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Goliath Crane - The Useful Crane in Today's Industry PowerPoint Presentation
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Goliath Crane - The Useful Crane in Today's Industry

Goliath Crane - The Useful Crane in Today's Industry

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Goliath Crane - The Useful Crane in Today's Industry

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  1. Purpose of Employing Goliath Gantry Cranes at Construction Sites What characterises a Goliath Gantry crane? The Goliath or Gantry cranes are the largest among their sister cranes in the industry today. Its structure essentially has a trolley built on top of a statement gantry. The crane is mounted on the top of this moving trolley, which very easily lets the crane move and does its work on heights. The huge gantry supports the entire trolley and the crane on top of it. The gantry has wheels attached to it so it can move back and forth on a railway track built for it. The gantry crane is supported by itself on a ground level which is essential, the only difference between goliath and gantry crane. The gantry that supports the trolley and the crane overhead is 138 metres in height and 210 meters in width.

  2. The girder of the gantry is supported by two legs. One of them is fixed at its position and the other is hinged at an angle. This is done so as to reduce bending which could be caused due to excessive stress. This type of built minimizes stress on the legs and makes the structure a lot safer. The goliath gantry crane, due to its incomparable structure has used in various industries and places. Purposes to use A goliath gantry crane is a huge metal body that is meant to lift weight to insurmountable heights. The goliath gantry crane can lift a mammoth 1200 tons of weight in one go, over a span of 210 metres. The crane can lift weights to a height of 98 metres These cranes are used to shift heavy load, lift and transport heavy weights, machines, tools etc. They are applicable at the following places: - above the ground level. in a working area. On shipyards to construct vessels. Lift heavy loads on shipyards like complete ship blocks. Construct large, high-rise buildings. At mines and quarries. Construction sites The goliath gantry cranes are extremely reliable and safe to bring to use and are of two types.

  3. One is with the girder being alone (single) and the other is with two girders, that are parallel to each other. Of these two, the single girder goliath crane is used heavily in construction than the double girder goliath gantry crane. This owing to the fact that firstly, less material (metal) is uses to construct the crane which reduces the cost of the crane and hence, reduces the cost of the service. Secondly, a single girder can easily control the adverse effects or deformation or elongation due to excessive heat; a double girder may create unwanted stress when one face of the girder is heated extensively, that makes the whole machine unreliable. Thirdly, it has less weight and operates more efficiently and is highly rigid. In comparison to other types of cranes, they are a lot easier to operate and demand less repair due to wear and tear. So, this is it. We hope we threw enough lights on the purpose of goliath gantry crane on the construction site. Website: Email: