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Sweden. By : Steven Waganfeald. Geography of S weden. Sweden borders Finland and Norway. Sweden is heavily forested with 78% of the country being forests or woodland. Sweden is the 5 th largest country in Europe.

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  1. Sweden By: Steven Waganfeald

  2. Geography of Sweden • Sweden borders Finland and Norway. • Sweden is heavily forested with 78% of the country being forests or woodland. • Sweden is the 5th largest country in Europe. • Sweden is a bit larger than California. • Sweden is divided into 21 different counties. • The east and south coasts of Sweden lie on the Baltic Sea. The Gulf of Bothnia is between Sweden and Finland • Generally a cold country with 15% of Sweden being in the artic circle.

  3. History • Sweden was first settled after the ice age when the glaciers receded from the Scandinavia region. • In the early years of settlement Vikings lived all over Sweden. •  Gustav Vasa- founded the Swedish nation state in the early sixteenth century. • Gustav II Adolf- a ruler better known as GustavusAdolphus, the "Lion of the North." Although lacking the resources of other, larger European states, Sweden under Gustav II Adolf won a series of campaigns that catapulted the kingdom to great power status within just a few decades.

  4. Facts about Sweden • The population of Sweden is 9,103,788. • The capital of Sweden is Stockholm. • The king of Sweden is Carl XVI Gustaf • The prime minister is Fredrik Reinfeldt • Sweden is a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary democracy.

  5. Tour Destinations • Operan- Stockholm • Skeppsholmen Island- Stockholm • Vasa Museum- Stockholm • Liseberg Park- Gothenberg • Ice Hotel- Jukkasjarvi

  6. Operan • This is the name for the Royal Swedish Opera, located in Stockholm. • Best attraction in Sweden for opera lovers. • Open almost every night of the week. • Has not only operas, but dance and ballet performances also.

  7. Skeppsholmen Island • Rated as one of the funnest places in all of Sweden. • Is home to the Modern Art Museum of Sweden • The popular Stockholm hostel afChapman (hotel of Chapman) is also located here on the island.

  8. Liseberg Park • Sweden’s oldest theme park • Liseberg is the largest theme park in the country. • Located in the town of Gothenburg • Liseberg Park is among the best of Sweden tourist attractions.

  9. Vasa Museum • This is the most widely visited museum in Scandinavia. • The Vasa Museum showcases the remains of a sunken ship from the 16th century, which was recovered in the 20th century. • Clothing, jewels, money and other items from the ship are on display.

  10. Ice hotel • Ice Hotel is a hotel in northern Sweden made entirely of ice. • Constructed and re-constructed winter after winter, the Ice Hotel takes guests during the coldest months of the year. • Activities at the hotel include dog sledding, hiking and snowmobiling.

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