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  1. Religions

  2. What is the purpose?

  3. Judaism-originswho : Abrahamwhat : Covenant with Godwhen : 4000 years agowhere : modern day Israelwhy : God spoke to him and promised him many things.

  4. WorshipWho: Yahwehwhere: synagogue or templeHoly day: Sunset Fri to sunset Sat.Holy book: Torah, TalmudCentral idea: Obedience to God

  5. Wailing Wall - Jerusalem

  6. Synagogue

  7. Practice of the faith-belief in Abraham, Moses, prophets-laws given to obey-bar/bat mitzvah-Passover celebration of God saving firstborn-Rosh Hashanah celebrates special relationship-Yom Kippur day of atonement for sins-belief in with/without God at death

  8. Hinduism-origins who : evolvedwhat : guide to good behaviorwhen : about 3-4,000 years agowhere : Indiawhy : to break out of cycle of life and death

  9. WorshipWho: Brahmin, Vishnu, Shiva where: temple or shrineHoly day: allHoly book: Vedas, Upanishadscentral idea: aim of life is to release soul from cycle of life-no one way or path

  10. Gandhi – I am a Hindu, a Muslim, a Christian and a Jew….

  11. Hindu temple

  12. Practice of the faith-no one set of ethical guidelines-strict social order defines duties-importance of selflessness-ritual purification-daily ritual for offerings to family gods-acceptance of karma-Diwali – festival of lights

  13. Buddhism-origins who: Siddhartha Gautamawhat: achieved enlightenmentwhen: 560s to about 480s BCEwhere: India/Nepalwhy: Achieved truth after wrestling with concepts of Hinduism

  14. Laughing Buddha

  15. WorshipWho: universal truthwhere: shrine, monasteryHoly day: allHoly book: Buddhist textscentral idea: earthly desires cause suffering so must work to stop worldly attachments

  16. Buddhist temple

  17. Practice of the faith-regard for truth and honesty-helping less fortunate-formed by past actions-world is pain and suffering so work to detach from worldly desires-open to all-boys serve 2 years as a monk ex. Burma, Nepal-celebrate birth and death of Buddha, new year, regional holidays

  18. Christianity-originswho: Jesuswhat: love your neighborwhen: 0CEwhere: Jerusalemwhy: Jesus died on cross for sins of man and rose again

  19. WorshipWho: Trinity of God the father, son and holy spirit where: church, chapel, cathedralHoly day: Sabbath –mainly SundayHoly book: BibleCentral idea: Jesus is the messiah of the Judaism

  20. Jesus

  21. Practice of the faith-Christmas celebrates birth of Jesus-Lent the temptation of Jesus-Easter celebrates death and rebirth of Jesus-baptism, confirmation-communion -10 commandments-many different sects of Christianity

  22. Durham Cathedral (My hometown!)

  23. Islam-origins who: Mohammed, the prophetwhat: Submission to Allahwhen: 610 CEwhere: Mecca, today in Saudi Arabiawhy: revelation from God to his prophet

  24. WorshipWho: Allahwhere: MosqueHoly day: FridayHoly book: Koran, Hadithcentral idea: Muhammad is final prophet after Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus.

  25. Prophet Muhammad

  26. Mosque

  27. Practice of the faith.5pillars:-creed-prayer 5 times a day-alms for needy-fast during Ramadan-pilgrimage to Mecca (Hajj)Celebrate end of Ramadan, Prophet’s ascension and migration to Medina.