSage. Picture from CultureGrams . Basic Information. FLAG. Insert PICTURE here Picture from CultureGrams. LOCATION: Europe. GOVERNMENT. Type of Government : Monarchy Description: Riksdag=parliament Capitol=Stockholm Leader government= Prime minister

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  1. Sweden By: Qiana LeSage Picture from CultureGrams

  2. Basic Information FLAG Insert PICTURE here Picture from CultureGrams LOCATION: Europe

  3. GOVERNMENT Type of Government: Monarchy Description: • Riksdag=parliament • Capitol=Stockholm • Leader government= Prime minister • 394 members made the Riksdag • Voting= living there for 3 years + age 18 • Kings-Queens until 1980

  4. GEOGRAPHY Sweden is north east of Europe. North of Sweden is in the Arctic Circle. All of the regions differ. Sweden has over 100,000 lakes . West of Sweden has a special mountain range called the KölenMountains. Sweden is surrounded by oceans and bays that have narrow coastlines. Most of Sweden has different farming land and has different plants through out the country. Picture from CultureGrams

  5. CLIMATE Little of Sweden has a Polar climate except for middle and southern part. Sweden has four seasons. In winter the regular temperature is twenty degrees. Snow starts from mid October to mid April. The northern part of Sweden get forty percent of rain fall each year. Also there are many mountains up in the northern part of Sweden. In summer the basic temperature is in the sixty’s. When it’s summer rivers might flood a little. In spring Sweden has spring blossoms of tulips. Also the regular temperature is usually thirty’s through forty’s. Picture from CultureGrams

  6. FAMOUS LANDMARKS http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_UPx-9rkRW9c/TKOc8ZCOwEI/AAAAAAAAAX4/QJDOLQWSvyo/s1600/JT-2010-09-13-193410+-+Lange+Jan,+Ottenby,+%C3%96land,+Sweden.jpg http://www.christophedoucet.org/en/public/Dernieres_images/Rapa%20valley%20Sarek%20national%20park.jpg Name of Landmark: Sarek National Park Located in: North Wilderness Special Facts: Hiking up the mountains are challenges Name of Landmark: Oland Located in: Southeast A coastline Special Facts: Lots of people love to swim there


  8. COMMON FOODS In Sweden the food varies throughout the country. A common breakfast is apple jam a knackebrod. Knackebrod is a type of crisp rye. Lussekatter is a type of pancake that is popular throughout the north part of Sweden. Crepes are very thin pancakes. Smorgasbord is a type of buffet. A certain buffet food is Swedish meatballs. Other common foods throughout the Sweden is fil (a type of yogurt) and crayfish with dill seasoning. Picture from CultureGrams

  9. SPORTS & HOBBIES There are four main sports Swedes enjoy. One sport that Swedes like is cross country skiing. While Swedes ski people have to clear the roads so the skiers don’t run into someone or something. Swedes enjoy figure skating. It’s one of the most popular sports in Sweden. Canoeing is a popular summer sport. Canoeing is when you paddle down rivers in a canoe. A canoe is a thin boat. Another popular summer sport is sailing. Sailing is when you have a sailboat and you’re in a lake or sea watching animals. Picture from CultureGrams

  10. FAMOUS PEOPLE There are different types of famous people in Sweden. Astrid Lindgren is the author of Pipi Long Stockings. Pipi Long Stockings is based on Astrid’s life. A famous scientist CarlvonLinne was a botanist and a zoologist. When Raoul Wallenberg was a child he was wealthy. Raoul was famous for saving over 1,000 Jews. Queen Kristina was eighteen when she became queen of Sweden. Queen Kristina stopped a civil war in Sweden in the 1800’s. http://media-1.web.britannica.com/eb-Amedia/33/7533-003-AB16708E.gif

  11. IMPORTANT CONTRIBUTIONS • women golfers • Swedes brought log cabins • Brought nyckelharpa=instrument • Brought Easter (Pask) • Alpine seeds came from Sweden • Paper making came from Sweden

  12. OTHER INTERESTING FACTS • Julgranskaramell= Christmas decoration • Animals= bears, dear, moose, rabbits, + foxes • Sun never shines= mid winter • Religion -87 percent Christian 13 percent Protestant • Kiruna= reindeer races • Refuses to help in wars = peace • 80 percent Swedes live in southern part in Sweden • Ice hotel- 60 rooms • Kids love traveling • Start school = age 7-16 • Most Swedes = left handed • Manufacturing in mid Sweden • Lots of mining

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