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Implementing Supplemental Educational Services PowerPoint Presentation
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Implementing Supplemental Educational Services

Implementing Supplemental Educational Services

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Implementing Supplemental Educational Services

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  1. Implementing Supplemental Educational Services Illinois State Board of Education

  2. New applications and updated applications are processed during the winter Results are posted in July on the ISBE website in three files: Provider contact information Provider district approvals Provider program information Step 1 SES providers are approved by ISBE

  3. A district is required to offer SES at schools in the second year of School Improvement, Corrective Action or Restructuring A district may offer SES in the first year of school improvement by swapping Choice and SES under Differentiated Accountability—waiver needed! Step 2a Schools offer SES

  4. A district may offer SES alongside Choice in the first year of school improvement because it is not spending anything on Choice—no waiver needed. A district may offer SES alongside Choice in the first year of school improvement because it is not spending very much on Choice—no waiver needed. Step 2b Schools offer SES

  5. Annual notice to parents of low-income students in an understandable, uniform format in a language the parents can understand Notice is approved by ISBE before it is sent by Evelyn Deimel Fall notice is sent within the timeline in 23 Illinois Administrative Code Part 675.175 Later notices are sent in a timely manner Step 3a Parent notifications—Details

  6. Step 3bParent Notifications—Required A sample text of the parent notification and other information are on the SES website. Notification includes Discussion of SES generally and how the parent may sign up Identity of approved providers within the district or reasonably available in neighboring districts Brief description of the services, qualifications, and demonstrated effectiveness of each provider (use program summaries in PARS) Provider Selection Form

  7. Step 3cParent notifications—Recommended Content List of questions for parents to ask when selecting a tutoring program An explanation of the selection of students when funding is limited

  8. For practical reasons, the parent selection form should Capture parent contact information (address, phone, email, etc.) Provide for student name, date of birth, school name, and grade information Possibly include student ELL and IDEA status checkboxes, perhaps even a language indicator space for ELL students Step 4a Parents choose providers

  9. The parent selection form also should Leave a space for the SIS number Allow parents to rank at least their top 3 providers (always a parent choice) Have a release of confidential information statement Be signed and dated Name a district contact person and contact information for parents having questions Step 4b Parents choose providers

  10. The selection form does not have to have the providers listed on it. Providers could be listed on another sheet each with some sort of code, and the selection form simply could have a place for parents to enter the code(s) for their preferences. Using this method may allow you to design a selection form that will work for multiple years without re-design; you simply would change the associated provider list and codes each year. Step 4c Parents choose providers

  11. After all the student-provider relationships are worked out based on parental preferences, districts contract with the providers Until there is a fully executed contract, districts do not release specific student data to providers (FERPA) ISBE has a sample contract on its website Step 5a District Contract—Details

  12. Step 5bDistrict Contract—Required • Individual tutorial/learning plan (ITP or ILP) = specific achievement goals + measurement of student progress + timetable for the program • Prohibitions on the provider from disclosing the identity of any student eligible for, or receiving, SES without the written permission of the student’s parents (FERPA)

  13. Step 5cDistrict Contract—Required • Basis and schedule of payments to the provider • Termination option if the provider is unable to meet goals and timetables • Regular communication with parents/teachers on students (other district-desired reports may be listed)

  14. Providers enter student enrollment and attendance data in STARS Districts may have read-only access to STARS Districts and ISBE monitor the services Providers invoice districts—invoice amount must equal what STARS shows for the billing amount Step 6 Services Are Delivered

  15. District General Information does not disclose to anyone the identity of any student who is eligible for, or receiving, SES without the written permission of the parents of the student (FERPA) provides SES until the end of the school year or until funds are exhausted

  16. Districts as ProvidersExceptional Condition If a district must provide SES to disabled (IDEA) or limited English proficient (LEP) students because no provider currently serving the district is available to do so, then the district must provide SES, either directly or through a contractor. If the district is in improvement status due to the performance of its disabled or LEP students on assessments, then it would be preferable for the district to use a contractor.

  17. Aids for Districts web-based reporting system (STARS) student enrollment and attendance call for a username and password web-based reporting system (PARS) approved program content and cost reports “guest” is the username and password “toolkit” of SES forms, letters, and contracts on a website with other helpful materials

  18. 23 Illinois Administrative Code (Rules)(—Ethics Code (675.30) No deceptive practices No disparaging of other providers No gifts to districts Limitations on the hiring of district employees, members of district-related organizations, and parents No enrollment incentives to parents; limited rewards to students Districts treat all providers impartially

  19. 23 Illinois Administrative Code (Rules)(—Other Items 675.70(a)—billing based on ISBE STARS 675.175—timeline for SES implementation 675.210 & 675.220—allowable and unallowable costs in provider invoices to districts 675.245—billing based on an hourly rate and on student attendance

  20. 34 CFR 200.48(d) (Regulations)Highlights • At the federal level, implementation means, at the least, that a district has— • Partnered with outside groups to help inform eligible parents • Provided timely, accurate notice to parents • Ensured that sign-up forms for SES are distributed directly to all eligible parents and are made widely available elsewhere • Provided a minimum of two separate enrollment “windows” • Given SES providers access to school facilities on the same basis and terms as are available to other groups

  21. 34 CFR 200.48(d) (Regulations)Details There is a more detailed discussion of this rule in an e-bulletin found at Districts must notify ISBE if they intend to use unspent 20% obligation money for other Title I purposes. Instructions for that notification are found at The Federal Supplemental Educational Services Non-Regulatory Guidance ( references regulations in its various answers

  22. ISBE Contacts Evelyn Deimel Illinois State Board of Education 100 North First Street Springfield, IL 62777 217-782-6099 Gary A. Greene, Ph.D. Illinois State Board of Education 100 W. Randolph, 14-300 Chicago, IL 60601 312-814-3989