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Digital Posters

Digital Posters

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Digital Posters

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  1. Digital Posters Mrs Bhayat

  2. Lesson Objectives To learn what features can be used to create a digital poster To research appropriate information in order to create a digital poster for the appropriate audience. • Lesson Outcomes All pupils shall be able to identify general features of a presentation which can be used in a digital poster. Most pupils shall be able to use trial and error techniques to set their presentation slides so that they run continuously at a set rate where the audience is able to view the contents. Some pupils shall be able use the master slide tool in order set their digital posters so that they are consistent.

  3. Starter • Circle time questions

  4. Scenario • The government has come up with a plan to help prevent knife crime as a lot of people who are caught carrying a knife is young people. In order to help prevent this a scheme is launched where text messages can be sent direct to crime stoppers if anyone knows of someone carrying a knife. • The crime stoppers and the government need your help. They would like you to create a series of digital posters which can be used in school assembly's around the UK for people of your age in order to help prevent this crime and make our streets safer. • Visit this website for more information:

  5. Level 2 • You must create a series of digital posters which can be displayed at a school assembly. The posters must include: • 4 digital posters • Run continuously in a loop • Include information in “kids speak” English • Each poster must include: • An original image which you have created • Display for an appropriate amount of time • A master slide After completing the poster make sure you get feedback from your test users.

  6. Level 1 • You must create a series of three posters which can run continually on a large screen in a school assembly. • Who – Pupils of your own age • Why – To get people of your age involved in helping to stop knife crime • What – 3 digital posters Poster 1 – What is Knife Crime Poster 2 – Facts about Knife Crime Poster 3 – How you can help Each poster must include an image and be created using Power Point. After you have completed your posters make sure you get feedback from your users.

  7. Master Slides • A master slide can be created in power point in order to help your presentation be consistent. • You can set font styles, background colours and make space for images so that when you insert a new slide a template which you created (master slide) will appear to help make sure all your slides look the same. • There is more information on your handouts.

  8. Plenary • What did you find out about knife crime? • What have you done to your slide in order to make it friendly for its audience? • What could you improve on your digital posters? • What have you learnt in the lesson?